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This is Fate 27 January 2021: This is Fate update Wednesday 27th January 2021, In the kitchen, Dadi scolds the Giresh why he does not know where dry fruits are. Karina and Kritika come there to calm Dadi. They say they do not like what Dadi is doing here, she must take rest. Dadi says she needs to prepare Sargi. Rakhi is ill and wants her to perform all the rituals happily and with love. Dadi was excited to make every daughter in law’s Sargi memorable and happy one.

Mahira comes to the kitchen and tells the ladies she will also fast. Kritika asks how she can fast, she is not the daughter…. She stops looking at Karina. Kritika says she might be low on energy. Mahira says Karan is her husband, not Preeta’s. She will keep her fast whole heartedly. Dadi says by rituals Mahira can not fast. Karina defends Mahira’s will as it will be for Karan’s life. Dadi thinks Rakhi would not let Mahira fast, but she also stopped her, and this was her responsibility. She agrees. Mahira hugs Dadi.
Dadi gets a call from Rakhi. She tells Karina that Sarla is coming with some gifts for Preeta. Karina smiles bitterly.

This is Fate 27 January 2021: Mahira stops outside Karan’s room. Karan notices her there and asks if she wants something. Mahira says she should have knocked. She just saw him and stopped there. She was about to sit on his bed. Karan says it is late, she should go and sleep. Mahira sits on his bed and says she knows what is in Karan’s heart and mind. Karan leaves the bed. He tells Mahira to understand he is a married man. Mahira says she will prove to Karan that she is his real wife, by fasting for him tomorrow. She says it is for a husband’s long life. And even Bani Dadi and Karina Bua allowed her. Karan tells Mahira to leave this Karwa Chot, it is nothing. Mahira says Karan left him on a path where she decided to die, and still she will fast for him. Karan apologizes. Preeta had come to the room. Mahira says she loves him and needs his love in return. Karan backs up from Mahira because of Preeta. Mahira asks if Karan is afraid of Preeta and not confessing his love. Karan teases that Preeta is turning red because of anger and jealousy. Mahira holds Karan’s arm. Preeta leaves. Karan leaves the room saying Mahira must sleep, as it is late. Mahira forces Karan’s hand on her face saying she has fever. Preeta watches them from a window. Karan withdraws his hand and checks the fever from forehead and tells her to take rest. Her fever of misunderstanding will soon be gone. Karan leaves the room. Preeta comes to the room and says Bye to Mahira, signaling her to leave. She says this is Karan and her room. Mahira challenges that soon she will break Preeta’s ego. Preeta says since day one, Preeta has been breaking… but she never once succeeded. She stands here as a daughter in law of the family and wife of Karan Luthra. Mahira forbids Preeta to call herself a wife. She says tomorrow she will fast for Karan and he will break her fast. Preeta was shocked to know this. Mahira says even Karina and Dadi blessed her, Karan will accept her as a wife tomorrow and her husband will break her fast. Giresh comes to tell Preeta that Sarla is here. Preeta was excited.

In the hall, Rishab and Kritika welcomes Sarla and Shrishti. Preeta comes running to meet Sarla and Shrishti. Mahira and Sherlin show up, Dadi and Karina also come there. Dadi tells Karina not to fight Sarla, she is their relative. Karina says she never fights, it is just that Sarla blames her and her family. Dadi requests Karina to stay silent for Rakhi today. They offer Sarla a seat. Karan also comes downstairs and greets Shrishti and Sarla. Sarla discusses that she spoke to Rakhi, it is good they told her to take rest. Sarla says it is a ritual in her family, a woman gifts dry fruit laddu to her son and daughter in laws. She has no son, so she brought it for Preeta. They can keep it in their Sargi. Karan takes the tiffin, but Karina and Dadi snatch the box. Sarla gifts Karan a bottle full of Besan Ke Laddu. Rishab, Karan and Kritika fight for the sweet. Giresh serves cold drinks. Mahira thinks curtly that they all behave so well with Sarla, she can’t let Preeta’s family mingle with Luthra family.

This is Fate 27 January 2021: In the corridor, Mahira calls her mother. Ramoona was driving the car and asks Mahira how she feels. Mahira asks Ramoona to come here, apologize for misunderstandings between them and bless her for Karwachot. She says Preeta’s mother is here.
Preeta looks around and wonders where Mahira is.

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