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This is Fate 13 January 2021: This is Fate Wednesday 13th January 2021, Sherlin exclaims that she always talks of correcting the relations and has even called her as her own but this is not the case as She has not accepted her, she quotes that it takes two hands for clapping, but Preeta says that one can only use a single hand to make a sound and if she told everyone the truth about her, she would not be able to get another family like the Luthra’s, Preeta mentions that she doesnot want anyone in her family to suffer as he is a member but Sherlin exclaims that it Is not her family as she is the only true member of the family.

Preeta exclaims that if she calls the Luthra’s as her family then what relation does she have with Prithvi, Preeta explains how she was with Prithvi and Janki saw her so when they came to know that Janki knew about her relationship with Prithvi then they both tried to kill her in Prithvi’s house, even after that they tried to crush her with the car but god listened to their prayer as Janki’s life was spared but she lost her memory however she has regained her memory today so what would happen to her, Sherlin refuses saying that she doesnot have a relation with Prithvi rather it was just a few days relation so Preeta should stop blaming her without involving the Luthra’s as she cannot say anything to them. Preeta asks how she believed that Preeta would not say anything to the family because when she was not in the function and came back everyone asked her so she had the opportunity to reveal the truth but she did not do it so knows that everyone would believe her but she doesnot want her family to suffer as the battle is amongst herself, Sherlin and Maira so it should be kept as it is, Preeta warns her to not think that she would not say anything against as she even has proof and evidence against her but is only waiting for the most opportune moment when she would be able to reveal the truth about her.

Sherlin thinks that Preeta has come to know everything about her, she is glad that she doesnot know they are still having an affair, Sherlin thinks that when she reveals the truth karan would believe her even if everyone is against her.
Janki brings tea for Sarla who is lost in her thoughts, Janki asks what the matter is as now Preeta’s life would be fine and everything would happen in her favour, Sarla disagrees saying that it cannot be the same but she has herself chosen the life and would live through all the hurdles of life.
Sarla asks if she ahs seen something in the party,Janki exclaims that she ahs seen a lot of things so what is she talking off, Sarla says that she is talking about Shrishti and Sameer, Sarla says that her daughter is really polite and her heart is like a child, she is worried that Shrishti doesnot fall into the trap of the Luthra’s, Janki assures her that nothing would happen as Preeta is also present in the Luthra house, Sarla says that Preeta is already busy in sorting all her own life so how can she place more pressure on her, Sarla leaves, Janki says she has understood what Sarla was trying to say but knows Sameer and he cannot do anything wrong to her and even Rakhi would support her.

Rakhi is in her room thinking of how Sarla blamed her for the wrong that has happened to Preeta, she goes to Mahesh saying that Sarla was right as she let Maira stay in their house even when Preeta is the wife of Karan and she is her mother in law, she sits with him mentioning that she tried to fulfil the responsibilities of both the mother and father in law however now she cannot do it and feels that she might be broken in her heart, she explains that she doesnot want to talk about what is right and wrong but only wants to full fill her responsibilities, she explains that Preeta was kidnapped even then she came back at the right moment and safeguarded the mess which Maira had created, she thinks that she would go and tell Maira that she has to go from their house.

Karan is playing a game in the room when Preeta enters, he shouts at his winnings which shocks Preeta, she thinks that he is playing a game when she got scared because of her actions, she sits saying that he should turn down the temperature of the air conditioner because she is feeling cold, he says that he cannot listen to her because it is his room and she cannot control him ever in the life, Preeta starts to fight with karan, they both are blaming the other for starting the fight and even call each other names, he says that she is a copycat, however she says that she doesnot copy anyone but Preeta is not accepting the fact that she copied karan, they both are blaming each other, Preeta says that he is not a Santa clause when he makes the same noise, she sees the remote but he doesnot give it to her, they both start to fight over it when she falls on him and gets lost, they just stare in each other’s eyes, she tries getting off from his chest but he holds her so that she is not able to sit.

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