This is Fate 1 December 2021: Shrishti calls Sherlin saying that she wanted to talk with her but rather has to reply to her question because she mentioned that Shrishti is not smart but instead she is more stupid than what she is because when she gave Preeta the tablet to watch the video call she left it there and her sister was able to call the police with it, Preeta thanks her explaining how without her help she would not have been able to do anything, they both then leave her.

Prithvi is in his bed when someone is calling him, he sits to see that it is Sherlin and he wonders what she might have to say then thinks that she might be calling to tell the information of Preeta and Karan, he answers the call asking what has happened when Sherlin warns him to never say anything from his black tongue, Prithvi is not able to understand then starts laughing saying that it really happened as he warned her to not be so overconfident as Preeta is really smart and she should not celebrate before she really wins, Sherlin however stops him then Prithvi exclaims how she must not inform him that Karan and Preeta are together as then he would break the mobile and she would not be able to talk with him, Prithvi says that when he tried to inform her she was getting jealous and refused to listen to his warning, Sherlin asks why is he yelling at her at which Prithvi mentions that it is because he is frustrated then Sherlin explains that Karan and Preeta were not able to celebrate their honeymoon. Prithvi gets joyed then hearing this he asks her to sleep as he would stop talking from his black tongue. Prithvi ends the call then thinks of saying from his own mouth and exclaims how Preeta loves him a lot, he then remembers how she said that she was not meant for him as god desired that she be married to Karan, he then starts yelling.

Sherlin is waiting anxiously for Karina, she comes from behind saying that she thought they both were smart however Preeta was even smarter than her and this is because Mahira is now in jail, Ramona also comes saying that she was not even able to sleep after seeing the news and since then she has not been able to sleep, Karina’s lawyer also comes and they are able to get the bail of Mahira, when she comes out Mahira immediately hugs Ramona who asks what has happened and she should not do such things because they have landed her in jail, Ramona vows to make the inspector pay and decides to call her husband however both Sherlin and Mahira stop her saying that they both would get in a lot of trouble, Mahira explains how she drugged Karan which angers Ramona even more, Karina stops her saying that it is not the right place and they should go back to the house, Mahira is not ready to face the media and asks if they are outside, then Sherlin gives her the jacket because she should not be able to come in the media.

Karan wakes up when Shrishti tries to scare him, she inquires what did he do with Preeta because she is sitting in the lounge crying her heart out, she did not expect this from him, Karan gets shocked pleading his innocence saying how he did not do anything however Shrishti makes him believe that Preeta is crying because of what he did, Karan remembers that Mahira came into his room however Shrishti removes the idea, Karan runs to Preeta and when he leaves Sameer questions about what she said to him, Shrishti explains how they would be able to enjoy the moment.

Karan rushes to Preeta who is wiping off her tears and rubbing her nose, Karan sits beside her apologizing for what has happened, Preeta inquires what is he saying when suddenly Shrishti and Sameer come, she asks Preeta to let Karan apologize if he desires to.

Karan explains how he touched her without her consent in the night and that it is wrong so he should not have done it, Preeta stops him to check if he has a fever then asks why is he saying things, like this, Karan again apologizes which leaves Preeta startled who asks why is he talking so negatively because she knows he would never do anything without he consent and she is aware of his actions so who made him think like this, Karan looks towards Sameer and Shrishti, Sameer immediately points towards Shrishti who runs after exclaiming how she made a fool of him.

Karan and Preeta both run to teach them both a lesson, Karan stops Preeta from hitting Shrishti exclaiming how no one can hurt his sister-in-law. Preeta turns to him asking what he means, they both see how close Shrishti and Sameer are then Shrishti apologizes for ruining their moment and then Preeta hits Shrishti, she explains how she has called a cab and they will leave the place because she cannot stay here for any more time, Karan asks what has happened as he cannot remember about what happened the last night, Preeta mentions how it is a big story and she would tell him about everything on their way.

The journalist explains how they would inform the world about breaking news, Mahira comes and they start asking her questions about the business she is in and if she is a professional. Karina starts yelling at them.

Shrishti and Sameer come outside to see the receptionist waiting for Karan, she exclaims how she has been waiting for Karan for the past two hours worrying that he might leave and she would not get a chance to meet Karan then both they explain that he is coming, Karan comes and he immediately rushes to him saying that he should accept the flowers, Karan hesitantly takes them and even does not move when she hugs him, Preeta along with Shrishti and Sameer are not able to do anything so just stand there, she rushes back to the resort.

Karan asks Preeta for the car keys, she explains that he would not be driving as she has called a driver, Sameer exclaims that he should sit back in the car as they both would also be with them in the other car and it is nothing to worry about, they all get in the cars and set off for the house.

Karan sits in the car, he questions Preeta on why did she let him take the flowers as she should have gotten jealous, Preeta exclaims that this is the reason because she was his fan and had a crush on him however he only looks at her as a fan, Karan exclaims that he might get in an affair with her so what would she do then, Preeta responds how he has mentioned that he has married his craziest fan so if he does anything then she would tear off the face, Karan gets scared asking if she would tear off his face, however, Preeta says that she would tear off the face of the girl.

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