This is Fate 7 December 2021: Akshay reaches the house when Kritika asks him to come inside however he says that he has some work for which he would have to leave, Kritika agrees upon his request saying that she would not let him leave her sight for even a moment and they would always be together, Kritika gets out of the car and is shocked to see that there is a red cloth from his cloth, Kritika asks why is there a cloth handing from his car, Akshay gets worried so he immediately comes to her and starts kissing her forehead explaining how he would make sure that there is nothing of the problem and he would make sure that they live a contended life but for now she must head back inside as otherwise, he would keep kissing her, then he gets in the car to ask Ruchika if she is alright.

Preeta and Rakhi are discussing and finalizing the arrangements for the wedding, Rakhi asks her to call Sarla and invite her with the entire family also that she should never make any excuse, Preeta asks if she should invite to which Rakhi mentions that she should invite them as the younger daughter in law of the Luthra family, Preeta wonders how Sarla told her to not say anything about Akshay with the family because then it would create a lot of problem for her, Rakhi asks what has happened and why is she worried, Preeta inquires about the Rasam of Jhago to which Rakhi explains how it happened in the past that the entire family used to go in the night to give the invitation and so in order to have some light they would place a vase on their head for the light.

Rakhi explains how she does not like the modern method of inviting the members to which Preeta exclaims how she also does not like it and now they would both fulfill the Rasam with all their might. Karan comes asking why Preeta has not come to their room, Rakhi and Kritika also get amazed when he says that he is having a headache and so desired that she massages it, Karan says that he is grateful because Kritika is not able to live without Akshay as she has called him for the marriage proposal and now Akshay would take Kritika away from their house, she tries to catch him however he runs away, Preeta sits down, however, they both ask her to leave and be with Karan.

The next evening when the function starts, Sherlin comes to Sanjana and Ramona asking what is she talking about to which Sanjana asks why did she not tell her about the pregnancy, Sherlin pleads with her to not act as Ramona already knows that the child is not of Rishab, Ramona warns her to not be so loud as even the walls of the Luthra Mansion have ears, Sherlin asks her why did she not tell anything about the pregnancy to Rakhi even when they are best friends, Ramona asks Sanjana why did she not tell her daughter to not drink in this state as then she would not joke like this.

Sherlin tries to explain how it was just a joke but Ramona leaves in anger, Mahira asks why she talked with her mother like this, Sherlin tries to explain how she was just having a conversation and it is just a joke but Mahira does not believe her saying that she should never talk with her mother like this because she knows that Rakhi is no longer her best friend because of Preeta, she also leaves.

Sanjana tries to explain how she should not talk like this in front of anyone as to when she tells them the truth about their character it angers them, Sherlin explains how she knows what to say and does not need her advice.

Everyone is talking when Akshay comes with his parents they all greet each other, Karina asks him to not take her blessings but rather hug her because she believes him to be her son and not son in law, Akshay is searching for Kritika when Karina explains how she has been getting ready for the past five hours, Dadi mentions that she should not say things like this because it is her wedding, Akshay’s parents explain how they are shocked that Akshay has been able to marry such a lovely girl and they feel blessed, they feel that it is because of some good deeds which they might have done in their previous lives, Karina also mentions how she is grateful that her daughter is going to be part of their family as they consider Kritika to be her daughter.

Rakhi orders Sherlin to get them something however Mahira mentions how she would bring it.

Preeta is helping Kritika in getting ready for her wedding, Preeta asks what she would do if she asks her to refuse this marriage which shocks Kritika who asks why is she asking this question to which Preeta mentions that she wants to know the reaction but Kritika says that she knows why Preeta is saying this because she really loves her just like a sister and wants to say that if she ever confused about the marriage then should come to her and say anything that she feels, Kritika explains how she feels Preeta is worrying because of her marriage however she is sure that Akshay is best suited for her, Kritika explains how she is talking just like her friend who tried to stop her elder sister from marrying and even made her delay the wedding just so that she could spend some time with her.

Preeta mentions how she knows that they have not been able to spend much time together, but she is being married and it is a big moment for her however she should just remember her promise, Kritika asks a question Preeta that why she married Karan even if she could have married someone a lot better.

Karan says that he would place the tika on her but then realizes how he does not have the mascara then turning to Preeta he is not able to take his eyes off her, Kritika asks him to focus on her so then he performs it but when they are about to leave the hugs Preeta mentioning how he desired to do it, he says that they must leave because everyone is waiting for them asking Preeta to also come as they are also waiting for her, Preeta thinks of how she first met Karan and the incident that took place.

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