This is Fate 7 October 2020: This is Fate Wednesday Update 7th October 2020, The robbers have still held everyone as hostage, Ranuka ask her to son to not worry as they will win because god always wins over bad things, one of the robber comes to give the phone he found upstairs, he asks if it belongs to someone, they do not answer to which he says that even if they did not know who it belongs to no one can harm them, another robber also comes with two more people.

The robber says that they will take everything from Harshwardan, Aryan asks his mother where is Karan to which the robber asks him why he took his name.
Karan is running when another girl bumps into him he hides her in the room, when he gets out Preeta comes running asking why he did this, as he could have gotten shot, Karan asks why she did not run, they both look into each other and cry, he gives her the master key ordering her top hide in any room, he tries to leave but she says that she will go with him.
Karan says that he knows she doesn’t want to be with him but he has given her the master keys so if she wants to save herself then came otherwise must leave, they hear a robber coming, he pulls her and they both hide, she is very close with him, after the robber leaves she asks why he is so nice. Karan pulls her asking that she look inside the room where he has saved a girl and so is not in love with her.

Prithvi is driving his car, he takes a box and thinks what Karan said that Preeta also wants to marry her so he now knows that’s he also loves him otherwise he thought that Karan was her true love he thinks that he is very happy that she never told him otherwise he would have died.
He gets a call from Sherlin, he thinks that Sherlin has called him when she asks why he is happy, he mentions that he is happy because of her, she says that she also wants to meet her but cannot as Karan is also visiting the same hotel, he mentions that they all are excuses. Prithvi says that he only thinks of her but is missing her, she explains that she knows this and thinks that they can meet at the mall. She says that she also wants to ask if he can come to which he replies that he will for her. Prithvi after the call ends says that he knows how to take advantage of the situation so he will first go to meet Sarla and then Sherlin, she also thinks that it is very opportune that they do not have to worry for Preeta na dher family
Prithvi is waiting outside the Aurora house and is waiting for anyone to either come out of the hosue or go inside, Sarla and Bi je arrive, Prithvi greets them both requesting them to not get angry as he wanted to meet them once again, when she asks why he is sitting outside he says that he was not able to ring the bell, Bi jee explains that she is very tied and so cannot talk with him while standing, he request that she not be angry with him and then he rings the bell.

This is Fate Wednesday 7 October 2020: Shrishti opens the door and is shocked to see Prithvi so happily holding the hand of Bi jee, she is worried why he is being so nice, when they come inside the house, he insists on giving water to Bi jee even when Sarla request that he not do this, he explains that he is doing this for himself as he wants to be the one to attain the happiness. He sits with Sarla, when she asks why he came he explains that he came to give the par shad, hitting himself curses that the liar dies, then explains that he actually came to apologize to her about what happened between them both.
He explains that he is very ashamed of how he acted in the Mandap and is very apologetic as he was not in his senses, he also says that he knows that he hurt Bi jee and Shrishti along with her brother who also got hurt, he mentions that he was not in his senses and so got frustrated. He says that he came to know what happened with Preeta so is willing to do anything for her and wants that she forget Karan and so he only wants that she remain happy where ever she want to, so mentions that Bi jee along with him will never let anything wrong happen with her, he pleads with them to never stop him from coming to their house as he really likes them, he request them to let him come saying that she considered him as her son so pleads her for her forgiveness. He also says goodbye to Shristhri.
When he leaves Sarla says that she chose him as Preeta’s husband but Karan took his place and he got angry which is why he said those things but Karan was not drunk and still he left Preeta on the road. Bi jee also takes the side of Prithvi.

Rishab is in his office discussing the workings of the future plans, he gets a call from Karina who asks why he is coming, he wonders after which she says that he promised her to take her as shopping, he says that he has a lot of meetings and cannot come, Karina sees Sherlin asking her to make Rishab comes back but she says that she cannot say it and then gives in, Rishab asks her to open the speaker saying that he is aware of that she said all this to her, Karina mentions that she is very happy knowing that Rishab is coming and they will have a lot of fun doing sopping as a family, Sherlin asks if she will also go with them, Karina mentions that she is the elder daughter in law of the family and so will come to be with them all, she advises her to call Kartika.
Kartika is with her fiance asking him to come and have with her as she is really hungry and they both starts to eat, Sherlin explains that she tried to call her but she was not able to answer it, Kartika mentions that she is with Akshay and so will not come, Karina asks Kartika to give the phone to Akshay saying that he has to bring Kartika with him to the shopping mall, She gets a call from Kartika who says that she convinced Akshay but didn’t mention the name of the mall, Kartika mentions that she wants to know the name of the mall, Karina replies that it is Indigo.

This is Fate 7 October 2020: Sherlin stops Prithvi in the shopping mall. She complains to Prithvi that he ignores her, and instead went to meet his Preeta Jee. She is no longer his partner in destroying Luthras. Kareena appears from behind. She pushes Prithvi towards the wall. Prithvi stuffs a dress into her hand. Kareena says she is happy Sherlin is in the mall. Rishab was quizzical and inquires how she came here. Sherlin says Kareena wanted her to accompany shopping, but she had a head ache; she took medicine and came on her own. She shows them the dress she had bought for Dadi. Everyone was taken aback at the choice. Sherlin notices it was too short a dress, then makes up that Dadi looked good in the gown that day. Time is changing and such dresses will suit Dadi. Kareena agrees, and hands Sherlin a dress to try.

In the try room, Prithvi follows Sherlin. He tells Sherlin he went to Preeta’s house with the contact number of match maker. Their family is heartbroken and ready to marry Preeta in any other family. Sherlin was irked that she wanted the number for Karan. Prithvi convince Sherlin that Karan won’t remarry. He and Preeta are distant by heart now. They must plan to part them away and the easiest way is sending a good proposal to Sarla. She is ready to marry Preeta instantly. Sherlin was happy to hear the plan. Kareena reaches the door of try room and calls Sherlin to open the door.

In the hotel, the terrorists held the hotel guests hostage. They discuss there was a young man and a girl in red shirt who aren’t here. They recognize him as the cricket star, Karan Luthra. The leader says they need to be cautious so that no one can inform the police about their presence here. The Seth tells them he doesn’t have keys for the locker. The manager warns the terrorist there are warning alarms that will instantly ring at the police station, they will be immediately shot down by the police. The leader sends some of his men upstairs to try and open the locker.

Preeta hurriedly made a call. Karan checks the watch and decides to leave, it’s already ten minutes. Preeta hides behind the curtains but the lady terrorist gets her. Karan was waiting for Preeta curtly. He wonders what if she has been caught. Another terrorist reaches Karan but Karan fights back and takes hold of his gun. He hits the terrorist on the head who fell unconscious. He takes the gun and runs downstairs.

This is Fate 7 October 2020 update: In the hall, the masked goon leader recognizes Preeta as the one he met earlier. Preeta recognizes them as well. The terrorist says he has lost his heart for Preeta; she was on the street with the mad lady but here she is with Karan Luthra. They inquires about Karan Luthra. Preeta steals her looks and says she doesn’t know. The terrorist raises his hand to touch her face.

Karan dials the number of Police Station. A sub inspector informs the incharge there is no news of terrorists. The incharge orders them to look around the city. He receives the call from Karan about the terrorist, but was in a disbelief that it was really Karan Luthra speaking. Karan says it seems Harsh Vardhan is here with his diamond locker; the terrorists want to loot on him. The police set to leave at once.

The terrorist was now losing temper. He asserts Preeta not to force him take an unwanted action. Preeta says she is really unaware. She only ran for her life, like the others did. They spotted her coincidently, but she is unaware whom they are talking about. The terrorist points the gun towards the young boy and asks about Karan Luthra, before he can shoot him. Preeta wonders how she must stop them, they possess heavy weapons while Karan is alone upstairs.

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