This is Fate 30 December 2021: Akshay asks Karina what if Preeta performs their Gandh Bandhan, everyone is shocked to hear what he is saying when he exclaims how Preet always desired to break his marriage so now if he performs the Gandh Bandhan then it would prove that she along with the entire family has accepted him as their son in law, Preeta sits beside the and after placing the veil asks him to just worry for himself because he might fall then she shows him the photos of Ruchika and him when she also says how she has gotten the DNA report with the photos. Preeta also mentions how Shrishti and Sameer have made his video when he was arguing with Megha.

Akshay recalls how he was fighting with Megha when she was adamant that he marry her and also arrange a meeting with his parents as only then will she believe that he actually loves her because he did not keep his promise and is going to marry Kritika, his phone rings when Megha explain how her mind is also hurting so he must only call her after breaking his marriage with Kritika, Akshay takes the call, it is Ruchika who explains how his son is constantly crying as he has realized that something wrong is happening so he must not marry Kritika, Akshay however warns her to not blackmail him emotionally as he is marrying Kritika to get the money which he desperately needs as only then would he be able to give their son his name, he ends the call exclaiming how all the girls have made him mad and he would not marry either Ruchika or Megha but just Kritika because he needs her money and after that he would leave all of them to go and settle someplace where they would not be able to find him and he will be able to live the wife which he is accustomed to away from all their tensions.

Preeta is still performing the Gandh Bandhan when Karina inquires why is it taking so long, Kritika’s friend explains how it is that of their friend, so it is bound to take some time, Preeta threatens Akshay to get up from the Mandap and leave otherwise she would show everyone his truth and then those people who blindly trust him would start beating him, she leaves mentioning how his countdown has begun, then Shrishti sends the video of him arguing with Megha.

Akshay wonders what is the matter of the countdown when Preeta thinks how they both went to the house of Ruchika when she threatened to call the police on them, Preeta explains how she is a nice girl and they both have planned to live a happy life after taking the money of Kritika when Preeta explains how this is not his plan as he has only desired to take the money and leave India and all of them, Ruchika is not able to understand when Preeta explains the intentions of Akshay, Shristhi even shows the video of him with Megha, seeing which she starts to cry, Preeta explains how she must understand because she loves Akshay and he is a father of her child so now must live their lives together, Preeta explains how she must ask Akshay to come with her as she can live with less money but needs his support to which Preeta explains how she knows that he would not come with her, Preeta asks Ruchika to come and stand for her child as this is the only time, Preeta then explains how Akshay would be able to make his life so would she not stand up for here child and stop the marriage to which Ruchika says that she would stand up for her child and also thanks Preeta to show her the true path.

Mahira and Sherlin both exclaim how everything is happening just according to their plan because Kritika is about to get married and even Preeta has been blamed and humiliated in front of the entire family when Sanjana comes warning them to not celebrate so early because Preeta will be able to turn the matter in any minute and has the ability to do so, Sherlin request her to not talk like this however Sanjana explains how she is just warning them, Mahira gets really mad.

Sanjana goes to stand with Karina exclaiming how beautiful Kritika is looking, Preeta shows Akshay the countdown which Akshay’s mother notices so she asks Preeta why is she doing this to her son, Preeta asks Akshay to reveal the truth in front of the entire family as his mother is asking a question and why is she thinking that Preeta is threatening him and what is the thing which she is hiding as she would otherwise inform the truth.

Kritika pleads with Preeta to not make any scene in the function and let the wedding happen, Preeta agrees to not say anything however asks Akshay to reveal the truth, he questions what she wants him to say, Preeta explains how she would show them and then goes to Karina with the proof however Karina after taking it throws them in the Mandap which worries Preeta however Karan stops her explaining how she would burn her hand.

Akshay seeing the opportunity starts thrashing everyone saying how he would not bear that they doubt his character every time and he can no longer bear it, Shrishti exclaims how she has a recording however he breaks the mobile phone, Akshay exclaims how he has broken the marriage as he cannot live with such a scene, he exclaims how they have heard it right because a lot of people in the hall would be happy so he would end the marriage, Shrishti exclaims how they would not let him get married when he breaks her mobile exclaiming how they have always tried to attain wrong proofs against him.

Akshay exclaims how he has ended the marriage when Karan asks him to not shout as he can also shout, Akshay asks Karan how they can both act because he can no longer bear it, he turned to Kritika exclaims how he loves her a lot but cannot marry her as Preeta would always try to ruin their relationship and would even do this which would create issues amongst them.

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