This is Fate 23 August 2022: Prithvi asks how did she remember his mother all of a sudden, Kritika replies that when a women lives in her parents house then anyone can come and insult them, Prithvi shouts at her then exclaims that she is a modern women but even then believes in such bad things, in these times there is nothing which differentiates between both the houses, she is also the owner of this house, in the end they all just need clothes and a small place to live, she must not be worried however then Kritika says it is true and she wants to live in his house, Prithvi in anger questions who is the one who told her such things, he realizes that it was Sherlin, prithvi warns Kritika to not believe anything which she says and try to move ahead, he even mentions she must reply her if they get into an altercation ever again, he advises her to not listen to anything that Sherlin says as she is jealous of Preeta and even Kritika because they both have everything while she doesnot have the perfect life, she must not worry about her, Kritika then hugs Prithvi exclaiming she tries but there is nothing of the sort, Prithvi wipes off her tears then mentions he needs to make a phone call, she leaves when Prithvi thinks why is he worried about Kritika so much as he only loves Sherlin.

In the morning Karina and Dadi are sitting when Sherlin sees them, she thinks they both are angry with Preeta, she desires that the entire family gets angry with her but for now will use them both, she greets them good morning, Dadi asks what is good because she did not even want to come downstairs, Karina also mentions she is really angry, she cannot understand how life changes in a single day, she had planned so much for the children on how they would go on a vacation and where they would study, Sherlin starts smiling when Karina replies that when she went through the miscarriage Karina was worried how she would be feeling but now is just angry, Sherlin seeing Kritika mentions that some people in the house think they both over reacted and when she said some things for Preeta, Kritika got really mad with her, Kritika asks Sherlin to also say what she told her, then explains that since now Kritika is married she doesnot belong in this house and must leave for the house of her husband, Karina standing questions if she said this to her, Sherlin replies since she is the daughter in law, they don’t care what she feels, Sherlin explains Kritika twisted her hand that there is even the marks of her nails, and yesterday she realized and so Kritika blamed her for ruining the family, Prithvi gets back.

Sherlin questions Dadi why would she try to get them all against Preeta as she is a member of the family, she also has dreams so has the right to be happy, she was the one who was the most happy after knowing that Preeta was pregnant because after her miscarriage she got lonely and then thouught she would treat the child of Preeta as her own, the biggest support of a wife is her husband but even Rishab jee is not here, she tried to be a good daughter in law but was not able to win their hearts, Sherlin asks Kritika that she considers her to be a sister so if she said some things then what is so wrong, Rakhi coming exclaims she realizes that sometimes the hearts get troubled, she apologizes to Karina for the wrongs of Sherlin, she even apologizes to Kritika but she says that there is no need since she might be wrong, Kritika apologizes then Sherlin thinks Kritika tried to take revenge from her but she also has a mother in law like Rakhi who stood for her, Sherlin exclaims that when there is a big family then some fights are bound to happen, prithvi thinks Sherlin is really smart as she acted like the English and created problems for which she herself found the solution and made everyone sure that she is not wrong.

There is a bell on the door, Ganesh opens the door to find Karan standing there, he comes in asking is everything is fine, Prithvi coming to Karina exclaims her daughter has a big hearts when one accepts the mistake even when they have done noting wrong, they really have a big heart.

The door bell rings once again, Karan rushes to open it, he is shocked to see Sonakshi standing there so questions what is she doing here, Sonakshi replies she had to come one day, Dadi in anger questions what is she doing here, Sonakshi replies she knows that no one is happy that she came here but she did not want that everyone has hatred filled in their hearts so that if they meet at some other point then have the courage to talk, Karina replies that it was all in the past and they do not want to consider it, Dadi also says that she should leave, Rakhi explains she felt good after spending some days with her and started to feel like she is their daughter but after what happened in her wedding she doesnot want to meet her anymore because some pasts are better left forgotten and she would not like to remember her, Sonakshi explains she knows they all hate her a lot but she has come for her sister Preeta and even called Karan however he warned her to not call him anymore, she needed to apologize to Preeta, she rushes to her when Preeta asks her to not be worried as what happened was not right, she doesnot have any hard feelings for her, Kritika also warns her to leave as she has ruined their family, Sonakshi explains she wanted to come and meet the family whom she considered as her own, she is going to London, Preeta advises her to go and leave each and every memory which was in India, Sonakshi mentions she thought she lost Preeta just like she lost her elder sister, Preeta assures her, she would also be there for her and if she ever needs her advise then should call her, the entire family is shocked, Sonakshi thinks of taking the blessings of everyone but they don’t let her, she leaves after apologizing.

Preeta is picking up the dishes when Karan comes asking what has happened as he feels she is tense, Karan asks if she was thinking about Sonakshi, then Preeta replies that she has now talked with her so everything is fine however she is worried about Mahesh papa because ever since he came to know about it, he has not even come out of the room, Karan advises her to give him some time as everything would be fine.

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