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This is Fate 11 November 2020: This is Fate update Wednesday 11th November 2020, Sameer, Shrishti and Preeta were in the room. Shrishti backs Karan as she also thought Prithvi was behind all this. Preeta was still unconvinced and deems it her mistake to discuss the matter with her, she always sides Karan. Sameer says there must be some reason Karan said so. Preeto says the mask man considered her as intelligent, while claimed that Karan is stupid; Karan was jealous and thus blamed Prithvi, as he does. They turn to find Rishab. Sherlin heard the conversation from the washroom. She decides to leave, but then waits for some time so they pass by the corridor.

Mahira was looking for Sherlin inside a room. The guest of the room insisted on her to leave but she didn’t want to hear, as Sherlin called here there. Shrishti passed by the corridor. She couldn’t see Mahira and asked the man to fight his wife behind a closed door. The man denies being her husband. Shrishti wonders why is it after the marriage that men stop recognizing their wives. Mahira confirms the man if it’s Room 1110. The man takes her outside to show the plate, 1011. Mahira apologizes and goes looking for the right room.

Prithvi dragged the wheel chair in the corridor. The dress was stuck in the wheel of wheelchair. Prithvi hears Preeta from the corridor. The three had reached the corridor. Prithvi manages to move the wheel chair behind a wall. Prithvi wonders how Preeta came out of the room, she was locked in with Karan. Preeta asks for Shrishti’s call and dials Prithvi’s number. Prithvi was relieved that his phone is on silent. Preeta was tensed that Prithvi didn’t pick up her call, she wished to ask where Prithvi is. She would speak to him on video call, so that Karan’s blame is falsified. Prithvi decides he would never take her call. Preeta says Prithvi must surely not be taking the call because its Shrishti’s number. They move on.

Behind the wall, Prithvi was flattered that Preeta blindly trusted him. The hotel staff arrives. Prithvi grabs his collar that he didn’t inform him about the ladies coming to corridor. The hotel staff asks why Prithvi is so hyper when he isn’t wrong. He inquires who is on the wheel chair. Prithvi says its his aunt, also drunk.

Mahira reaches the room as soon as Sherlin was about to leave. Sherlin says Preeta, Sherlin and Karan are in the same hotel. They shouldn’t know that they are both staying in the same room. Mahira was angry that Sherlin lies to her a lot. She questions how Sherlin came to know that Rishab’s kidnappers brought him here; it was a secret she heard through Rakhi Aunty. Sherlin tries to clarify her position but was speechless. Mahira threatens her to tell her everything, otherwise she believes Sherlin is the master mind of this crime plan and kidnapped Rishab. Sherlin bursts that the man, Mahira is repeatedly calling a kidnapper, isn’t a kidnapper but her love of life. Mahira was taken aback. Sherlin says Rishab’s kidnapper is her love of life, but she can’t tell her anything else. Mahira was frustrated that Sherlin was being selfish in protecting her own love.

Sherlin assures Mahira that nothing would go wrong. Although Karan is kidnapped, but only his hands and feet are tied. Mahira was in a panic, her voice shivers out of care for Karan. Mahira wonders what if Preeta finds Karan and saves him. Sherlin tells Mahira that Karan is inside the room there, he is there since his kidnap. Mahira was alert what if someone overhear their conversation. Sherlin tells Mahira to go inside the room and make Karan feel that she put her life on stake and reached him. She herself leaves to save her love of life.

Inside the room, Karan was shocked to see Mahira. Mahira unties Karan’s hands and feet. One of the goons reach Mahira with a knife. She whispers she is with his boss, meanwhile Karan wrestles the goon. Karan runs outside to find Rishab and follow the goon.

In the corridor, Prithvi decides to confirm the goon if everything is in control. His phone falls on the floor. The goon thinks his data is in the phone, he can’t let Karan steal his connection with Prithvi. Karan grabs the phone but the goon was able to snatch it. A hotel staff member and Mahira reach Karan that his mother is waiting for him. Karan asks for Mahira’s phone but it was dead. He turns to go to Rakhi.

The goon now calls Prithvi. Prithvi was frustrated that he is an unprofessional goon. Prithvi threatens the goon not to say that Karan isn’t in his custody. The goon tells Prithvi that another lady reached the room and saved Karan. Prithvi thinks it must be Preeta. Prithvi tells the goon that he is on 7th floor. He can’t leave as Luthra family is spying him. He tells the goon to bring his car to main entrance so that he can transfer Rishab to another place.

Karan comes across Sameer, Preeta and Shrishti. Sameer hugs Karan. Karan asks about Rishab. Preeta says they have been looking for Rishab for so long. Karan argues if really, she was free long time ago but was still unable to find Rishab. Mahira comes there, while Karan boasted that he himself untied his hands in the room. Preeta understands that it must be Mahira who saved him. Karan complains to Sameer and Shrishti that she got herself freed, but instead of untying his hands she tightened the knots of his hands. Preeta says it was Karan who teased her badly, anyone else must have thrown him out of the window. Karan blames that Preeta must not have intended to save Rishab as well, she must have come to protect the mask man. Its Prithvi behind the mask

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