This is Fate 24 November 2021: Sherlin shows Mahira the tablet which would make Karan get high, Mahira explains that it is just a small tablet but would make him really high then he would spend the night with her, Mahira explains that then their plan would be ruined as he would not remember anything, Sherlin explains that she should start the recording on her mobile and place it somewhere where Karan cannot see anything so when they both are in the room it would be recorded which they would show them in the morning and he would be left with no choice because she would start acting exclaiming that he did not stop when she tried but after some time refused to even try because she also considers him to be her husband, they both are satisfied with their plan.

Shrishti and Sameer both with great effort are able to stop a cab, when Sameer gets in the driver asks him to get out because Shrishti has stopped the cab, she explains that they both are together, Sameer orders him to drive fast at which he says that the cab would not move faster than forty-five kilometres, he accelerates the car and they both get dizzy so stumble on each other when Shrishti explains that she should inform Preeta about what is going to happen because Mahira and Sherlin are both there and would try to ruin their honeymoon, Sameer inquires if she knows the plan but Shrishti mentions that she does not know the exact plan however she is not able to find her mobile then after searching the car is relaxed because she has found it.

Preeta enters the room while Karan is sitting on the sofa, she comes close to him and after sitting starts being romantic with him, Karan taking her hand pulls her even close, she exclaims that he used to say that he feels nothing when she is closer to him but what has happened to him now because he is not able t control himself, Karan exclaims that he is not the only one who has come close but that she is also resting on his lap, Preeta tries to leave however he holds her hand, she asks him to leave it but he explains that he has not held it that tightly and if she desires can free her hand, however, he also desires that she come close to him as they both are now husband and wife, he admits that he has a lot of feelings when she is close but wants it to be mutual. Karan tries to kiss Preeta however she runs away to the other side of the room, he comes behind her while she is standing in front of the mirror then taking her arm pulls her back, he once again pulls her even closer than with his own hands fills her Mang with the Sindoor meanwhile Preeta has kept her eyes closed, they both keep staring into each other’s eyes, Preeta smiles then places her head with his head feeling a sense of romance, Karan calls her twice and she answers after which he asks her to take out his clothes as he is going to take a shower,
Shrishti is sitting in the car then thinks that she should call Preeta because something bad might happen to her.

Preeta has selected some clothes for Karan however he does not like them then explains that she should have taken something else while sensing the occasion, then orders her to let it be as he would select them by himself, Preeta exclaims that this is what she desired as she does not want to spoil his habits, Karan taking out the clothes taunts her then leaves to get fresh.

Shrishti is trying to call Preeta however it does not connect, Sameer asks her to calm down then she tries calling Karan and it connects, Preeta answers it and Shrishti is relieved to hear her voice but inquires why did she has not to answer her own mobile, Preeta apologizes as her mobile was silent, Shrishti warns her to be careful as there are two people with her who might try to ruin her honeymoon, Preeta does not understand then Shrishti explains that Mahira is not in the Luthra house, Preeta explains that she knew the girl which she saw in the resort was Mahira, which is why she called Sameer however he assured her that Mahira was in the resort,
Shrishti mentions that she also called Sameer after Preeta ended the call and then they knew that Mahira was planning something, Preeta pleads with her to come as soon as possible, and then they would fight with Mahira because she cannot tackle her alone, Shrishti asks her to thank Sarla as she has brought into this world and she is the greatest detective and so would know what to do with Mahira.

Karan comes out inquiring who was at the mobile, Preeta mentions that it was Shrishti at which Karan asks why she answered his mobile, Preeta mentions that it was her sister, and she might have been missing her.

Preeta asks Karan that they should go downstairs to see the property, then Preeta after reaching the reception asks about the restaurant when she explains that she is not actually the receptionist and her sister is the worker, so she asked her to call the office which is how she was able to come. Preeta asks her to show the register then is shocked to see that Mahira is in the room next to her own room. She takes the leave then calls Shrishti explaining how Mahira is in the room next to her at which Shrishti asks her to not worry as she would come as soon and they are not that far away, both of them ask the driver to hurry up.

Preeta comes back when Karan explains that there is a mask party and she should select her mask, Preeta takes the mask then they both head to the hall, Mahira and Sherlin also take the masks, Mahira thinks that she would snatch Karan from her while wearing the mask.

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