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This is Fate 23 September 2020: This is Fate update Wednesday 23rd September 2020, Prithvi explains Janki that he is going to lock her in the wardrobe and also lock the door, she tries to escape however his men tie her before locking her in the cupboard, before leaving and closing the door.

The Pandit explains that they have to now take the vows where they will promise to live their entire lives together, he explains all this when Prithvi comes seeing that they have still not taken the circles so he must do something which makes him change places with Karan, Shrishti does not like the wedding ceremony, Prithvi starts to walk towards the Mandap but Shrishti stops him asking him to give her the water, he tries to walk away but she asks him to stay as she is still drinking water, he gets frustrated with her saying that if it was in his control he would have thrown her in the well,
Rishab is calling Karan however he is not picking the call, Rishab gets restless mentioning that he has to talk with him he then gets into an accident, the other driver comes out of his car and comes to help Rishab, he immediately calls the ambulance.’

Janki is hitting the wardrobe from the inside hoping that someone helps her, Shrishti is walking by when she hears someone knocking the door, she checks the room and enters the one where Janki is hiding, she sees the wardrobe but when she is about to open it she hears someone screaming that there is a mouse, she goes outside where the girl explains that the mouse came from the room, she leaves after sending the girl away.
Karan is taking the circles with Preeta, Samer is very anxious with them completing the circles as Rishab is coming to stop the marriage, Bi jee also does not like that Prithvi is getting married to Preeta, Shrishti is also very angry,
Prithvi’s men throws a tray from the balcony on purpose only to distract them all, Prithvi then throws something in the Mandap that causes a lot of smoke, everyone leaves the hall, Karan also tries to leave but is stopped by Prithvi who asks him to see him first he then makes him smell something that leads to him getting unconscious, they take Karan in the room where Prithvi hits him with the same thing with which Karan hit him, he orders Raga to keep a close eye on Karan and not let him get free, Raga explains that if they make him smell chloroform then he will die, Prithvi explains that they must take off his clothes as then Karan will not be able to do anything, Prithvi thinks that he will always take what he wants which is to marry Preeta.

Sarla asks Shrishti to call the guests inside as she feels that they will have no problem, Samer says that he will call them as she will take a lot of time, Sarla prays that her daughter’s wedding happens without any problem, Shrishti asks her if she feels that they should not let this wedding happen, Sarla explains that if this was the case then it should have happened when Sherlin came with the police where they would have taken her to jail but if it didn’t happen then it means that god also wants them to get married, Shrishti thinks that she does not want them to get married.
Samer calls everyone inside, Sarla says that she is also very curious about what happened Rakhi asks the Pandit about what he had mixed in the fire that caused such smoke he explains that there was nothing wrong on his end.
Samer wonders where Karan had gone he calls his name loudly that arouses suspicion on everyone’s face, he immediately explains that he got a call from him, they then wonder where Prithvi has gone, his mother says that he was standing in the hall when the smoke but she is unaware of his current whereabouts.

Prithvi closes the door, he is tensed when his men ask what the matter is he explains that he feels something is incomplete but do not know what it is, he says that he wants Karan to see him in the wedding dress, they try to wake him but he doesn’t then Prithvi brings a glass of water from which he throws a little water then he empties the entire glass, when Karan wakes him is standing in front of him.

Prithvi wakes up Karan explaining that he has taken back the place as the groom of the bride, however he has now taken such steps that he cannot even move also that if he moves his men will do anything to stop him, Prithvi mentions that he was afraid of him as he said that he would stop him however he has forgotten that he loved Preeta, Prithvi says a lot of things to degrade him as he has unable to do anything to stop him and they both have been defeated, he asks Karan to smile as it is his wedding which has caused destruction to both of these brothers.
Rishab is taken to the hospital they immediately take him to the operation theater meanwhile also informing the police regarding the case, the man is waiting outside the operation theater where he decides to inform his family however when he takes out his phone it is broken, seeing which he gets confused.
Shrishti is wondering how such smoke came into the hall, she wonders if what she thought of Karan was all wrong and he was actually right about Prithvi, she decides to call Karan. Prithvi taking care of Karan is about to leave when his phone rings, they all are searching for the phone to which Prithvi heads to Karan then cancels the call, Shrishti thinks that if he would have picked the call she would have involved him in her plan so that they can convince Preeta to not marry Prithvi, she thinks of a plan, then she wonders how she can do it so she decides to do something that is not viable which is to see his face as the Pandit said that it was against the well being of the groom so she will now watch his face under any circumstance.

Prithvi taunts Karan to see his face as then he will marry the women of his dreams, Karan asks him to cut him loose only then will he tell him, Prithvi makes fun of him asking if he thinks that Prithvi is an idiot, just then Shrishti enters the room all of the men are left baffled about what to do, she asks what they are doing, they are unable to answer, she sees that Prithvi is hiding and so goes to check what is happening, he comes out showing that he had to pick up his cloth which fell down, she does not believe in his story then when she picks up the veil, he thinks that she did not know of the fact that Karan was marrying Preeta so she was not working with him, Prithvi and Shrishti both share an awkward moment, her cousin enters the room informing that Sarla is calling her, she leaves also taking all of his men with her, Prithvi immediately goes to Karan saying that Shrishti also wants him to marry Preeta, also saying that he will show Karan the recording when he gets married to Preeta. He places a napkin drowned in chloroform which cayuses him to get unconscious to make Prithvi take a step further in his plans of marrying Preeta.

Prithvi thinks that Shrishti doesn’t know that it was Karan behind the veil so it was only Preeta Samer and Janki who never wanted him to get married with Preeta however he will take revenge from all of them,
Samer is thinking that Rishab is coming to stop Karan form marrying Preeta and is doing this despite that fact that he should be happy that Karan wants to marry Preeta, he wonders what he will do to stop Rishab from stopping this marriage.
Rishab is being treated for his wounds, he is still thinking of Prithvi while still being unconscious so he up in a moment leaving everyone shocked, and he is asked to lie down as he is not well. They request that he remain calm, Rishab is insisting that he has to leave however they force him to lie down, eh is insisting that he has to go, Rishab request that he not give him the sedative as he has to leave, they agree to his wishes, eh is thinking that he will leave as soon as he is bandaged and he will have to pay for all of his sins, Rishab vows to make everyone see his true face.

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