This is Fate 6 August 2020: This is Fate update Thursday 6th August 2020, Samer and Shrishti are hugging each other, Karina sees from behind the door, he after seeing her pushes her away, she comes in and says that he must not forget from where she came and he has gotten weird, she says that she will make him go back, Shrishti says that Karina is seeing things wrong because she cannot be like that with him because he is just a friend and she has also hugged Rishab and Karan, she tries to defend him but Katrina says that she will punish him and believes that both the culprits should be given the same punishment, Shrishti gets worried.

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Karan is trying to open the door but is not able to however he is adamant to do it, Rishab is continuously calling Karan however his phone does not ring, Rishab says that this is the case every time and whenever he gets into a trouble’s only then will he call Rishab, both of them are worried.
Karina is calling Sarla and they both ask her to not do it, Janki picks up the phone, and tries to ask Karina what the matter is, however Janki does not call her and explains that Sarla is sleeping, Karina however forces her after that Janki says that she must take care of her younger daughter as she found her in Samer’s room. After the call she asks Samer to go back to Punjab however Shrishti requests that she not do this to him, Karina places a condition that she place a Rakhi on his hand and make him her brother.
Karan enters the house and seeing that the lights are closed wonders that they will be in the room and so heads towards it, Sherlin asks Prithvi if he has contacted the person, he looks really worried.

Karina comes back with the Rakhi asking Shrishti to clear the doubt from her mind and place it on smears hand, she take sit to him however he pulls his hand back, Karina takes his hand and asks that she do it, however Shrishti says that she will not do it and it is because there is only one thing and she is just curious and no matter what happens she will not be relieved, Shrishti signals Samer and they both act like that they do not have anything between them, she then says that she will not be his friend anymore and leaves, she going behind her back signals him for their victory.

Karna hears Sherlin screaming and immediately runs to the room, he asks her to be quiet and after that someone comes from behind holding him.
Shrishti comes to the house and sees Janki asking what is the condition of Sarla, also saying that she will be really angry and will not listen to anything she says however she will go to her room and say anything that she has to to make her realize that there is nothing between her and Samer, Janki continuous to laugh, Shrishti does not understand anything then finally realizes that it was Janki who was on the phone with Karina, she ask her to tell everything which she was going to say to Sarla. Shrishti says hat she was just going to say to her that everything which Karina said was wrong, Janki does not believe it saying that she said it herself that She likes Samer. Shrishti wonders how Janki still remembers her words.

Karan asks who it is holding him, they turn the lights on and it is the police who arrest him for attempting to murder Sherlin, he says that she is about to become his brother wife, he will never hurt her and they can also ask Sherlin, she however fakes getting unconscious and falls on the bed, they take Karan away and leave a lady constable with Sherlin who throws water on her. When she wakes she smiles seeing that Karan was arrested.

Shrishti tries to hide her love story, Janki asks Shrishti to tell her when they both are sure because she has watched a lot of movies and so her eyes cannot lie, Shrishti also says that she has also made Karina a fool this day, she makes her promise that when they get sure then she must tell her first, Sarla comes from behind and asks what promises they are making.

Shrishti signals her to stop, Sarla blames Janki for ruining her daughter but Janki says that she has already a liar and so doesn’t need teaching, they both then run from her which makes Sarla get confused.

Sherlin asks why he did this because she thought that he was calling some goons and when he called the police they came an arrested Karan, he must not forget that the house is about to become her in laws and now they will question her, she gets really angry and asks the reason he did this, He says that he thought it was the right choice and did what was necessary, she says that Karan has gotten arrested and now when they will reach the police station Karan will tell the truth and they will be in trouble.

She sits down, he also agrees that they are in trouble, she starts to truants him and then he sits saying that he thought that if he calls the goons they might do what Billa did and so she called the Police but did not think because he was panicking and so thought that it was the right choice.

Mahesh gets a call from Mahesh who is informed that Karan was arrested, Rakhi and Karina both also decide to go with him, Rishab drops Preeta and she asks him to call and inform her when Karna gets home so she can be tension free, he says that he will make him call her and apologize, when they are talking he gets a call from Mahesh who says that Karan has been arrested because he was breaking in someone’s house and have not told who it was, both Preeta and Rishab also had towards the Police Station.

Shrishti and Sameer are talking of all the madness which they did in the day, they start to talk of what had happened when Karina came and they both were able to understand their signals and got free from the tension, they start a quarrel over why she not put the Rakhi on his hand, she ends the call which really annoys him and he says that he thought she loved him and that was the only reason he prevented Karina form sending him back to his village.

Mahesh and Rakhi are trying to make the inspector realize that Karan would not do anything of the sort because Sherlin is about to become his sister in law and he will not do anything of this sort.

Mahesh says that Karan went to her house to give the card of the bachelors party, they try to make his going to Sherlin’s house viable but the officer does not listen and explains that he will only act based on evidence as he received a call from someone from her house and so will not let him go.

Rishab scolds why does Karan do things that land him in jail, this will end his career if he keeps on doing such things, Karan says that he saw them both , Rishab says that he knows that Prithvi is not a good person but this does not mean that Sherlin is having an affair with Prithvi, Preeta also says that he is not always right an must look into a matter first, Karan however yells at her saying that he is sure because he followed them form their house and they both went to her house in the same car and he is sure that there is something going on between them even though he is not sure of the nature of the relationship.

Rishab asks that he saw both Prithvi and Sherlin in her house, he says hat he did not saw them and is sure that they both were together and they should make him come out of the locker, just then Mahesh comes and says that the inspector has agreed to let him go on a condition that she come and take back her complain,. He says that none will go to her and ask for help, even when everyone try to make him realize he doesn’t listen.

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