This is Fate 23 November 2021: The episode starts when Karan takes selfies with some fans. Preeta tries to speak to him but he ignores. Preeta whispers to him that she spotted Mahira. Karan says she got crazy, as Mahira is home. Preeta was pushed to a side as Karan keeps on posing with the crowd. Preeta thinks about following Mahira in the corridor.

Kareena hears the doorbell ring. She deliberately mentions to Rakhi that Mahira is not feeling well, she said no one must disturb her or knock on her room. Sameer thinks Mahira must have heartache. Rakhi goes to see her, but Kareena says Sherlin is there to take care of her. She asks about Rishab’s meeting. Rakhi tells them that Rishab said there are multiple problems, he will try to be back soon. Rakhi says she feels sad, as both her sons are not at home. Sameer hugs Rakhi in consolation. Karina tells him to go and sleep now, he has to take care of the office. Rakhi goes to her room.

Preeta follows Mahira in the corridor. She hits a waiter and a couple in hurry but misses the track of Mahira. She thinks the girl felt like Mahira. She calls Sameer and asks him to check if Mahira is home. Preeta says she felt she spotted Mahira in the resort. Sameer says Mahira has a headache, she is in the room with Sherlin. He says it must be her daydreaming, and advises her to spend time with Karan there. Preeta smiles that Karan is no less a devil. Sameer teases that a smile emerges as soon as she hears his name. Preeta taunts that this all comes from his friendship with Shrishti. Sameer blushes and greets Preeta.

There, Shrishti was unable to sleep. She was bored, then decides to call Sameer. Sameer asks how she is doing. Shrishti says she was bored. Sameer gives her an idea to talk about them. Shrishti was not in a mood. Shrishti was upset for Preeta. Sameer says he talked to Preeta and boasts that Preeta is now his sister-in-law first. He says Preeta felt she saw Mahira in the resort. Shrishti asks if he confirmed himself if Mahira is really there. Sameer says Karina told this all and forbid them to go to her room. Shrishti asks him to go and check at once. Shrishti says Preeta must have seen them there.

Sameer goes outside Mahira’s room. He knocks on the door, but it was flung open. Sameer whispers to Shrishti that he is really afraid. Shrishti was sure Mahira was in Manali. Sameer spots someone under the blanket, he goes to remove it on Shrishti’s insistence and was taken aback when he sees the pillows. Shrishti was now sure that they were in Manali.

Mahira comes to the lobby which Preeta had just left. She calls Sherlin to inquire about her room. Preeta was upstairs but could not spot Mahira.

Shrishti asks Sameer if he knows a friend who can take them to Manali. She plans with Sameer to leave at once.

Mahira comes to the corridor. Preeta again hit someone and her phone fall. Sherlin comes to drag her aside, while Preeta runs towards the corridor. Before she could find the girls, Karan came to the corridor. Karan was still in disbelief that Mahira could be here. He says they are here to spend time with each other, she must stop thinking about Mahira. A receptionist runs to Karan for an autograph. The receptionist was shocked to see the signature. Karan says that is his new signature. Preeta asks what is new in his signature. Karan says he wrote, Karan Preeta Luthra; he can add her name in his when she did the same. Mahira was angry at the receptionist and jealous of her. They go to the room right in front of Karan and Preeta’s room.

Preeta watches the bed and tables decorated with roses in their suite. Karan smiles at the decoration. He goes to freshen up. Preeta goes to take her dress. Karan requests her to wear a s*xy nighty. Preeta reminds he allowed her to sleep on the couch. Karan teases that she can sleep on the couch in a s*xy night, he will sleep on a bed in his nightdress.

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