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This is Fate 18 August 2020: This is Fate tuesday 18th update August 2020, Shrishti hits Kareena who was annoyed. Sanjana says Shrishti seems extremely happy today. Shrishti responds she is always happy. Sanjana demands Shrishti to congratulate her, Shrishti says she would congratulate her once the wedding has taken place. Later, Kareena tells Sanjana not to pay much heed to these middle class sisters.

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This is Fate update Tuesday 18 August 2020: Karan bribes the Pandit to delay the wedding, he would pay even more to him for this. The Pandit demands Karan must come to his house then. Karan agrees. The Pandit tells Kareena and Sanjana that the Mohrat has delayed.

Preeta’s auto goes out of order. She get off the auto but there wasn’t another auto around. She thinks she can’t let Sherlin win this time. She begins to run.

Shrishti comes to Sameer and teaches him some smart tricks to film Prithvi’s video.

Sanjana and Kareena come to Pandit and say they have spoken to their Guru Ji, they both are insistent that it’s about time for wedding. Karan was worried how to stop it. Mahesh stops Karan and asks where he is going in such a hurry. Karan argues with Mahesh that he has something extremely important. Prithvi notices this and wonders why Karan is in a hurry. Karan comes to Sameer and whispers that they must stop this wedding at any cost, no matter they have to put fire. He decides to go and speak to Rishab to back off. Sameer wonders what happened to Karan. He awaits Preeta.

This is Fate update Tuesday 18 August 2020: Preeta enters Luthra house. She thinks she can’t let Sherlin marry Rishab. It will take only minutes now.

Rishab sat on his bed, tensed. Karan comes to the room and asks why Rishab is worried. Rishab says he seems like losing something. Karan says he also feels bad about it. Rishab smiles that this is also a pre-wedding anxiety. He says Rishab seems not to be sure that he must marry Sherlin. Rishab says he is ready as a groom and is going to marry. Karan says it’s not about wedding, it’s about Sherlin. He asks Rishab which girl he loved. Rishab tells him to let go of it, she is engaged now. Karan asks if Preeta knows her name. Rishab replies no. Karan asks Rishab about the name, he will bring her anyway. Rishab wasn’t ready to tell her. Karan insists. Mahesh comes to the room and asks about Rakhi. Karan gets a call. Mahesh hugs Rishab.

Sameer stops Shrishti and tells her Karan has lost. He asks about Preeta and says Karan is even ready to burn the Mandap to stop this wedding. Shrishti claims it to be a super idea. Sameer asks if she has also lost. Shrishti says she and Karan got minds now. Shrishti notices Prithvi was smiling while looking at the stage. She comes to Prithvi who inquires about Preeta. Shrishti replies Preeta has gone to find a groom for herself. Prithvi laughs aloud. Shrishti mocks Prithvi’s laughter then asks why he felt so happy watching this Mandap. Prithvi says he had been daydreaming of his wedding with Preeta. Both share each other’s dislike to each other. He says he doesn’t at all like Sameer, though she likes him. Shrishti feels offensive.

Sanjana asks Kareena about Sherlin. Kareena says Sherlin is getting ready yet. She says even Rakhi is getting ready and hasn’t come downstairs yet.

This is Fate Tuesday update 18 August 2020: Preeta calls on Karan’s number while he dials hers, their numbers go busy. Sherlin appears from front of Preeta, ready in the bridal attire. She stops Preeta and asks what’s in the envelope. Preeta replies it’s Shagun for Rishab. Sherlin says Shagun is for couples. Preeta says she only got if for her friend. Preeta asks why she would tell Sherlin, this is a secret which she can’t tell Sherlin. Sherlin says she can tell Preeta, this is her pregnancy report stating she is three months pregnant.

Sherlin warns Preeto to think twice before taking any step against her, else she would do something which would be worse for her and Luthra family both. Sherlin walks away. Preeto now follows to stop her. Sherlin tells Preeta to go and stop her wedding now. Preeta says since Sherlin was there, she thought about giving a Shagun. She calls Sherlin a Bad-Shagun (Ill-omen) herself. She is an ill character woman and will destroy the happiness of this family, if she arrives into the family. She tells Sherlin she would stop her wedding, and by these proofs. Sherlin smirks that Preeta already knew this news, since her baby was one and a half month old. Preeta says Sherlin is a real filthy girl, and she would disclose her truth to everyone in the hall. She is over now. Sherlin now points a finger towards Preeta and shuts her up. She tells her to get lost, she can’t ruin her makeup because of Preeta right now. Preeta says Sherlin isn’t worth being a daughter in law, and she would lose everything surely. She dares Sherlin to sit on the Mandap now. She would snatch even the piece of earth of Luthra house she stands. She will disclose her blackened acts. Sherlin now stops Preeta and tells her to see what she has to show. Preeta moves on, not being interested. Sherlin plays a video of Sarla, crying and pleading the goons. Preeta was tensed and cries badly for her mother, she questions Sherlin what is happening to her mother. Sherlin says Sarla didn’t go to any wedding, but to a destruction named Sherlin. If Preeta tells anything about her report to anyone, no one would find out how and where Sarla would die. She snatches her cell phone and leaves.

This is Fate Tuesday 18 August 2020 update: Sarla silently prays to God for some help. She hasn’t yet done anything for her daughters. She can’t bear to die right now as she had done nothing for her daughters yet. The goons come to the hall with their new gun. One of them point it to his fellow, who gulps. They discuss Sherlin is afraid of this old lady, that she bought him this expensive gun. She faced the lady, and her fear increased; she now wish to kill this lady but only after her wedding.

Preeta follows Sherlin and question where her mother is. Sherlin says it’s up to Preeta how she wish to see her mother from now on, dead or alive. Preeta twists Sherlin’s arms behind her. Sherlin warns her mother will have to bear whatever she will do here. Preeta pleads Sherlin to tell her about her mother. Sherlin says Preeta’s mother also loves her a lot. Sarla created a whole mother India type melodrama that her daughters would be here soon, to get her freed. But she feels pity for her, Preeta was busy finding a proof against her. Sherlin tells Preeta to apologize her. Preeta joins her hands. She tells Preeta her mother is safe, but only till she is safe.

Sherlin tells Preeta that Sarla found her when she was shopping for the bridal dress for her first wedding. She wanted her child to be legitimate. Sarla spotted her, and caught her red-handed marrying her love. She shouted and screamed at her, then dragged her down the temple stairs. She doesn’t take a warning even from the father of her unborn child, and that was Sarla shouting at her like Preeta. We had a fight with each other, then Sarla took an auto and reached Luthra House last night. She met Rishab and was looking for Preeta. Preeta cries that she already sensed something was wrong.

Preeta was now aggressive and says she would tell Karan and Rishab, they will save her mother. Sherlin says as soon as they will tell Karan and Rishab, they will surely find for her mother. Sherlin smirks and says Karan and Rishab would do anything for her, but this will take them few hours to find Sarla. It will take her only a second to call her men, in fact she doesn’t need a call. The game of her mother is going be over.

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