This is Fate 10 November 2021: Rakhi prepares for the pooja, Preeta also helps Rakhi she asks her to not do this as she has been keeping a fast and should not work like this as they all are working, Preeta also says to Rakhi that she has not also taken any rest at which Rakhi exclaims that she has been keeping a fast for a very long time but it is her first time so she should go and call Karan as even the guests have started to arrive, Preeta agrees to leave but takes a promise that Rakhi should also rest after the fast.

Preeta is about to leave when Mahira stops her exclaiming that she has played the emotional card and freed her mother from the jail but she would not be able to do anything as Karan would break her fast first and she will never be able to do anything, Preeta exclaims that she should paly the mind games with herself because she has no interested and will not play, Mahira mentions that has she got scared, Preeta replies that she got scared because of her mental illness and has some important work, Mahira mentions what is more important than the fast, as she challenged her and Karan would break her fast, Preeta would just be able to see her face.

Preeta explains that the fast is a game for her and she can play but if it causes any problem to her family she would stand like a sword in front of her and cut her entire plan, Mahira mentions then what would she do for Karan as he would come with her, Preeta mentions that her relation with Karan is not so weak as he would never leave her but if he willingly goes after another girl then it would not be the love, she leaves after saying that her relation with Karan is not so weak. Mahira thinks that she will make sure her ego as Karan would break her fast.

Sherlin is in the room when she gets a call from Prithvi who asks where she is and when she explains that she is in her room, he jumps from the window, and seeing him she gets scared, she closes the door inquiring what is he doing, he explains that he came t break her fast at which Sherlin explains how she informed him that she did not keep the fast, they are talking when they hear Rishab coming so he hides, Sherlin gets really worried which makes Rishab nervous and he inquires what has happened. Sherlin explains that there is nothing of the sort, they both sit then he asks he advises that she should rest as she has not kept the fast, however, Sherlin assures that she is taking good care of the child but would come with him to the terrace as the work is more important.

They leave and Prithvi comes out of hiding explaining that there was a time when he was with both Sherlin and Preeta but now is left alone and would go to Goa to relax and think of an important plan.

Mahira reaches the terrace and the guests explain that she is looking so fresh as if she has not even kept the fast however Mahira mentions that she is only feeling hungry because that she is also dizzy and would break the fast as soon as the moon is sighted, Mahira inquires why is it not coming at which Karina responds that the moon was sighted however till there time they all came the clouds covered it.

Dadi calls all of them, Rakhi asks Preeta to come, and then Dadi explains that she feels there would be rain so everyone should perform the pooja. Rakhi advises that she look for the moon and inform them as soon as she sees the moon.

Mahira acts as to be unconscious and does not open her eyes, everyone gets tensed and Karan orders Ganesh to bring some water however he on his way drops the glass of water, so runs to get another glass meanwhile Mahira keeps her eyes closed, Rakhi seeing the moon calls Karan to come and break the fast of Preeta however he refuses to do so but is forced when she assures that she would look after Mahira, Preeta starts the pooja seeing which both Karina and Dadi are worried, meanwhile Ganesh brings the glass of water for Mahira and she drinks it from his hands without knowing that it is not Karan, everyone is shocked when they see that he broke her fast.
Rakhi turns to Preeta and Karan who are performing the pooja and Karan finally makes her drink the water with his own hands, then also gives her food to eat seeing which Mahira is left in tears and leaves the terrace. Rakhi takes the thali from them, Preeta seeks his blessings then even takes the blessings from Rakhi who mentions that she prays they both live a happy and contented life.

Mahira enters her room in anger and starts thrashing it, Sherlin enters asking what the matter is and why is she doing it, Mahira mentions that her fast should have been broken by Karan however Ganesh broke it and it is all because of her because she made the plan of her acting to be unconscious.

Everyone leaves the terrace after performing the pooja but Karan and Preeta remain, he exclaims how beautiful the moon is looking, Preeta exclaims that It is looking beautiful than ever before. They both look into each other’s eyes after which he hugs her, and she rests her head on his shoulder while looking at the moon.

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