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This is Fate 28 July 2020: This is Fate update Tuesday 28TH July 2020, Karan says that he is going to eat as he is hungry, Shrishti tries to stop him but he making comparison leaves them both, Preeta comes arguing that she was not able to find Sherlin and she by the present time would be really drugged. She ask her friend to wait for some time so she can find Sherlin.

Preeta is looking for Sherlin when she sees Prithvi, when they get closer she is about to fall and he catches her, he tried to romance with her and when is about to kiss her she slaps him and starts to scold him for his manner less behavior, He does not understand what to do and then explains that he was drugged and has never done anything like this with her, he apologizes to her asking that he will never do anything like this again, he leaves after this.
Karan comes and when he sees that she is crying, he gets worried and immediately asks her what the matter is, she thinks of what she will tell him becaus3e she does not know why she feels tensed when Prithvi touches her. Karan again asks her but she denies it, he forces her to tell the truth.
Prithvi is angry with himself for doing such things with peat, eh gets relaxed thinking that she will be his after their marriage but till then he must control his emotions, he says that she is the perfect wife material.
Preeta asks he will do anything to the person, but then thinks that if she says the name of Prithvi so he will fight with him because he hates him, Karan does not understand and again asks her what the matter is, she makes an excuse of the Sherlin case saying that it was because of her that Sherlin came to their house and she tried to fix it.

He makes her realize that she was not at fault and Rishab also had his mind and would have taken his decision after thinking, so she must stop blaming herself, he makes fun of her and after that leaves mentioning that he also has a lot of fans who are waiting for him.
Sarla brings Janki to the room asking her if she has drinked Bhang, but when she lies, Sarla doesn’t understand what she will do with Bi jee and Janki as they both are very childish. She is about to go but Janki makes fun of her and leaves leaving Sarla tensed.
Prithvi reaches the rom and thinks of what Sherlin will be doing in the room, he deices to go and check only to find that they both are unconscious, eh gets angry and so thinks of doing everything by himself, he makes them both lie on a position that will make everyone realize that they are in a relationship, Prithvi thinks that now everyone will think that they have something between them, and he will ruin Rishab because this is what he did to him.
Prithvi says that Sherlin has done his part and now he will call everyone to reveal the picture so that he can create a scene. He thinks of a new plan and immediately leaves.

Preeta meets Doctor and tells her that she was not able to find Sherlin, doctor says that she is enjoying herself and is she really related to Prithvi, she makes fun of her engagement saying that was she not able to find anyone better, Preeta gets nervous and then they have a fun.
Prithvi reaches the hall and makes everyone believe that the hall in on fire, he makes it more threatening by saying that Rishab was also there, everyone rushes to the hall to save Rishab.
Prithvi is very happy to see that his plan is working very well, he immediately goes there and thinks that he will have to call everyone to make them believe that Rishab and Sherlin have something before their marriage.
Karan is trying to put the fire out, Prithvi tries to leave but Karan stops him and tries to insult him, he says that if Prithvi had stopped the fir e just when it started then they would have saved the house.

Twist of Fate update wednesday 29th July 2020 on zee world

Karan blames Prithvi for being a coward as he would have been able to stop the fire but never did it, Samer takes the side of Karan asking Prithvi do what family members did and got scared because he is a coward, just then everyone else comes, Prithvi starts to act and says that he did not stop the fore because he heard Rishab calling them all. Karina ask that he stop his wining and let them look for Rishab, Prithvi makes them believe that they should only look at his room.

Karan and everyone enter the room and are left shocked to see that both Sherlin and Rishab are so close to each other, everyone is embarrassed, Mahesh signals Karna to wake Rishab, when he tries yow ke him Rishab does not response and so Karan is forced to throw a water bottle at him, he wakes and up and is shocked to see the position he is in everyone leaves the room leaving only Karan with them both.

Rishab is not able to comprehend what happened, Sherlin leaves the room.

Everyone reaches the hall, they all are much tensed and Sarla also asks Preeta to bring Janki as she is going out of the house. Prithvi thinks that he is now going to make him pay.

Karan is very angry with Rishab, he is constantly arguing with Rishab blaming that he did the act, he is not listening to anything that Rishab says and is really frustrated, Karan says that he is believing but everyone else will not listen a single word. They are talking Samer comes calling them both downstairs, Rishab pleads that he is innocent, Karan assures that he believes him but no one else will listen  to anything.

They both go downstairs, Rakhi is very angry and says that she never expected this from him especially considering what he says, Rakhi is very angry and doesn’t even listen to Karan, he tries to plead in favor of Rishab but Rakhi is not listening top anything, Mahesh tries to take him away but he stands still I favor of Rishab, he says everything to save r honor,

Dadi ask Sherlin to stop crying, Karan gets really frustrated with this double standard asking that why are they then treating Rishab so rudely, he does not listen to anything that Sherlin has to say, Sherlin tries to create a scene for ruining her life, Sanjana comes forward requesting Rishab to stop Karan, he says that Karan is right as he is least questioning him but they are all ready to punish him, Sanjana tries to slap him but Karan holds her hand warning  her to never think of such a thing. Rakhi apologizes to her, Karina asks him to step out of this as the elders will take care of the matters.

Rakhi promises to Sanjana that she will marry both Sherlin and Rishab at eh blessed day which the Pandit had selected first which was after fifteen days, Karan tries to argue with her over her decision but she is very angry and not listening to anything that he has to say, mentioning that they both will; get married and no one can change her mind.

Rakhi asks Karan what he will say to everyone else when they will ask him for what happened, Karan brings Dadi into the matter, she also asks her to first take a look into the matter, and Rakhi however refuses to listen to her and is adamant buy her decision. Karan pleads with everyone to at least think over it, He also asks Mahesh to at first talk with Rakhi, he goes and tries to explain it to her to at least first give him a chance to explain if he is really guilty and not make their marriage a punishment.

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