This is Fate 9 December 2021: The episode starts when Preeta drags Kritika to the guest room, as she wants to see what can be life-changing for her. In the room, Akshay hugged Ruchika. Both vow they cannot live without each other.

Kritika was extremely tense and asks Preeta what she is saying. Preeta says this Akshay is cheating on her. She drags Kritika to see this with her own eyes. They enter the room but no one was there. Preeta asks Akshay where she is gone. Karan and Sherlin also come behind. Kritika asks Akshay where is the bottle he got this drink from. Akshay explains that the bottle was not there.

Kritika saves Akshay by saying Akshay promised he will not drink again. Karan asks Preeta what this is about. Preeta tells Karan Akshay knows well what it is about. Akshay explains to Kritika he was a little nervous, and this is it. He asks Karan to help, and Karan says to Kritika that sometimes grooms are also nervous. Akshay does not let Preeta say anything. He swears to Kritika he hasn’t taken a single sip and was ready to spill it. He goes to drop the glass. Preeta says she brought Kritika here to show Akshay with a girl. Kritika was astonished at this. Ramona and Sherlin were also in the room. Preeta inquires Akshay who was the girl he just hugged. They were very close.

Ruchika was hiding behind a curtain. Preeta says Akshay brought the girl straight into the room and was calming her down. She was upset and questioned why he is marrying Kritika. He and Kritika do not have a mutual friend. And she herself saw him with the girl here. Akshay speaks to Karan directly that Kritika is dear to all of them… Preeta asks Akshay to tell them the truth. Akshay speaks to Kriitka directly. Kritika asks Akshay what Preeta is saying. Akshay says he was nervous because his Dubai business is being closed. He loves her dearly and proves himself as right; he can never do what Preeta said. He tries to prove innocent in front of Karan as well. Kritika says Preeta never speaks uselessly. Akshay asks Kritika to be clear, she also wants proof; fair enough as she is his bride-to-be. Krista explains to herself that she trusts him.

Akshay thanks Kritika for her belief. He now speaks to Preeta and says he can wipe her mistrust over him. He wants to clear his position. Today they were safe, what if they cannot save themselves tomorrow. He says Preeta is right, he was with a girl in this room. He shows a box of earrings and says it was Ruchika and brought earrings as a wedding gift. Kritika recognizes Ruchika.

Akshay says she was annoyed because they did not invite her. Kritika explains to Preeta that Ruchika is their college friend. Akshay says he tried to stop her but she left. Kritika thinks Ruchika must have brought them a surprise. Akshay explains to Preeta she was right, but her understanding about him was wrong. He leaves the room. Karan follows. Ramona tells Preeta that sometimes overconfidence brings you disgrace. She did not think twice before blaming Akshay. Sherlin also insults Preeta. Kritika consoles Preeta that it is fine then goes to see Akshay.

Shrishti comes to Preeta in the room. Preeta says she took everything wrong. Akshay is not a bad person, she misunderstood him. Ruchika is their mutual friend. Shrishti asks Preeta to help her unlock this phone. Rakhi comes there to take the girls downstairs. She inquires about Sarla and Janki, but Shrishti says mama is unwell. Preeta goes with Rakhi. Shrishti calls Sameer and goes downstairs to meet him.

Ruchika comes out of the cupboard. She wonders how she will go out. She decides to leave through the window. Sameer had just come home and finds Ruchika on the porch. She decides to climb again in the guest room’s cupboard and wait for the right time.

In the room, Karan explains to Akshay that Preeta is concerned for Kritika and that is why. Kritika comes there. Akshay says he understands her concern, she is loving but he only wishes she understood him better. He must have done the same as Preeta did for her sister. Karan hugs Akshay. He advises Akshay to take care of Akshay, he is a nice guy. When Karan is gone, Kritika thanks Akshay for being so understanding. Akshay hugs Kritika.

In the corridor, Preeta thinks about Akshay’s hug. Karan finds her upset. Preeta says she still feels there is something wrong. Karan says he is a nice guy and is not even angry with her. Preeta asks what about Karan. Karan assures them he is also not. They go to the room to speak to Akshay and Kritika. Preeta apologizes to Akshay, but Akshay replies this is alright. She had a misunderstanding. He is human, and gets angry; he could break the relationship but then he thought of Kritika. One must never take decisions when angry.

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