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This is Fate 15 September 2020: Update on This is Fate Tuesday 15th September 2020, Maira comes asking Kartika when she came back, she asks her regarding her studies. She mentions that it is all going good and she feels that she will have to leave the house really soon, Kartika gets tensed asking why she feels like this, she asks her to calm down saying that she will leave after getting in because she feels that she has performed good in the entrance test. Maria says that she feels something is odd in the house, the environment is not like it was before and she is also hesitant to get Karan’s autograph in the book,, Kartika takes it asking her to come to karats room, she refuses and is adamant to take Maira to him, she calms her down explaining that Karan will never refuse. They reach the corridor, Karan is awaking thinking what he can do to stop the wedding, Kartika asks him to give Maira his autograph but he refuses, she ask Kartika what is wrong with him, she explains that he is suffering from hyper tension, and the reason cannot be explained.

Sherlin is constantly calling Prithvi, he is not picking up, she wonders why is he marrying Preeta even when she asked him to back out, she vows to not let him cheat, she thinks of calling him with someone else phone, she asks Ganesh to give her the mobile, he is hesitant but she scolds him, asking that he go do his work, she understand that he knows she will call him with someone else phone which is why he is not answering, she gives back his phone after deleting the number, she vows to do something which she has not done as she is the deceiver.

Karan is walking angrily thinking that he will not let her marry Prithvi because now he will do all that he can to stop the wedding,
Shrishti is also planning to do anything to stop the wedding.

Sarla enters Preeta’s room thinking what Janki said to her that she does not want Preeta to marry Prithvi, she is standing Preeta asks her what she has to say, she explains that she has made a mistake and even when the children do not believe it the parents still have made some mistake, Preeta does not understand she asks her what she is saying, Sarla says that she came to call the bride upon the Pandit’s request but she is not able to find her daughter as she is very tensed. She mentions that Preeta smile was what made her happy but she cannot see her  in this depression, she ask her what is that thing which she is hiding, Preeta refuses that there is anything.

Janki stops her from lying to her mother, Sarla adds that she can do anything for her daughters without caring for what the society will say and that she has the strength for a lot of things, Preeta says that she is not tensed regarding this marriage as she is happy and feels blessed to marry him, Janki refuses to accept it saying that he is ill mannered as she blamed her for having some relation with Karan when she went with him, Sarla stops her mentioning that it is between her and Preeta. Preeta answers that he had made a mistake but also apologized for it, not unlike Karan who made an even bigger mistake just to punish her for a small thing.

Rishab is calling Karan but he does not answer, Rishab sees the album on his bed, he calls her Karan answers it asking what the matter, he asks where he is as he wanted to talk to Karan, Karan says that he is going on a long drive, Rishab asks him to stop lying, Karan explains that he is going to meet a girl and do something that will be a cayuse of relief for his heart, Rishab request that eh do anything without hurting himself, Rishab requests that he calm down and do what he feels, Rishab is happy to know that Karan is doing what he likes unlike him who does not know what is happening, Karan plans to hurt Preeta to the extent that she will not be able to marry him.

Preeta leaves the room, Janki stops Sarla informing that Preeta is still talking of Karan when she is about to marry Prithvi, Sarla gets angry explaining that she would have told her when she asked her. Janki thinks that she would have told her if she knew it herself but Preeta is still unaware of her feelings.

Rakhi asks dadi how the new doctor is and if she liked her, Karina explains that she is very professional and her feels that Dadi will be better very soon.

Sherlin comes down thinking that she will do anything to end the marriage with Preeta as she wants Prithvi to only remain with her.

Rakhi asks dadi if she is okay, Dadi thinks of what Sherlin said in the hospital regarding Preeta, she answers that she no longer needs Preeta and will get used to the new doctor, she leaves to go and check on Mahesh, Karina orders Ganesh to take the glass of water to Mahesh’s room. Rakhi informs that she felt dadi was upset. Karina asks Sherlin where she is going.

Sherlin was leaving to meet her mom who was ill when Sanjana comes to meet Sherlin and Mahesh. Rakhi and Kareena asks if Sanjana was ill. Sanjana replies with a no. Sherlin reminds she had been sick two days ago. Sanjana nods at her. Sherlin takes Sanjana to the kitchen to prepare tea with her.

Rakhi feels upset that she considered someone as her daughter, and is unable to attend her wedding today.
In the wedding ceremony, Preeta walks to the hall with Shrishti while thinking about Karan. Karan enters the hall, and came inside from right behind Prithvi. Preeta wonders why she is thinking about Karan, she shouldn’t.
Karan gets a phone call and goes aside.

The Vermala ritual begins. Shrishti wonders how she should stop this wedding, she doesn’t want a devil brother in law. Prithvi smiles while he puts on the Vermala. Shrishti recalls how they had attempted to stop Rishab and Sherlin’s wedding with Karan. She thinks it doesn’t matter if Karan isn’t here, she will make this wedding a complete flop using his trick. Karan appears from a side and thinks he will surely stop this wedding. Shrishti pushes a wedding platter over Prithvi. Prithvi stands up at once. Shrishti was at once apologetic that she slipped and the platter as well. Prithvi goes to wash his dress.

Karan thinks about some secret plan to stop this wedding.

In the kitchen, Sanjana asks Sherlin why she lied about her illness. And why her hand was injured. Sherlin was irked that Sanjana had gone out of India, then why she did all this. Sanjana says she thought there could be something wrong; there was a lot happening in her in-laws. She wonders how Sherlin was still in the house, when she herself spot Sherlin apologized Mahesh. She convince Sherlin that she has got a blessed life and the best family and husband. Prithvi is a care-free man. Sherlin pulls a knife. Sanjana was terrified. Sherlin threatens by touching her chin with the tip of knife, but says she can’t hurt her mother then why she is so afraid. Sanjana looks worried for Sherlin. Sherlin warns Sanjana not to say anything about Prithvi, she loves him dearly and needs to stop his wedding with Preeta. She asks Sherlin to take her out of the house, or help her get to the room and divert the family’s attention; she will then leave from the backdoor. Sanjana asks Sherlin why she is so crazy for Prithvi. Sherlin replies, Prithvi is equally crazy for her.

Karan gets a call and was at the corner of the corridor. He spots Prithvi pass by through the corridor, cuts the call and follows Prithvi to accomplish what he came for. In the washroom, Prithvi washes his clothes.

In the hall, the ladies were tensed for Sherlin’s burnt hand and bandage. Sherlin was irritated that these ladies won’t leave her. Sanjana checks the burn, she scolds Sherlin for behaving childish. Sanjana apologizes that she won’t be able to make tea for them. She takes Sherlin to her room where she can give some attention to Sherlin and spend some time with her. Rakhi felt upset for not being able to attend Preeta’s wedding.

Prithvi rubs soap over his face. Karan comes to throw water over his face. Prithvi opens his eyes and was taken aback to see Karan. He warns Karan to leave his wedding hall all at once. He hates watching Karan’s face. His presence ruins his mood. He is extremely happy today.

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