This is Fate 12 January 2022: Sherlin is walking in the hall, she hurryingly comes down the hall and is walking very fast when Preeta questions what the problem is, she stops saying that there is nothing wrong, Rakhi welcomes Sarla saying that she is really worried about the preparations, Sarla explains that there is nothing to worry about because they arrange a lot of weddings in the Kumkum Bhagya hall, Preeta and Shrishti both have a lot of experience in arranging the weddings.

Sherlin seeing Prithvi walks to the side, Prithvi asks what is the problem, she mentions that she saw movement in Mahesh Luthra and it seems he is waking up, Prithvi exclaims she also saw the same as what he saw, Mahira gets tensed, coming to them asks why are they in the corner as someone might see them, Prithvi explains there would not be any problem if they all work according to his plan as Mahesh Luthra cannot wake up as his secret along with his true identity would be revealed, Mahira questions what is the secret, he responds that it is a story in itself, Prithvi orders Mahira to prepare an injection which is so strong that it would ensure Mahesh never comes out of the coma, and they all would plan everything after some time, revealing how the next week would be really heavy for the Luthra family which they would never have thought, he reveals that Karan and Preeta would separate and Rishab’s dream would also be ruined that would destroy the entire Luthra family, Mahira asks for the plan, he reveals his entire plan, Shrishti sees them all talking while taking photos, Prithvi leaves after making an excuse that he forgot his mobile in the car. Sherlin and Mahira also get tensed seeing Shrishti.

Karina comes, however, is angry to see Sarla, Rakhi asks her to not be worried as Sarla has arrived and there is nothing to worry about, she advises Sarla that she should come inside as then they would decide the menu, Sarla starts staring at Prithvi, Karina questions why is she staring at him because he is going to be her son in law so she should not stare, Rakhi takes Sarla inside saying that they should start the work, Shrishti advises Preeta to choose the color while she works with Sarla.

Preeta is working while Prithvi comes close to her, he greets her however she is mad at him and asks what is he doing, he explains how he knows she gets jealous when Mahira was with Karan, she says that he should never do anything of the sort because she does not want him near her, she says that she is aware of his desires and knows he would never work for the benefit of anyone, he pleads with her to not talk so wrong of him because he cares for her however if the evil which is inside him awakens then she would not be able to fight with him, Preeta leaves warning him to not talk with her as then she would show what kind of women she actually is, Prithvi exclaims that he has bowed the seeds of suspicion and is grateful that Rishab is not with her because it would then be a lot difficult for him.

Karan is sleeping he gets a call from Rishab, Karan asks if he arrived, Rishab says that he is on his way, Karan mentions that when he would enter he would see the preparation, he should therefore come upstairs taking the first left then right, Rishab asks why is he informing him of his own house and should directly say to come to his room, Karan responds that this is what he was trying to say and Rishab should wake him as he is going back to sleep, Rishab wonders why do children do such stupid actions and why did Kritika marry Prithvi without even asking anyone.

Kritika is selecting some dresses when she decides to wait for Prithvi jee, Sherlin also walks into the room. Prithvi gets tense seeing them both so wonders how he would control them, he calls Kriti, Sherlin immediately asks who is Kriti, Kritika hugs Prithvi getting up explaining how she has selected some dresses for him however he should also select the dresses, Prithvi mentions that he loves all the dresses which she has decided, Kritika asks him to at least have a look when he takes the laptop and shows Sherlin calling her Bhabhi to jee, Sherlin mentions how the designs are really good but she feels that the other design are better, Prithvi finalized the designs which Sherlin selected.

Kritika gets mad when Sherlin leaves, Prithvi says that the only reason he choose her design is that she was not supporting their marriage and so he desires to end her anger and this is why he selected her dress, Prithvi mentions how he would wear any dress which she selects in the future and is even ready to wear a saree on her orders, Kritika then smiles when he says that he has a business call which he needs to answer, she says that he can do anything because she desires that he earn a lot of money for her.

Kritika finalizes the dress which Prithvi has selected and then starts giving her measurements, Sherlin staring at her thinks she would very soon take Prithvi from her because he is her lover and when they are able to get their revenge then she would make Kritika her servant.

Rishab walks into the room of Karan and wakes him up, he asks what they are supposed to do now, Rishab mentions they would talk some sense to Kritika, Sameer comes and hugs Rishab, Karan gets jealous saying that he did not hug him, Rishab hugs him however Karan does not connive but Rishab calms him, Sameer asks what they would do now, Rishab reveals how they would go and talk with Kritika.

Prithvi is walking when he stumbles into Janki, he tries to talk nicely with her however she has no interest in listening to anything that he says and tries to walk away, he mentions how he missed her a lot, she asks if he missed the stones which she pelted at him. Prithvi reveals that it is not right and if she was young like him then he would have surely married her, he pleads with Janki that they should become friends as he is now marrying Kritika, she is also the only one after Sherlin who knows his plans, Janki pushes him away, he asks her to forget everything making her wonder if he was her son who loved Preeta but she did not marry him so what would have happened to him, he asks her to think what he said and give him her blessings if she is able to get an answer.

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