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This is Fate 8 December 2020: This is Fate update Tuesday 8th December 2020, Karan asks Preeta what is happening at his house, the NGO personnel mentions that Preeta is going to fulfil her GrehPerwash as she has been married, they all introduce themselves, Ramona mentions that she knows what they do and they are not doing the right thing however the NGO personal do not listen to her asking who is her mother in law, Karina also gets mad at her, Preeta goes to Rakhi mentioning that she loves her and is her mother in law, Rakhi however mentions that she is not her mother in law, Preeta moves to Karina mentioning that she talks angry and has a spicy attitude but all the relations are because of her and she is also her relative, Preeta moving to Dadi explains that she is the elder of the house, and everything in the house happens because of her. Preeta moving on mentions that Rishab is her best friend and the one who earns in family, she also mentions that Sameer is a bit naughty, She explains that Sherlin tries to do a lot of things but is not able to do them, then she explains that Kartika is more then just a friend and like a sister to her, she also stands in front of Karan explaining that both herself and Karan are meant for each other as both their Kundali are for each other, she says that he is a person of a good heart and has the ability to take care of everyone but is now not able to see everything clearly as he is misguided, she explains that she has come to her own house so before them she will be the one to talk to her family.

Prithvi comes to stand in front of Sarla mentioning that she mentioned that Karan is her son in law but they never accept her daughter as a family member because when a daughter is married the first thing they do is to prepare food however she is always running on the streets and her daughter is never happy so she must talk some sense into her daughter that she should leave Karan and come to him, one who will always respect her and treat her like a princess, he says that if he leaves empty handed today then she will never see him come back so she must talk some sense into her as karan will never treat her with respect and the society will always blame her saying that she has gotten to a new low for Karan, Sarla gets angry and is about to slap him but is stopped by Prithvi.

Preeta says that he must not do anything wrong, Karan says that it is not her house and she must go back to where she ahs come from, Maira also comes mentioning that she is not a good person as she is calling Karan her as her husband, Preeta stops her saying that If she ever comes in between then she will have to bear the consequences, Preeta stops her from mentioning Karan as her to be husband, Karan inquires her what she will do then, The people form the NGO say that they do not know of the consequences that they will have to face and if they do not respect Preeta, Karan’s career will be ruined, he still does not Preeta to stay in the house, Dadi also says that they are not listening to anything the entire family is saying but believing Preeta, this makes even Preeta nervous as she cannot get into the family so easily.

Prithvi is holding the hand of Sarla and when Janki tries to stop him he says that if she again tries to do it, she will get hurt, she is still not able to remove it, Prithvi says that they always treat him like a dog and he can no longer bear it so she must not do it, he again holds her hand Janki tries to remove it, Shrishti sees them and pushes Prithvi away saying that he must leave the house as Preeta is not going to marry someone like him, they both get into a heated argument when Prithvi says that he can her his sister in law the same day however Shrishti yells at him saying that he must leave the house.
Preeta mentions that they can witness how rudely he talks with her as he is saying awful things in front of them all so they should comprehend what he will be like when they are not with her, they all say that Karan should be more careful with Preeta. Karina steps in saying that how could they say this as they should leave the house, the people from NGO say that she should calm down as Dadi stops her, they say that all of them should focus on strengthening the relations rather then stopping Karina as it is not a solution to anything that is happening in the house, Maira also demands that they all leave their house. Sherlin responds to them mentioning that even Dadi does not like Preeta.

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