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This is Fate 29 September 2021: Prithvi exclaims that when he will marry Preeta, Karan will be the one who will lose and he wants to see that face of him because of which they cannot kill Karan, he asks Pawan if he has understood what he meant by it. 

Pawan comes to Prithvi asking why is he being so nice to Preeta as she does not want to marry Prithvi and still loves Karan, Prithvi mentions that this is because he might have not handled her with care as he does not know how she is but he will make talk with her and Pawan will realize how she is. He mentions that nothing should happen to Preeta as she is like a glass and nothing should happen to her but he can do whatever he wants with Shrishti, Prithvi asks him to come and get him married to Preeta.

Janki is waiting when gochu hears that someone is making noise, so when he goes to see Janki he finds that his men are tied and Janki has escaped, Janki comes out from, the hiding then goes back again when she hears that someone is coming, she sees that Prithvi is coming with Pawan so realizes that this is not right, they both go and are shocked to see that Gochu is searching for someone and when they both ask he mentions that the old women escaped, Pawan exclaims that it is Janki, Prithvi gets worried saying that Janki has always ruined his plans and is really clever which Pawan does not believe, Prithvi orders Gochu to kill Janki as soon as he sees her.

Prithvi exclaims that he is really worried and wants to marry Preeta but he is never able to get angry with her, whenever he sees her face he cannot get angry with her but gets frustrated when he hears that she is always talking about Karan, Pawan does not believe it mentioning that it does not seem that Preeta loves him, Prithvi asks him to come out and see for himself.

Prithvi releases Preeta from the bonds and also unties Shrishti, they both get angry threatening to make them both suffer but Prithvi says that he has to talk with Preeta and when he tries pulling her Shrishti tries to stop him however is stopped by Pawan who points a gun at her, Janki is not able to see it so hits Pawan with a vase, she runs at him with a knife so Prithvi hits her from behind with a stool so she gets unconscious, both Shrishti and {Preeta are tensed so ask why he did this, Prithvi explains that he only wants to talk with Preeta so takes her inside the room meanwhile Pawan stops Shrishti.

Preeta starts shouting as soon as she reaches the room, exclaiming that he has informed Pawan that she is married so cannot be married to him however he kept her entire family at gunpoint which is not acceptable, she mentions he accepted when she told him that they cannot be married but his brother does not realize this so he should order Pawan to let them go, Prithvi exclaims that she is mistaken as she feels that he accepted her decision but it is not like that, ever since then he has been trying to find a way by which he can marry her but was not able to. Preeta answers that this means his brother was right about his character and they both need some medical assistance.
Preeta tries to leave mentioning that she will not stay with him and has to go back to her house which is with Karan, however, Prithvi is adamant to marry her with force so explains that the only place where she will go is his house after being married to him, she tries to leave. Prithvi gets mad so tries to slap him however Preeta stops his hand.

Karan is in his room thinking of how Preeta cared for him when he was ill, he turns towards his bed then remembers how they both fought over their belongings, he opens the wardrobe and seeing that all her belongings are in the room, he is sure that she would not have run away as she cannot leave him, he thinks that she might have gone somewhere but will come back to him, Sherlin is eavesdropping on him but leaves when he turns back, Karan takes the photo and remembers the moment spent with Preeta.

Shrishti frees her hand from Pawan and tries waking Janki who is unconscious, she starts remembering everything that happened to her and how Prithvi was the one behind each and everything, she opens her eyes after remembering how Prithvi threatened her after exclaiming how he was the one behind everything, Pawan is shocked to see that Janki regains conscious.

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