This is Fate 28 December 2021: The manager threatens to call the police on Sameer if he does not tell him what he was doing in their lobby however Sameer tries to calm him, Shrishti comes to the cabin mentioning how they belong to a news channel so were sent to check their hotel, she mentions how their hotel has not been satisfactory so now their channel would run breaking news relating to their hotel, they both try to leave however the manager asks them about the channel to which they belong.

Preeta asks why Karina is apologizing, Karina mentions how it is the matter of her daughter so she should not talk about the matters relating to their family, Rakhi also advises Preeta to remain quiet however she insists on how they should all believe her as Akshay does not have a good character and he is lying, Sherlin asks Preeta to be quiet but Rakhi orders her to be quiet.

Preeta inquires if they will not ask Kritika relating to any questions which she has asked why does Akshay have the drinks when he claims to not drink, Akshay’s father explains that the preparation was for some of his friends who would not be able to come in the wedding, Preeta is adamant that Akshay is lying, his mother also says that she thought that Preeta was possessive for Kritika however she cannot bear her actions anymore and she should not cause any problems in the marriage, Karina pleads with them to not be angry as there would not be any problem in the marriage and she also asks Akshay to bring the Barrat after which she takes the hand of Preeta ordering her to come to the house with her.

Akshay mother and father close the door, she slaps Akshay inquiring why was he not careful about Preeta even when she warned him about her cleverness, Akshay asks them to not worry mentioning how he will take care of the situation, Akshay’s father asks why is he lying when he himself saw Akshay having lunch with Ruchika and her son, Akshay explains how he has been forced to have lunch with her because she is blackmailing him so he always pretends to be a good boy in front of her, Akshay sits on the bed explaining how he knows to get Kritika to sign all of her shares and wealth after which they would leave everyone behind including Ruchika, Megha, and Kritika to settle in another country and start a completely new life.

Shrishti asks Sameer to not stand there quietly and inform the name of their tv channel, Sameer reveals the name however the manager does not believe him, they explain how their channel has just started, Shrishti then threatens to expose their hotel, Manager asks them how much money they require, Shrishti asks for five hundred rupees which the manager brings, and they leave the hotel.

Preeta along with Karina reach the parking area where she is about to scold her however Rakhi interferes pleading with Karina to say whatever she has to after they reach the house, Sherlin brings the car, Karina orders her to sit at the back as she would drive, she, however, refuses to allow Preeta to sit in the car even when Rakhi informs them however Karina replies that Preeta knows her way back so would come by herself.

Preeta is standing when Akshay comes asking if he can drop her anywhere, he mentions how she could have won today however she does not have the capability even when he knows that she desires to slap him and might even try to kill him however cannot do anything, Preeta questions why is he doing this because they both know what kind of a relationship he has with the women in his life, she also knows that he does not love Kritika so why is he trying to ruin her life and why is he ruining his own life, Akshay exclaims how he feels happy after seeing that Preeta is failing to reveal his truth.

Preeta tries to leave however he stops her warning that he would take revenge for all the things that have happened in his life because of her so he has informed her what Kritika would have to suffer because of her actions, he mentions how his mother slapped her because of Preeta and now Kritika would have to pay the price for her actions the same night.

Akshay is really overconfident then explains how he knows she would not be able to harm him ever again and he knows what she has been planning to do, Akshay gets mad then explains that he saw Sameer when the waiter came to his room and then realized how she would surely come with the entire Luthra family as Karina never called him so he sent Megha away from the room utilizing the trolly and was able to prove himself as innocent, he asks her to come and eat the ladoo of his wedding after which they leave.

Preeta is waiting when Sameer and Shrishti come asking what has happened and how did Megha leave the room, Preeta explains how Akshay saw Sameer hiding behind the flowers and so was able to prove that he is innocent and made them feel wrong she gets worried because they did not even take her with them, Preeta explains how they should leave for the house however Shrishti says that she has forgotten the purse however Preeta doesn’t want to wait so leaves in the auto.

Preeta reaches the house where everyone is waiting for her, Preeta asks Karina what is happening, Karina explains how she does not listen to anything which she asked her to be careful about so now she would also do what she desires, she orders Preeta to go back to her mother’s house till the time Kritika is married as she does not want to create any more problems.

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