This is Fate 31 December 2020: This is Fate update Thursday 31st December 2020, Karina wonders why Ramona Is hugging Preeta thinking that has she forgotten what Preeta has done to them and the immense pain that it has caused them as a family, Karina thinks that she will never forgive Preeta as she does not have a big heart.

Ramona goes to the stage exclaiming that it is the wedding reception of Karan so there has to be some dance, she calls both Karan and Preeta on stage while Karan does not know that it is actually Maira, the dance begins leaving everyone in shock as they are completely synchronized with each other, Karina sees them both in anger as she never wanted Preeta to be a member of their family, Maira is getting a little to close to karan that irritates him and when she touches him on the face he asks what she is doing then Maira revels her identity before running off, Karan also goes after her, Karina exclaims that she knew that Preeta would make any scene which is why she never wanted a function to happen, she mentions that everyone is watching and it has caused immense embarrassment to them, Ramona wonders if Maira has told karan the truth, Sarla exclaims that she feels there is some problem between both Preeta and Karan.

This is Fate 31 December 2020: Janki is brought to the room and the men asks Prithvi to let her stay in his room because they would take him for the wedding however he leaves as Prithvi is unconscious, he leaves to prepare for the wedding.
Maira reaches the balcony as she could not breathe in the veil, Karan comes from behind asking what she is doing as this is not the right way, Maira exclaims that she is the one who will be revealed as his wife in the reception, she exclaims that he should be the one to go and inform everyone that it is her inside the veil so that the family is not shocked when they come to know that it is her with him however he says that it is not right as she is not his wife, Maira asks how can he say this to her because Preeta wronged her when she married Karan in deception and she stole him from her even then he is saying she did wrong, karan asks what is she trying to say by wearing the Kumkum and Mangal Sutur, Maira mentions that she wanted to reveal that she is his wife.

Maira suddenly apologizes that she yelled at him and would never talk like this to him, she asks if he is happy with her marrying him because she kept the cuttings from the papers, she asks him to sya something because she is the one saying everything, she explains that she had asked him before and every time he assured her that he would marry her, she hugs him mentioning that she gets worried and knows that Karan would leave Preeta after a while so will marry her, Maira mentions that this is why she said that having two receptions would create a lot of scene so she arranged for this as she wants to be his wife, karan mentions that he wanted to marry her but not like this.
Sherlin thinks that she has to do all that she can to stop the marriage of Prithvi and Preeta because Maira has made a plan to give her Prithvi to Preeta, she thinks that she married Rishab s that she would be able to give their property to Prithvi and they would live together but everything changed after the wedding as he started chasing Preeta after her wedding so she has to do anything to stop his marriage.

She is sitting when Rishab comes asking what is she doing, she exclaims that she has to go out stay which Rishab mentions that she cannot go inside but he is asking why is she leaving, Sherlin exclaims that she is going to park her car as it is in the centre but Rishab takes the car explaining that he would park it, she gets worried thinking that she cannot do anything so would have to go and talk Maira to stop Pawan from doing all this.

Maira asks karan what he meant by saying that he did not want to marry her like this, she takes his hand on her chest exclaiming that he should feel her heartbeat as she is really tensed, she mentions that she knows he only married Preeta because she forced him, however Karan mentions that they cannot do anything because she is now his wife, however Maira is not ready to believe it, she then shouts mentioning that she is his wife, she calms down mentioning that she knows him so she only has to have a promise that he would leave Preeta which is enough for her however Karan stops her explaining that he respects each and every relation and they both are married so she cannot leave the house even when he wants to, Karan says to Maira that he is ashamed to be her friend and could have never thought that she was capable of doing something like this so she must stop pretending to be Preeta, he also asks her to leave with her mother as when she would see Preeta with him it would hurt her a lot so he has to go and search for Preeta as she would not tell him anything.

This is Fate 31 December 2020 zee world: Shrishti is in the auto and is relaxed that she got the network but then they get into an accident so they both are taken to the hospital.
Pawan ties Preeta to a chair explaining that he never wanted to do this but is forced to as otherwise she would try to run away and it would end really soon as she would be married with Prithvi however Preeta asks him to stop as otherwise Karan would beat him a lot when he will come to know what he is doing, Pawan yells at her mentioning that she should never do this as it is not right to talk of other men when she is about to be married, he calms down mentioning that he never wated to yell at her as it is her wedding day.
He turns to the Pandit ordering that he hurry up as they do not have a lot of time.

Preeta sitting in the chair prays that Janki might have told someone about her kidnapping as only then will someone come for her rescue.

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