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This is Fate 23 December 2020: This is Fate update Wednesday 23rd December 2020, The cook asks Preeta if she is okay, Preeta insists however she mentions that she might be tired and so must take some rest and she must also not worry about work however Preeta does not leave the kitchen.

Sherlin is in the hall, Rishab stops her asking why she said all those things in front of Karan but she does not remember he then taunts her that he will make her eat some dry fruits so that she is able to remember then he explains that she said that a husband and wife should remain together, she gets closer to her and also gets physical with her, she turns after which she thinks that it is the best way to stop his questions as he asks a lot of them however he walks away.

Prithvi’s mother goes to open the door after hearing the bell, it is her son who comes in explaining that he got very excited when {Prithvi told him that he would be coming to the airport, however got disheartened when he was not able to come and if glass that there has been a loss in the business because now he will stay with them and not go back. His mother gives him water explaining that his brother desired to marry a girl however was not able to so is really disheartened, Pawan goes to meet Prithvi but he doesnot wake up and is sleeping, Maira is constantly calling him but Pawan picks it up, she inquires why he did not come to their house because he accepted her proposal where she said that she would make sure Preeta becomes his wife, Pawan asks her to send her photo with the address as he would do, Maira asks the reason to which he answers that he is Pawan and whenever comes there is thunder that comes with him.

Preeta asks Ganesh why he is happy to which he says that the house is really lively and it feels really nice even when Preeta apologizes as because of her he got scolded by Karan, she says that there is nothing of the sort and he is used to his scolding and they both share a laugh.
Karina hopes that Preeta doesnot create a scene as it would ruin their function, Kartika is texting someone, Dadi asks her and she mentions that it is Akshay who told her that they would be shifting to Mumbai really soon, Dadi gets really happy mentioning that they are family and live really far away so when they would be near it will be really nice. Karina thanks god that they are not in Mumbai as then they would be invited so would get amazed to see that they are being manipulated. Karina asks Rakhi to not do anything in the function, Rakhi asks if she knows about the function and because it is the reception the entire society would come so she must make sure to not do anything wrong as it would ruin their respect in the society, Preeta assures her that she would never do anything of the sort as cannot think of compromising the respect of their family.

Rakhi goes to Karina mentioning that she should not worry as she has told Preeta and nothing wrong would happen in the function.
Preeta is walking when Karan passes by, she stops him ordering that he should take back the ball from the room of Mahesh as she was about to slip, karan answers that she would place smaller balls in the entire room before he leaves, Preeta starts smiling, Maira comes out from hiding thinking that she would not let anything happen as she has made a plan to ruin the function of Preeta as she would be Karan’s wife in front of the whole society.
Rakhi and Dadi both are ordering Ganesh to take care of each and everything as they never want anything wrong to happen in the function.
Karina is trying to stop Ramona however she is adamant to leave the house, Ramona mentions that she will not stay as her daughter was to be the wife of Karan so now she has no reason to stay in their house, however they all force her to stay but she insists on leaving. Rakhi and Karina exclaim that they are friends so she must stay because of it, Dadi also asks her to stay because of which Ramona agrees after which Dadi prays that nothing wrong happens in the function as it would completely ruin her reputation.

Preeta is getting ready in her room where Maira comes also dressed as her, she places the Kumkum in her mang, Preeta asks what is she doing she answers that she ahs dressed the same as Preeta and it is because she did what could not be understood and that is to marry a man who hates him so she doesnot accept it because she wanted to take revenge from her. Preeta stops Maira mentioning that she should not think that Preeta married karan for the sake iof revenge however Preeta denies it saying that she informed her that she must not marry Karan as he is already her husband, Maira stops her saying that she married karan and only the family was present however in the reception a lot of guests would be present along with the media who would take pictures that would be printed in the news and she would be with Karan standing beside him. as she won the previous night and she would win today.

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