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This is Fate 17 November 2020: This is Fate Tuesday 17th update November 2020, Sameer cannot understand what Shrishti thinks, he says that he told her to not bring Preeta as it will cause a lot of problem, Rishab knocks on the door from behind asking what has happened to him and why is he talking to himself, Rishab is about to leave when Sameer pulls him explaining that the Auroras have accepted their invitation and are coming to the wedding, He asks Sameer to stop them because if they come it will create a lot of problem.

Karan goes into his room and destroys the photos in anger, exclaiming that Preeta should come to see that he is ready to marry.
Preeta exclaims that she will go to the marriage function of karan, Shrishti explains that they should then convince Sarla, Preeta goes outside where Sarla is chopping the vegetables, she comes asking if Preeta came to talk about going the marriage, then Preeta mentions that she is not that weak and has the courage to see him get married to someone else, because she is her daughter and he gave her a challenge so she will show him that she can bear anything and has no interest if he marries anyone.
Sarla stops her from lying to her mother because she still believes in their relation and wears the Mangal Sutur so why is she trying to hurt herself, Sarla mentions that the Luthra’s have never given her the respect which she deserves, Preeta exclaims that she wants to show them that she doesnot care about anything and is not crying in her house, she is ready to go to their wedding which Sarla doesnot understand and asks if it was Shrishti who convinced her for going to the wedding and now she wants to prove to herself that she is strong herself, she is adamant to go there, Sarla mentions that the only reason she lets them go there is because she is their mother and every time they get into trouble she comes to their aid because she is their mother but she doesnot have that much strength and will not be able to come to their aid so if she wants to go there she can go there and show them that she has the strength then she can go there but Sarla will never come to her aid, she heads back into her room, Shrishti and Preeta also get dressed.

Karan is in his room when Rishab knocks, he asks since when does Rishab need to knock, he mentions that it is since he has changed and he doesnot have any idea how he will react, Rishab mentions that he is wrong to invite Preeta and do this as he is already married to Preeta, karan refuses to say that it is a marriage as no one from his family was there so how can it be, but Rishab tries to explain that her family was there however karan says that he will do all that he can to harm Preeta as she is not really a good and honest person and it is nothing but a cloak which he and Rakhi have created relating to her personality. Rishab pleads with him to stop them from coming as it will create a lot of problem but Karan doesnot listen and Rishab leaves, while Sherlin is standing there listening to their conversation.

Prithvi is in his room drinking thinking that Preeta is really clever and nice and has all the courage that one needs to become a reliable partner which she can be as she was adamant to make sure that Rishab be saved from the kidnapper and she fulfilled it, but it was not him even when he was giving the orders, it was Rana who had him kidnapped and so the plans that he wishes to fulfil with Preeta can still happen also that if she comes to know of his reality than nothing will be the same, he also thinks that it is an opportune moment that karan is marrying Maira as it is a clear example of the saying that one gets what he does, so he is going to marry someone so clever and dark like Maira only because he is the same implying he would have done something wrong.
Karan calls Sameer ordering that the preparations should be like no other, Sameer also assures him, Sherlin is standing outside the room and hearing it exclaims that this means he is dying to marry Maira which means that he can not back out from the wedding any more.

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