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This is Fate 19 January 2021: This is Fate update Tuesday 19th January 2021, Janki is pleased that all the clothes have dried as otherwise it would have created a lot of problem for them, Pawan is outside the house of the Auroras, he wonders if they might get him arrested but then wonders what would happen as they might try to get him arrested, he cannot help his heart as he is madly in love.

Sarla wakes up then wondering where both Shrishti and Janki is called her however when she is about to go and meet Sarla feels that someone is outside the house, she doesnot see anything then Sarla comes out, Sarla explains that she is well so now needs to sit up, she inquires where Shrishti is because she assured her that she would not leave her, Janki mentions that she left without saying anything so would have something important to do, Pawan thinks that he has wasted his time as Shrishti is not in there house.

Shristhi reaches the hospital then calls Sameer but she meanwhile reaches Preeta who inquires how she got to the hospital then she looks at Sameer and realizes that it was him, Shrishti assures her that she ahs not informed anyone so there would be no problem, Sameer sees the doctor heading away and then they both go after her because they fear that it is all staged. A man thinks that he would have to reach to the doctor before them.

Prithvi reaches the hospital but the receptionist refuses to allow him however he mentions that he is also a relative of the Luthra’s after which she allows him then he thinks that he would make Karan Luthra pay for what he has done to him.
Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer reach the cabin but are stopped by the person who explains that he cannot allow them as all the doctors are really tired they cannot meet her, Rishab and Karan also come asking what has happened, Preeta mentions that she wanted to meet the doctor however were not able to then Rishab asks her to come and be with the entire family. Preeta orders both Shrishti and Sameer to take out as much information as she can because she feels they would need it.

This is Fate 19 January 2021: Preeta calls Karan asking what has happened as he seems worried, Karan mentions that she saved him from being arrested at which Preeta says that she only said the truth and he should not worry so must remain calm as otherwise the situations would get tensed, Karan holds her face and they donot know that Rishab is standing in front of them, he wonders that relations reveal their true faces at the time of need as he is really happy that both Karan and Preeta are together.
The entire Luthra family is standing when the inspector asks the constable to record the statement of Maira at the earliest because this is what they desire as it would turn the case around, Ramona also comes but refuses to even meet with the Luthra family.

Prithvi standing at the corner wearing the disguise of a surgeon thinks that Maira has paved the way for his revenge as he would make sure that Karan is blamed for each and everything, he orders the inspector to come with him as he has something important to talk about, everyone gets worried as to why the inspector was called aside as this is not normal, Rishab walks after them to sort out the matter, Sherlin wonders why the doctor was asking so strange as he should have gone into the ICU, she is relaxed as when the police was in front of them then it was causing tension, she realizes that it is Prithvi as he said that he would take care of the situation.
Shrishti and Sameer are waiting for the doctor when the in charge is eavesdropping on them both as soon as they meet the doctor he comes to take her away, Shrishti explains that she is sure there is something wrong because when ever they try to meet the doctor she is taken away. They both plan to find out what is wrong and how they can solve the situation.

Zee world This is Fate 19 January 2021: The inspector asks Prithvi what does he want to say, Prithvi starts crying saying that they all know who is the reason behind the suicide attempt of Maira, he exclaims that he is not arresting Karan even after knowing everything then should arrest him however he has made Preeta his shield. He tries to convince the inspector to arrest Karan, Rishab also comes behind them, the inspector asks Rishab the truth who questions the inspector as he has not said anything till now. Sherlin also comes behind and is worried that Prithvi has done something wrong.
The inspector says that the doctor even knows the truth about their family that Karan promised to marry Maira however refused to do so and instead married Preeta which lead to the suicide, Rishab asks what is wrong with that and also asks the identity of the doctor, he inquires what does the doctor know of his family, he explains that Karan had already been married to Preeta and married her for the second time.

Karan is with the family when the lawyer calls, explaining that they have to go to to the judge because the situation has gotten a lot worse as he fears that if like Ramona, Mair also blames him then they would have a hard time getting the advance bail because he ahs to work for it.

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