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This is Fate 9 December 2020: This is Fate update Wednesday 9th December 2020, Preeta mentions that Maira is her sauton as she is trying to become the second wife of karan, Ramona also steps in mentioning that it is Preeta who is trying to become the second wife of Karan, The people of NGO say that Karan should take the side of his wife, Rishab also says that he should take the side of his wife, the people of NGO say that he should inform them of the truth about the marriage of Preeta and Karan, he responds that Karan and Preeta were married and it is the truth.

Sherlin responds that Rishab is only saying this as he is the friend of Preeta and he values their friendship more than his relation with Karan however Karan says that she should remain quiet as his brother loves him the most in this life so she should never say this, Ramona tries to convince him however he orders that she should remain quiet.

The people start questioning each and every member of the Luthra family asking why did they not do anything to prevent the actions of Karan as they were not according to the norms of their family or the society, Karan orders Preeta that she leave his house as this is the last time he is asking politely, she refuses mentioning that she is standing in her own house and will never leave, Karan then calls the inspector demanding that he come to his house, they also say that he has made the right choice as they would need to call them so he has helped them in disguise, Karan mentions that after hearing what she has done, they will also leave her.

This is Fate 9 December 2020: Rakhi leaves the hall, she is walking in the hall thinking that what Preeta has done is not right as she ahs destroyed the reputation of the family which she cannot bear, Ramona also mentions that she should not have done this however has done it as she wants to become a member of the society, Karina stops her saying that it is not the fault of Rakhi as Preeta always acted as innocent in front of her, she even tried to call her Rakhi ma so as to gain her sympathy which would allow her to stay in their house, Rakhi says that she will never forgive Preeta as what she has done has hurt her to the extent that it will never matter what Preeta does she will never accept her. Karina says that if Preeta had married Prithvi their lives would have been a lot different and easier.

Sarla comes saying that it was really good that Preeta was not married to him, they respected him because she thought that Preeta would not be able to marry someone more honest than him as he was nice with the entire family including Preeta but she was wrong as he hid who he really is, she explains that Karan is a lot nice than him as he has only a single intention but Prithvi is like the same as he is a disgusting person, she says that he mentioned she was left twice and he will marry her but this is what he desired so said those things, she is not worried about what the society thinks and she prays that no family ever get a son in law like him, she orders that Shrishti throw him out of her house, she tries to throw him out however he comes back saying that they have open the gates of hell after rejecting him and it would have consequences that they could not comprehend as he hates them all and will surely take revenge from them. He pushes them all and goes into the room of Preeta, Janki hits him from behind, Prithvi comes to hurt her but falls when Shrishti hits him with his feet, Sarla says that they are not lying as Preeta is not in their house as she is in the Luthra house, he after realizing that they are telling the truth is thrown out when Sarla says that she will otherwise call the police, he exclaims that if Preeta had not married karan they all would have respected him however it is not a matter of concern as he knows how to make everyone kneel before him and will make sure that it happens.

Shrishti inquires if Janki is alright than also goes to Sarla asking if her hand is alright.
Sherlin asks if they all; think that Preeta is true but Karan responds that those who say that she is true has lost his or her mind, Kartika exclaims that she knew what Preeta was trying to do when she saw her with the people of NGO, Dadi says that she is someone who only desires money as why did she not say anything when Karina was trying to throw her out of the house, she said that she would listen to what Rakhi said yet still she is trying to enter their house, Karan leaves, Rishab tries to go after him, Sherlin asks him where he si going he says that she must not ask him as he will tell her when it is something important.

Sherlin sees Prithvi outside the house and leaves the hall to go after him, Maira turns to Dadi mentioning that both karan and Rishab are the member of her family so nothing will happen to them but what will become of her, Dadi assures her that nothing wrong will happen as no one will accept Preeta because she is still in the house while Preeta is outside.
Rishab runs to karan mentioning that he must stop this as if the police arrive they would take the side of Preeta, Karan exclaims that the inspector is his fan so there is no need to worry, Samer asks Rishab if this means that Preeta would not get justice, Rishab says that she would surely get justice however he is tried to trying to convince each and everyone.
Gaitari assures Preeta that the police will take their side, they hint to another case where the girl was wrong as she only desired wealth, but this is not the case with Preeta and they would surely win the case.

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