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This is Fate 3 November 2021: Karan pleads with Preeta to eat a little, Mahira also explains that everyone in the house including Karan is really worried so she should eat something however Preeta refuses to listen, Karan gets angry then leaves exclaiming that he does not care about her, Mahira sits with her mentioning that she knows why she should eat something because then she would not be able to break the fast with Karan, Mahira forcefully tries to make her eat but Preeta throws the plate away which breaks and the food is splattered on the floor.

Karan is walking in the hall wondering who has made such rituals in which a wife has to remain hungry for an entire day and for the long life of her husband, he thinks that he has to be worried about someone whom he does not even like, he exclaims that he is tensed because of her illness as he is also affected by her stubbornness and the decision that she would not eat anything even when she is ill which is not acceptable, Karan hears Ganesh crying, he inquires what has happened, Ganesh explains that he was talking with his mother and there is a Mandir in their village where his family would go to pray if any problem came upon them so he has asked his mother to pray for Preeta as she is not well and has even kept the Karawachot fast, and no one gets sick after the fast which is why he asked his mother to pray for her, Karan exclaims that he is, even more, caring them him so should not worry as Preeta would get well really soon.

Preeta says that Mahira wants her to eat something so that her fast is broken and Mahira can fulfill the rituals with Karan however she would never let this happen as the fast is not a joke for her but she has kept it as a Rasam so would never break the fast, Mahira sits with her saying that she is not taking it as a joke but a challenge that she would make everyone believe that she is the real wife of Karan, Mahira warns her that she has forced her to take a big step and now she should not be blamed.

Sherlin is waiting in the room when Mahira comes, Sherlin inquires if she was able to break Preeta’s fast, Mahira exclaims that she was not able to do so but even Karan has gotten really angry when Preeta did not eat anything so she felt really nice, Ramona calls Mahira, she explains that her plan is working fine and they have done everything just the way she ordered so now they are really happy, Ramona explains that their plans have a lot of stages and they would also be able to take revenge from Shrishti and even Sarla. Ramona explains the plan to Sherlin, who gets tense but agrees as then she would be able to also take revenge from Preeta.

Sameer comes asking what has happened, Rishab explains that Preeta was poisoned in their house but Rishab is confused so says that this is not the case as no one can be poisoned in their house, the doctor comes explaining that they might have misunderstood them but this is a clear case of poisoning, Sherlin also acts as if she is unconscious so everyone runs to help her, Dadi is worried about what is happening because first Preeta got ill and now even Sherlin has gotten unconscious.

Shrishti is in her house and asks both Janki and Sarla to hurry and dress up otherwise If they get late then the function might finish, Sarla leaves after scolding her saying that she should not talk too much, Janki and Shrishti are both worried about what Sarla has just said.

Sameer calls Shrishti who inquires what has happened at which Sameer responds that nothing is the same as Preeta was not well and they fear that she might have been poisoned, Sameer says that she should not tell Sarla because she might get really tense, Shrishti gets nervous saying that she would come as soon as possible, Shrishti wonders if she might inform Sarla as then she would get really worried, she thinks that Preeta has been shown to a doctor so everything would be okay, she runs t the Luthra house.

Sherlin is lying in the bed, the doctor is checking her and orders the nurse to give her the injection, Rishab asks if there is anything to worry about because she is pregnant, the doctor says that her symptoms are the same as Preeta and she has eaten the same food as Preeta, Mahira enters the house saying that the cat has died in their kitchen as she drinks the milk and is dead, Karan is about to leave however Rishab stops him mentioning that he is already allergic.

Sherlin and Mahira both look at each other thinking that their plan would work because Sarla has fought with her mother however now would have to pay the price for what she has done, they do not know who might die now in their house including Preeta.

Mahira exclaims that she is really worried and feels that the cat died because of her, Dadi consoles her mentioning that nothing is wrong.

Sarla is trying to find her earrings but is not able to then she calls Shrishti, Janki comes saying that she would not find her because Shrishti is not in the house, Sarla exclaims where she might have gone because she was worried that they would be late.

Sarla calls Shrishti asking what has happened and where she has gone, she realizes that Shrishti is in the auto, Shrishti explains that the Luthra family has gone to the cub for the function after which they would come back to the Luthra Mansion so she would inform them when they come back, Sarla agrees and even scolds saying that they are waiting so she should inform them as early as possible.

Rishab comes back to the room assuring that the cat has really died but they have ordered Ganesh to inform the neighbors, Dadi exclaims that this means Mahira was telling the truth and so the poison was mixed in the ladoo which Sarla brought, Mahira explains how she gave the milk mixed with the ladoo and after drinking it the cat died, Karina also orders Kartika to send the sample for testing.

Rishab and Karan both are adamant that this is not possible as Sarla would never bring such sweets to their house however both Mahira and Sherlin are adamant then Sherlin starts crying exclaiming that Sarla purposefully brought those ladoo so that she can kill their child.

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