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This is Fate 12 July 2022: Sonakshi is really amazed saying that she cannot believe Karan was in jail, Rajat also does not believe him but Karan mentions that she got him arrested saying he was flirting with the girls, and they both are amazed saying that had it been any other girl she would have taken his autograph, Rajat mentions that he said she is his biggest fan, Karan sitting down mentions he said she is his biggest fan but Preeta did not even say it, Sonakshi says she could not believe he is about to be a father, how is he feeling.

Karan mentions that he cannot understand his feelings but is really glad because after the news there has been an environment in the house which is really amazing, he doesn’t really know what the future holds, but he is really glad he got to marry someone like Preeta as she completely changed him and he can live with her for the seven lives, Sonakshi does not understand, he explains that it is said that one lives for seven lives, he knows he can live this life with Preeta and is not sure about the next but can certainly live it with Preeta, Sonakshi asks Rajat to also take some lessons from Karan just as she is learning from Preeta on how to be a wife, Sameer comes exclaiming they all are here, Karan replies he is going as he needs to be with Preeta, Rajat also takes their excuse, Sonakshi questions Sameer what is he doing here, he replies he was not able to sleep, asking if there is a lawn where he can walk.

Sonakshi sees Aanaya so says she can take him there, explaining she feels Aanaya has a crush on him, Sameer requests her to not link him with anyone as he is fine just the way he is, and she calls Aanaya asking if she can show him to the lawn, explaining to Sameer she is fantastic if he is not in a relation, Sameer is shocked when Sonakshi leaves them both.

Karina is in her room when there is someone on the door, she opens to find Sherlin who mentions she needs to talk with her, Sherlin explains that she saw Preeta crying in her room, Karina gets worried saying that their might have been something wrong, she also turns to check on Preeta but Sherlin stops her saying what is the wrong with her because she just took the name of Preeta and Karina turned, Karina asks what is wrong with her because Preeta is pregnant and in this situation anyone can get tensed, Sherlin explains that she knows Preeta is not pregnant as when someone is pregnant there is a glow on their face, she is not able to see it on Preeta’s face as she was crying the entire way to Lonavala, Karina questions if she deduced it from the crying questioning if she forgot what the Dai maa said that she would have mood swings, Sherlin insists saying that she knows Preeta is not pregnant, Karina asks her to leave before she gets mad and says something which will hurt her feelings, Sherlin exclaims she is leaving but will return with the proof that Preeta is not pregnant, Karina gets tensed praying everything be fine and Preeta would be safe and pregnant.

Shristhi is getting ready in her room, she is very anxiously waiting for the time when Sarla would sleep and she will get to know how Preeta is, Shristhi decides to call Sameer, Sameer is walking down when Shristhi asks how is Preeta, he assures her that she is fine and is resting, he says that he is going to walk because he was getting bored, Shristhi asks if he would not feel scared, Sameer replies what is the need to be scared and he is also not alone because Aanaya is with him, she questions who is she, Sameer replies that Aanaya is the manager of the resort, they both would walk to clear their heads, Shristhi asks if he thought about her, he replies he always thinks of her, she asks him to leave and have fun, Aanaya also calls Sameer from behind, he ending the call leaves with her.

Shristhi in her room is really mad saying that he is really courageous and so went to walk with the manager Aanaya. He did not even see her ager, Janki enters the room asking why did she not sleep, Shristhi replies she was just about to sleep, Janki mentions that it happens because just like Pinki from their neighbour went from her house to a wedding and did not return, Shristhi says did she die, but Janki explains she got in a relation with someone from the wedding so after some time came back after getting married, Shristhi thinks she came back marrying Sameer so shouts, Janki questions what happened, she replies she saw the mice, Janki sitting on the sofa asks where is she, how does Shristhi know, Shristhi then sends her away, Janki asks her to sleep and now shout even if she sees anything.

Karan enters the room, asking Preeta why is she not asleep, he sees tears in her eyes so question why is she crying because she should always remain happy even if she is having the mood swings and should not cry but just remain happy the entire life, he asks her to make a deal saying that she would always start smiling whenever she misses him.

Karan is with Preeta when Rajat comes, he apologizes but says that he needs to talk about something important with Karan, Rajat explains that he wanted to have a love marriage, he only knows the credentials about Sonakshi but wants to know everything about her, just likes him and Preeta as they are a perfect couple, Karan replies he doesnot believe in NAZAR but now feels they would have to perform the black tikka, Rajat assures he would bring it for them but he must help him, by revealing everything, karan after looking at Preeta says they would discuss about it in the morning, Preeta however agrees with Rajat saying karan must help him now, he leaves but turns and kisses Preeta saying she must miss him, she is really tensed.

Karan sitting with Rajat explains, he feels Sonakshi is a friend just like any other, explaining there was a gang in collage called as Sona gang having all the beautiful girls of the collage who desired to be his girlfriend, or rather that he wanted to be her girlfriend, Rajat asks him to say something about Sonakshi, Karan mentions he was a tom boy in collage and desired to hold an arm wrestling competition with anyone, she would always loose but still promised to defeat them, Rajat in a worrying state says he did not see anything like this, Karan assures he would show it in the morning, Mahesh comes scolding Karan saying that it seems he is trying to break their marriage, Mahesh advises Rajat to call Preeta or Shristhi if needs to impress Sonakshi, Rajat asks if he can get the number of Shristhi, Karan says he will text him.

In the night, Shrishti opens their room of Janki, and she secretly comes to sit with her on the bed waking her up, Janki asks her to let her sleep, and she sits up and asks if a cyclone has come, Shrishti replies that it might come in a few days, she asks if Sarla would remain happy when Sarla lives alone for a few days, Janki says that she would get really happy as she is always irritating Sarla, Janki once again lies to sleep, Shrishti asks her to sit saying she has not even started talking about the real issue saying that she knows if she comes across some ill-spoken man, there would be two situations one that she would hit him or that she will get scared.

Preeta is in her room, thinking of the truth and how she is not pregnant, but the family is really happy and caring for her. She does not know what to do in her life after revealing the news.

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