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This is Fate 30 July 2020: This is Fate update thursday 30th July 2020, Karan asks Preeta why Sherlin confessed the truth in front of her so boldly, Preeta thinks that same thing and asks him to think, he tells that it is because of fear and when someone si scared then he tries to scare to cover up the nervousness, He explains that they do the same things in cricket and it is because they want to win, Preeta understands what Sherlin was trying to do and says that none would believe her even now because he has opposed Sherlin too much and now Rakhi believes that he does not like Sherlin.

Preeta starts to blame him and makes him realize his mistakes, he gets angry after which she asks him to leave, but he threatens that he will make everyone come to the room by throwing some large object and saying that she called him to meet her,, Preeta gets sacred asking him to not do it, they both start to struggle upon which she falls on him, they both share a romantic moment, Shrishti and Janki are shocked to see them both in the same position.

Karina goes to open the door, seeing Chachi closes the door, Dadi and Mahesh also come asking her who it was, at first she denies to say anything but when she Is forced she o-pen it, Chachi comes and greets everyone, Karina comes and ask why she is here she says that she came because her children have gone abroad and so she came to celebrate he festival with them all, everyone ask Karina to not speak so much but Karina says that she must not talk too much with anyone and keep quiet.

This is Fate update thursday 30 July 2020: Shrishti ask someone to turn the switch on, they both  go to open it and hit each other, they starts to quarrel, Shrishti turns the lights on, Janki questions them  what they were doing in the dark,, Sarla calls them to which Karan gets scared and leaves,

When he leaves Preeta ask them, both to leave and do Janki and Shrishti start to ask them questions about what happened between the both of them, Preeta gets paranoid and asks them to go.

Shrishti goes with Janki on the bad and they start a discussion about what Karan said to Preeta and they start to talk, Janki says that Preeta  shares the same values like her mother and is nothing like them both, Shrishti thinks of devising a plan to make Preeta confident and brave, Janki says that they will have to do nothing and it is only Karan who has to do it because he must propose to her, Shrishti also agrees with her, they both decide to make Karan say that he loves Preeta n her face. Sarla comes shouting Shrishti’s name, she ask her why she is not sleeping, Shrishti also questions  he but then Sarla gets very angry upon hearing that they were making a plan for Holi, she takes her away asking them to make their plans the next day.

Chachi is walking in the hallway and thin king why Karin did not let her meet with Karan because she knows that he will not be sleeping, she walks into his room and is amazed to find he is sleeping, she places a gift on his bedside and is about to walk away but is not able to resist her feelings so opens the blanket only to find Pillows, she immediately understands that he has gone to meet Preeta.

This is Fate update thursday 30 July 2020: Karan comes back to his houses Preeta is still awake and very worried about what she must do to save Rishab. Karan is outside his car, immediately some girls co me and starts to take selfie, he thinks of how jealous Preeta got when she saw him with Tanvi, he thinks of what is happening to him and he has to only focus on his family and career. Prithvi gets shocked with Sherlin asking why did she challenge Preeta, he says that she only did it because  se was tired of faking everything and wanted to show her true face to them, Prithvi tries to take the side of Preeta but he requests that she not underestimate Preeta, she is very confident.

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In the morning Mahesh comes and is very angry with Rakhi for not placing his things in the right place, Dadi scolds him asking that he first look at his head, he tries to sit beside Chachi but she stops him saying that only Karan will sit near him, he comes and when he sits Chachi ask him if he went to meet Preeta at first he denies it but when she is about to expose him he calms down and ask her to stop saying anything further.

Rishab also greets Chachi, she ask if he was married to Sherlin, Karina gets angry at her, Mahesh stops her from arguing because she will leave after Holi, Karina tries to leave but Chachi again taunts her, Dadi tries to defend her but Chachi ask her to not do it. Rakhi ask Rishab t take her to Preeta’s house, he also agrees, Chachi teases Karan and he starts to cough,
Karan looks at Chachi, she is very happy that Karan has been linked with Preeta.
This is Fate update thursday 30 July 2020: Bi jee and Shrishti are together she asks the person on the phone to bring the colors and they have no more preparations, Bi jee asks Sarla to bring 5 to 6 bottles of syrup, they all start to make fun of each other, suddenly the bell rings and Shrishti says that it must be the color person, Preeta however taunts her and opening the door finds that it is Karan, he enters saying that he was forced to and so everyone also some to their house, wishing them a happy Holi, they all come and Rakhi asks Sarla hat they have to celebrate the Holi with them and it is not a request but rather a order.
Shrishti wonders why Karan is so quiet she leaves, Bi jee asks Karan why is he so lost, so she ask him the name of the girl who has become the life of his heart, she keeps on asking him but he does not answer as he is not able to understand what has happened, she forced him saying that she will not get jealous.

Rishab wonders that he must explain everything top preeta regarding proving his innocence and so goes to her in the kitchen, he stands behind her. She ask him what the matter is, he says that he has to say something very important to her, she ask him to not worry, he requests that she must let her explain mentioning that he was not able to do anything that includes him at any point of his life, he says that he was feeling a little low and so wanted to say that was in his heart.
He request that she not think low of him because he is not saying that Sherlin is a liar but if he was in his senses then she would not have kept it happened, she assures that he is the same Rishab which she met the first time and has the same feelings for him, he gets relieved thinking that she has high regards for him.
Shrishti comes and inquires Janki and Chachi why they are in the room as she was looking for them near the washroom, Janki explains that there was no towel there so she brought her to the room, Shrishti ask them to come and take a look at Karan because he is lost in some thoughts, Janki says that she knows he is thinking of Preeta but is hesitant to a it, Chachi says that they must talk it out between themselves, Shrishti steps them saying that they must first let both of them say it between themselves and then make it official, Chachi also agrees.

Preeta is serving tea to everyone when he serves it to |Karna he gets romantic and so thinks of what is happening to him, Chachi and Shrishti along with Janki are wondering how good both of them will look together, they think of a plan to marry them both.
Manisha is writing the name of Rithwik, her cell mate ask her whose name she is writing she explains the whole incident to her saying that she only wants to kill the murderer so she can die in peace, her cellmate ask her to arrange for some money and in return she will make her get out, Manisha thinks that now she will be able to ill Preeta and also Rishab who was behind killing Rithwik.
Rishab is in his bed and things that Preeta has made his life by believing that he was not wrong and not just judging him what she saw, he has only loved her and even now when there is no time he still feels that there might be some miracle that will bring her into his life.

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