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This is Fate 2 update Wednesday 24 June 2020 on zee world; This is Fate 24th June 2020 update, Everyone is very worried waiting outside the office, Karan leaves after seeing Preeta, Prithvi signals Sherlin that Janki is surely dead now. Karan goes to Preeta who is very worried, he says that she will be alright, Preeta says that she has to be alright and nothing will happen to her, they starts to argue after that she says that it is his fault, she says that Janki is in this condition because he did not let her go outside and the robbers fired, she starts to panic getting confused, he hugs her and calms her down saying that she will be alright.

This is Fate 2 update Wednesday 24 June 2020 on zee world Preeta hugs Bi Jee who comes to the hospital ,s she says that she will be alright because they both have still not met and that she will surely be alright, Preeta again hugs her and say that she will make her alright.
Rishab consoles Sarla and goes to stand with Sherlin, he says that she should not be tensed because she will be alright, she thinks that’s he is only thinking that Janki must die. Prithvi sees Sarla who is looking at him, he thinks that she is looking at him and he must try to act eve more, he tries his best but Sarla asks him to stop because Janki is in this condition because of him, she says that he did not had to act like a hero and they even killed a guy, he is the reason for Janki’s condition, she asks him to not say anything in his defense, he tries to explain himself but she does not listen, Sarla sees Bi Jee and explains everything that happened, she says that nothing will happen to her and Janki will be alright.

This is Fate season 2 update Wednesday 24th June 2020 on zee world Prithvi gets very mad thinking that it cannot be so because if Janki gets better then she will make sure that he is dead. The operation continues and the bullet is taken out, her heart beat drops and they try to work on it. Prithvi bumps into a man in the hall and they start to argue, he says that he does not know what to do with Janki, he has tried to kill her many times but she survives every time and he must think of a new way to kill her so that she dies truly this time. He decides to run away from the situation and get a new name and identity for himself. Sherlin calls from behind asking what will happen to her. She starts to yell at him that he is selfish and only cares for himself; not their child or her. She was afraid they can’t be saved from Janki in anyway. They have a single chance to stay safe, Janki must not wake up. Prithvi smirks and decides to kill Janki. Sherlin reminds Prithvi this is hospital, who will kill her? Prithvi takes Sherlin to doctor’s changing room. He tells her to change into a doctor’s uniform and kill Janki. Sherlin was fearful and not confident about it.

This is Fate 24 June 2020 Shrishti tells everyone that it seems Janki wanted to speak to Preeta about something important. Janki surely knows something that they are unaware of. During the checkup, doctor told them something important. The doctor told them that Janki is really improving, she needs a sudden shock to improve. There is a risk, she might either get well or may lose all her senses. She feels that Janki got a huge shock due to which she got better, and Prithvi has a huge share in it.

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This is Fate 2 24th June 2020 update Shrishti persuade that Prithvi has a huge share in Janki’s wellbeing, he must have given Janki a shock to threaten her life even more. Janki must want to tell them the same. Preeta didn’t want to accept the fact. Shrishti says Janki wanted to meet Preeta as she wanted to tell her about Prithvi. And as soon as she took Prithvi’s name, Prithvi created the whole drama of the bullet. She suspects that Prithvi also knows what Janki knows. She must ask Prithvi why he tried to kill Janki… in fact get a clarification that how Prithvi got Janki well at once. Rishab asks Preeta to speak to Prithvi about the matter. Preeta was sure that Prithvi can’t do such an act. She agrees to speak to Prithvi. She is sure Prithvi is a nice man, he always speaks well to her family and inquires about Janki as well. Karan was annoyed at Preeta’s trust over Prithvi. Preeta leaves the room, confused.
Sherlin wasn’t ready to change into doctor’s constume and kill Janki. Prithvi grabs Sherlin’s neck deterring to kill her if she disagrees to do so. Sherlin resists and hits him down. Prithvi fell down on floor. Sherlin warns him of a breakup within minutes and clarifies she won’t kill Janki. Prithvi apologizes Sherlin hoping she forgives him. He hugs her thinking that he can show her worth if he didn’t need her. He agrees to wear the uniform and go to kill Janki.

This is Fate 2 update Wednesday 24 June 2020 Sherlin wonders why Prithvi has changed a lot, though their relation was always turbulent but they were never so distant. There surely came someone between them. Preeta comes from behind and asks Sherlin about Prithvi. Sherlin questions why she is looking for Prithvi? Preeta says Prithvi is her fiancé, but why Sherlin feels jealous. Sherlin says jealousy is a trait of poor, and Prithvi isn’t that kind of a man. Preeta curtly replies that she must know what kind of a man Prithvi is, who Sherlin is to tell her. She must inquire Prithvi himself how Sherlin knows him better than her. While walking away, Preeta thinks this was way too much but it brought shock over Sherlin’s face anyway.
The doctor tells everyone that Janki is out of order, but they can meet her after she gets conscious.

This is Fate 2 Wednesday update 24 June 2020 A nurse greets Prithvi. He was boastful of himself as doctor and sure that Luthra won’t recognize him now. He turns to see Preeta in the corridor, she decides to call Prithvi. Prithvi cautiously stood nearby with the phone ringing. Preeta comes right behind him and the phone drops. Preeta apologizes for startling him, but it might be an urgent call. Prithvi thinks Preeta will recognize him if she finds the number on screen. Preeta had just bent down to pick up the phone courteously but Prithvi grabs it at once and runs away from the corridor. Preeta calls him strange and leaves the corridor. Prithvi was relieved that Preeta left. Preeta appears into the corridor once again and gets a call from Prithvi. Prithvi tells Preeta that he fought the goons after they had left, he was hurt on the chest and came to consult the doctor. Preeta tries to be clear with Prithvi and asks what Janki said to him. Prithvi asks about what? Preeta asks how Janki at once began to speak. Did she tell him something?

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