This is Fate 30 November 2021: Preeta and Shrishti walk out of the resort, Shrishti remembers how Preeta mentioned that the inspector Pooja called her before she came to Manali and gave her the number of the in-charge inspector of Manali, Shrishti asks how would they call her because they would be in her mobile, Preeta then searches the internet and finds the contact after which she adds the inspector on the call, explaining how they came to the resort to perform their honeymoon and that is when Mahira and Sherlin tied them so they should come to the resort and save them, they recall of how the inspector sent the team to the resort.

Preeta recalls how the inspector informed her that they have arrested Mahira, Shrishti then Is freed and comes to her when she also wakes up Sameer, they exclaim that this Is Karma because she got what she deserved, Sameer also comes asking what has happened, they all head into the room of Karan when Shrishti says that she would open the door of Sherlin with the master key however he must remain with Karan and inform them as soon as he wakes up.

Mahira is in the locker room thinking of how bad her luck is because she was about to get Karan, however, was not able to and now is locked up, the constable comes taking Mahira to the inspector, she asks the inspector if she called her here to apologize because she has been telling the truth when the inspector says that she contacted the women trust to see if there is a place where she might send her, Mahira explains that she is the wife of Karan however the inspector says that then who is she. Preeta comes from behind exclaiming that she is the wife of Karan and has proof, she shows them the wedding Photos, the inspector asks what does Mahira has to say about this.

Mahira then exclaims that she has married Karan in disguise, and it is not the real wedding because she was about to get married to Karan, Shrishti explains that Mahira has herself accepted that Preeta is the wife of Karan then Mahira exclaims that they both are lying and trying to ruin her character because she is not wrong. Preeta says that if Mahira has been charged with the molestation then it is the right charge because she tried to get close with Karan after mixing something in his drink which is not right.

Mahira says that she is not wrong and Sherlin who is the wife of Rishab would inform them, Shrishti explains that she does not have any relation with Sherlin and she would not come for her aid, because she is no one and not even she is above the law, Shrishti exclaims how Sherlin would tell lies after coming here and then says that they were the ones she talked with during the call, Mahira exclaims that it is their fault and when she tries to call Sherlin they take her back to the cell as she is not even fit to be sent to the rehabilitation center.

Sherlin in her room is shocked to see that the door is open because she had locked it, she immediately tries calling Mahira to inquire if everything is alright, Sherlin sees that someone contacted her and her mobile was even answered, she thinks that those who can do it are locked in the store, so she decides to check them because she is worried.

Sherlin wonders who might have called her because there might be something wrong, she is shocked to hear that it is the police station and then ends the call, Sherlin then wonders if something has happened with Mahira then she once again calls the police station, and they say that Mahira has been arrested because she was doing business. Sherlin wonders who she might call then call Karina explaining that there are a lot of problems.

Mahira thinks that she should have known that it was Preeta behind this as she blamed her for such wrongdoing, Preeta comes saying that she can not hear anything but was fine with doing such heinous acts at which Mahira says that she never did anything wrong.

Sherlin comes to the inspector exclaiming that Mahira is innocent and should be freed however Shrishti comes from behind mentioning that the inspector knows who is at fault because Preeta has been married to Karan according to all the rituals however Sherlin still pleads that Mahira is innocent, the inspector says that she must know inspector pooja who came with Preeta, she has informed them about the entire situation so if she desires to free Mahira then must bring the bail papers, Sherlin tries to leave when Shrishti purposefully puts her feet in front of her causing her to stumble, Sherlin demands that she be arrested however the inspector r says that she cannot arrest anyone because of the fights.

Preeta is with Mahira and warns her saying that she should never try to do anything like this because after what has happened, she would no longer bear anything, and the next time would punish her as this is what she deserves. She refused to file any complaint because she is the daughter of Rakhi Maa’s best friend. Preeta threatens her by saying how she does not know what a wife would do for the honor of her husband and she must worry about what Karan would think when he comes to know what Mahira tried to do with him.

Preeta turns to find Shrishti running to her who explains that Sherlin is also just outside, Preeta stops her as Sherlin has come, and then she warns Sherlin about the danger there is if she tries to help Mahira, Sherlin gets frustrated asking how she can tell her what the best for her is, Preeta explains that she is only warning her as they are of the same family.

Shrishti exclaims she should not think that they care for her because the only reason they did not file any complaint against her for kidnapping them was that Preeta refused to allow her as she is a member of the Luthra family otherwise she would have to suffer, Preeta mentions that this does not mean she cannot change her mind because it would not take time to say that she is the crime partner of Mahira and the police would also file the same charge which has been placed on Mahira, Preeta explains that they would not be able to save her if she meets with Mahira as she is only saying this because Sherlin is pregnant, Sherlin leaves then Mahira asks why did she leave because of what she said to her, Mahira is scolded by the constable but she says that she is not like that and they would all lose their job.

Shrishti goes to meet Mahira mentioning she should never threaten anyone because they have the video of the dance which she was performing and then it is the best evidence which they have so what if she posts it on social media because this would be beneficial for them and then everyone would know what kind of a person she is and she should think before making any plan against them in the future.

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