This is Fate 16 November 2021: Sherlin advises that she call to ask Rakhi where she has gone as when she has arranged a pooja then why did she went to get the medicine, Karina advises her to call Rakhi saying that everyone has arrived, Sherlin tries calling her.

Preeta and Shrishti are in the hall when Ganesh comes saying that Karan is calling them both for the pooja, they ask him to go while they would come after some time.

Karina asks Ramona to come with her to where the pooja would occur, Ramona orders Mahira to hand her the box of the sweets, Shrishti exclaims that she is really worried as she should have also called Rakhi but she does not know what she would have said to her, Preeta asks her to not worry as her mobile would not connect, Shrishti inquires what did she do because Sherlin has not been able to call her, Preeta exclaims how she took care of her mobile and took out the battery when she was about to go to the market while Rakhi was advising Ganesh to call her if there is something else required for the house, Shrishti is really amazed so asks how was she able to do it. 

Preeta says that she did this because Rakhi is always busy with such matters so she decided to make sure Rakhi is away from such incidents that she considers Ramona to be her friend but should know that Ramona is not a nice person, she explains that Rakhi should reach back home which is why she ordered the driver to bring her back as soon as possible, she explains that another benefit of taking out the battery is that no one who is in the house would be able to divert her from the truth and she would witness the truth after coming back, she explains that they would reveal the true face which they all are hiding so they both head for the pooja.

Sherlin comes exclaiming that she has not been able to call Rakhi as it is not connecting, Shrishti and Preeta also come, she acts as if she is stunned saying that Rakhi has also called her, Sarla explains how Rakhi forced her to come, Karina asks if she knew about the pooja at which Preeta responds that she came to know of this because of the preparations and also that Rakhi is the only one in the family who believes a lot in the pooja. Ramona taunts her asking what is the pooja for as she knows a lot. 

Preeta says that it is for the peace and the health of Mahesh because it is understood, Ramona exclaims how clever she is then she would know that there is also a need for Parshad, Preeta mentions that in this pooja there is no need for the sweets and the Parshad would consist of fruits, Karina gets mad exclaiming that they should start the pooja as a lot of the time has wasted, Ramona orders Ganesh to distribute the sweets amongst the staff of the house, Shrishti immediately calls him asking for something to eat, Sarla scolds her asking why did she not have something to eat in their house as she came for the pooja however when she insists Ramona asks Ganesh top give her a ladoo for the time being then after a while can bring her something which she can eat. Shrishti appreciates her as her mother always scolds her, Ganesh hands her the box taking which she stands up, Sherlin understands that Preeta and Shrishti have planned something but she does not understand what it is.

Rakhi comes to the house, she is amazed to see that there is a pooja in her house, Pandit jee asks her to come after washing her hand as she would start the pooja, Ramona asks how can she forget when she herself arranged the pooja, Rakhi explains that she did not arrange for the pooja, Pandit jee explains that the pooja is for the better health of Mahesh Luthra, Rakhi is about to answer when Shrishti acts as if she is not well and starts vomiting, she holds her stomach and acts as if she is not well, the Pandit jee advises that they should top the pooja, however, Rakhi jee mentions that they cannot leave the pooja so they all continue, Preeta comes running explaining that Shrishti is vomiting blood and only ate the ladoo, everyone gets worried, Preeta explains how she is vomiting just like she was when she was at the Sarghi, Rakhi asks them to call the doctor however Preeta mentions that she was not able to reach anyone.

Shrishti also comes with blood on the napkin, she starts blaming Ramona mentioning how she tried to kill her and that she should not hold a grudge as even though she broke the glass of her car it does not mean that she should kill her, Shrishti inquires why does she hate her so much that she tried killing her, Ramona pleads to say that she did not mix anything in the ladoo and they are mistaken, Preeta explains that Shrishti was fine before eating her ladoo and after eating them she got so ill that she started vomiting blood.

Ramona constantly tries to plead her innocence however Preeta blames that she tried to kill her sister, Ramona exclaims that she did not mix anything in the ladoo which she brought today but had mixed poison in those which she brought for the Sarghi, everyone is shocked to hear the truth, Sherlin exclaims that she cannot do anything now to save Ramona.

Preeta mentions that she mixed the poison in the ladoo which they had for Sarghi and got ill, Sherlin blamed it on her mother who got arrested.

Rakhi exclaims that she did not think Ramona would do such a thing, Mahira tries to defend her mother however Karan asks her to stop as she has accepted it by herself, Karan mentions that Sherlin got ill and blamed it on Sarla mom who got arrested and they got her bail after a lot of effort but even now she can be arrested.

Preeta mentions that it is not always that those who are telling the truth are blamed for everything, Preeta asks Sherlin to take back her case now that her mother has been proven innocent, Rakhi asks her to speak and why is she quiet, Sherlin mentions that she is not able to comprehend what has happened, Rakhi exclaims that now that everything has been proven she should take back the case as otherwise she would go and file a counter case on Ramona because as a mother she cannot stand with the one who is wrong.

Ramona explains how she was not able to say anything because when she came to know they had eaten the ladoo and she could not do anything, she did not want her daughter to suffer for her mistake, Ramona apologizes to Rakhi, Dadi and Karina however Rakhi asks her to seek apology from Sarla as she suffered the most because of her being quiet.

Ramona apologizes to Sarla, she explains that she does not have any grudge against her because she was thinking that there might be some ingredient which was expired that caused the poison and she might have made the same mistake however even if she did it on purpose even then she is not mad because Ramona is friends with Rakhi and her daughter is now a part of their family, she never desires that anyone has the chance to ruin the name of this family.

Karan comes to Sarla explaining that she must be proud of her daughters as they were able to reveal the truth so easily, Preeta says that it is a matter of trust which both of them on Sarla, they know that their mother is not capable of harming anyone because of her pure heart so would not hold a grudge even against her enemy which is why they decided to prove her innocence and have now been able to.

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