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This is Fate 14 July 2020: This is Fate update Tuesday 14th July 2020, Rishab is very frustrated about what Karan did to save him, Preeta comes after that he says that he trusted her with Karan more than him, Samer tries to explain that all that is happening is not because of Preeta, he says that he is not talking to him. He says that he only trusted her because she is sensible and knows how to make decisions and cares for him.

This is Fate update Tuesday 14 July 2020: He does not listen to anything, she says that she felt that he was going to do something very wrong but before she could do anything he made it official in front of the media, he says that she no longer has to say anything because it was just emotion and he cannot blame anyone, Karan placed himself in torture for the rest of his life just so that he can save him, he asks Shrishti to call him so that he can ask what he has done.
Karna is standing when Manisha comes and asks him to meet her friend because she is his fan, he thanks her for the love, she also calls her cousins they all are talking when Shrishti comes and asks him to come because Rishab is calling him, when they are walking he says that he is thankful that he saved him from those people, she says that she can do anything for him but cannot save him from Rishab.

Preeta asks Rishab to not be very angry with Karan, he walks away but then as soon as Karna walks in Rishab gets very angry and ask how could he take such a big decision of marrying without telling him, they start an argument where Rishab is very frustrated and constantly asking him to back out but Karan does not listen and leaves. Preeta thinks that she will do what needs to be done to save Karan and walks out.
Shrishti leans towards Rishab saying things eh will now think of some other ideas, he says that she must do all that is necessary save Karan.
Mahesh and Rakhi are talking of what they must do to save Karan, Rakhi says that he is not listening to anything they say. He walks to the hall after that they leave.
Janki asks Dadi if she would let him talk with Karan as he might listen to her, just then Karina comes and taunts that he did not listen to her and even his mother so why does she think that he will listen to a worker, Janki says that it is not that she can talk rudely but that she does not want to spoil the environment, they start to have an argument in which Dadi intervenes and asks Karina to go away.

This is Fate update 14 July 2020 Janki says that she is feeling cold, Dadi asks her to go and wear some warm clothes.
Karan is in the hall, Manisha comes and ask him to meet her parents because has been ignoring it for the whole event, Preeta comes in, he starts to look at her, she seeing this asks her cousins to stop her from coming near him. They say that they want to talk with her, Rishab says that he is lying because they only want to keep Preeta from talking with Karan.
Mahesh comes and asks Rishab to think of what they must do in the future, Rishab asks Shrishti to think of something, she takes Kartika and Samer with her to think of a plan.
Manisha says that he must meet her parents so that he can tell them how they met because they are living in London and want to know of him. Preeta thinks that she is not letting him talk with her so she feels that she is going to lose a good friend, Manisha comes saying that she knows Preeta wants to talk with Karan but she must be prepared that as soon as they get married she will not let her enter in the Luthra mansion, Karan sees this and after seeing that she is crying goes after her, he ask if she called him.

This is Fate season 2 update Tuesday 14th July 2020 He ask what happened, weather Karina blamed her for his marriage, he ask her to not worry of anything because whatever is said is in emotion and she must not feel bad. She ask him to listen to one thing, he says that she also wants to talk him out of this wedding, he asks her to feel what condition he is in because she is his friend, he says that he trusts her with his life. He listening to her says that he did not wanted her to say this because he cannot decline it. She says that he will not back out, he says that he will after she give shim a reason and when she says that if he marries her he will not be able to meet with her. He gets angry saying that he will meet her every day, but she says that she knows that he will not, he says that he means that she has feeling for her.

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This is Fate 14 July 2020: Karan asks Preeta what is happening, she says that she does not know it herself but only knows that she does not like it and wants that he does not marry Manisha, he says that it is when someone loves the other person, just then they hear a sound, Preeta tries to leave but Karan stops her and pulls her back even when it is Prithvi calling, he pulling her closer says that he only wants to know why she doesn’t want him to marry. She says that it is because Manisha is not a good person. Hearing this he backs off and she leaves without listening to Prithvi, Janki is standing at the other side and says that she was right.
Shrishti is with Kartika and they are talking of her plan, Kartika says that it si vr risky and will not work, they are arguing when Preeta and Samer come, Shrishti tells her plan that they will kidnap Manisha, Preeta disagrees with her, Rishab is standing at the back and says that this is right as they must show Karan how much wrong he is doing, Shrishti tells that plan which is quite amazing and they agree to execute it.
Karan is attending the wedding ceremony and his family members are not happy with it they all act as if they are angry with him. He tries to talk with each one of them but when Rakhi comes he asks if she will not talk with him, she says that when she came to talk he was not interested but there is still time and he can refuse to marry it.

Janki comes from behind saying that she also wants to participate and then when she gets near to Karan she asks if he loves Preeta, pointing that Prithvi is not a good person and will not be able to keep Preeta happy. He is not able to say anything just then Sherlin comes from behind saying that she also wants to participate, she looks for Prithvi but is not able to find him.
He is talking with someone on the phone, she ask with whom he is talking he says that it was the inspector and Billa is asking to meet him, he gets frustrated and says that he will kill him in the morning, they have an argument when he takes the name of Preeta.
Samer, Kartika and Rishab try to make Karan realize how wrong he is doing by marrying her, they try to make him realize what will happen to him and their family f he goes forward with the plan.

This is Fate 14 July 2020 Manisha is sitting on the stage, she ask Preeta to be the first one to apply the Aubtan, Shrishti makes fun of her which angers her and she stops Preeta, trying to insult her by asking her mother to pay Preeta, she says that in their family the first ones to apply it are the servants and they are also given money after it as a goodwill. She says that she is not saying that Preeta is a servant but very loyal like a dog.]
Shrishti says that there is also a condition of loyalty and she goes on to humiliate Manisha saying that they give it to the bride. She goes to Rishab and says that he must tell Manisha to stay in her limits because she is her sister, this angers Karan and he leaves All of them celebrate and Rishab praises her for her intelligence, she says hat she loves this family a lot and will do anything that she can to help them, she say that she has done a little to Manisha but is very happy to know that Karan will be on their side, he loves them more than Manisha.

zee world This is Fate update Tuesday 14 July 2020 Manisha ask him why he is so angry and what is she to him, she threatens to hurt Preeta as she will not forgive someone who hurts her, Karan asks her to stay in her limits because otherwise he will bac k off from the wedding because he loves his family even more. Manisha gets shocked.
They all think that their plan has worked, they try to send Kartika to further execute their plan, she ask where they must send her, Shrishti says that she can send to hell because that is what she deserves. Rishab asks her to calm down, she says that she is not feeling good after using her sister to make Karan realize his wrongful acts.

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