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This is Fate 2 November 2021: Rishab is walking in the hall, Sameer is also following him and they both bump into Karan, Rishab asks if Preeta is okay at which Karan mentions that she is a little changed now, Rishab gets worried so says that he would call the doctor but then Karan mentions that she is changed in a sense that she is not fighting with him and Is even quiet, he mentions that he likes this because she is not fighting and he knows this that it is because she has not eaten anything so when he would doesnot want her to fight then would not let her eat anything, Sameer also says that this is the best idea as then she would always be in love with him however Karan mentions that this is not the case as he is in love with the Preeta who is habitual of fighting with him and doesnot like the one who is so clam, Rishab mentions that this might be because he is starting to love her, however, Karan mentions that if Preeta has not hurt them then they both have fulfilled her what she does with him. Karan leaves mentioning that he would complain about them both to their mother, Rishab and Sameer discuss that he has started to love Preeta.

Dadi and Karina both exclaim that they did not think she would break the fast as she came to them to keep the fast, Mahira turns to Sherlin asking her to open her mouth, she explains to them both that she was helping Sherlin eat the food as she was not feeling well because of her pregnancy so they both came to make her eat something, Karina and Dadi are both tensed, they apologize for thinking she was breaking her fast, Mahira hugs Dadi while also eating the paratha, Sherlin thinks that Mahira has used her to meet her own ends but she would let herself be used if it results in Preeta being thrown out of the house, Karina also apologizes to Mahira exclaiming that she knew Mahira was the right choice for Karan as she has kept the fast with all her might and she is also really proud that Mahira is taking care of Sherlin, Dadi leaves mentioning that she has to prepare for the function, Sherlin and Mahira both rejoice that they were able to handle the situation.

Dadi is calling Ganesh so that they prepare for the function however he is nowhere to be found, Rishab comes, Dadi stops him inquiring what has happened and the reason he is tense is that he heard the news for the first time so why is he so worried because he is a responsible person and is the one taking care of the entire house, Karina also comes mentioning that she knows why he is worried because he is the son of Mahesh, he also got so tensed after hearing about the news of his firstborn and so she is sure that he would also take care of his responsibilities like a father, Karan comes and is also tensed then when they inquire he explains that Rakhi has also kept the fast for Mahesh even when she is not feeling well, Dadi says that she knows why Rakhi has kept the fast and it might be because she feels that if she keeps the fast Mahesh would be with her really soon and would be healthy once again.

They all are talking when Ganesh falls while taking the mattress, both Rishab and Karan run to him inquiring if he is okay while also advising that he should take care of himself, Ganesh responds that he is okay and leaves after they both help him pick up the mattress, Kartika also comes asking both of them to come with her in the hall where the Rasam is about to start, both of them inquire what they would do but she insists then Karan mentions that he would bring Preeta but to his surprise, Kartika mentions she is already in the hall and is the one who took care of the entire preparations, Karan is shocked to hear this.

Karina calls Mahira while Dadi calls Preeta, Karina inquires why she is acting like Rakhi even knowing what Preeta has done, Dadi explains that when a girl leaves her own house and takes the responsibility of another house then they should give her the respect which she deserves and that is what Preeta has done, Karina calls her Bhabhi at which Dadi responds that she is her mother, Karina explains she is sounding just like Rakhi, Dadi scolds her asking that she stop.

Sherlin along with Mahira also reach the hall where Mahira sits down, everyone starts staring at her, she questions them and responds that she is the younger daughter in law of the house, Karina points that she is the wife of Karan at which Dadi hits her in disagreement, Preeta is standing very angrily, Dadi seeing that she is not able to walk properly runs to her asking if she is alright, Preeta mentions that she fine and would come back after bringing something which she has forgotten.

Preeta sits down and is not able to control the pain, Mahira comes asking what is wrong with her, Preeta exclaims that she is fine at which Mahira mentions that why is she hiding it from her because there are no secrets amongst them, Mahira explains how she would have told everyone how much she is hurt even if it was a scratch, Mahira mentions that she would make sure Preeta feels the pain throughout her life till the time Preeta is in front of her, Preeta however tries to leave, Mahira stops her exclaiming that she would not let her leave, Mahira exclaims that even if Rakhi asks her to leave the house she would not go so easily and this time would first throw her out of the house, Mahira exclaims that she was the one to throw her out of the house but this time she would make sure that Preeta pays for what she has done to her because she would take revenge and can even kill her, Preeta mentions that she knows what Mahira is capable off and questions why is she doing this, Mahira answers that she wants her to suffer and feel irritated, Mahira also threatens her to not come in between her goal before leaving, Preeta is not able to control her pain.

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