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Coming October, Below are the This is Love October 2019 Teasers on Glow TV.

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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Scene 1539

Raman and Ishita help Simi to hospitalize Ananya. Param requests that the police capture Raman and Ishita, blaming them for attempting to murder Ananya. The police discover Raghav’s significant other covered up in Raman’s vehicle!

Scene 1540

The police make a mystery settlement with Raman and Ishita to uncover Param while Param impels Simi to enable him to slaughter Ishita!

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Scene 1541

Param’s partner, Swathi Shukla deceives Santosh into accepting that Ishita will hurt the infant. She encourages her to harm Ishita to death and shield the infant from her!

Scene 1542

Santosh is in a difficulty over trusting Swati’s words. Param and Simi execute their arrangement to enlarge Santosh’s dread about Ishita hurting little Aditya and guarantee that she disposes of Ishita.

Thursday 3 october 2019

Scene 1543

Santosh serves harmed milk to Ishita. Ruhi, Mihika, Raman and others alarm as they can’t wake up Ishita!

Scene 1544

Param gets cornered as Swathi Shukla uncovers reality and uncovered his aims. Param gloats about his end-all strategy when Ishita awakens from the dead.

Friday 4 October 2019

Scene 1545

Simi loses her brain as Param’s real nature get uncovered. She more than once slaps Param as he threatens her folks. Will Param apologize?

Scene 1546

Raman and Ishita protect Simi before the police. They stop Simi’s capture by organizing an expectant bail for her. Simi apologizes to Ishita. Param embarks to target Pihu and pay back Simi.

Monday 5 October 2019

Scene 1547

Raman and Ishita find out about Param’s arrangement and attempt to defend Pihu. Param takes on the appearance of a jokester and assaults Pihu’s instructor. Will Raman and Ishita have the option to spare Pihu?

Scene 1548

Param assaults Pihu when she censures him for grabbing her. Simi finds out about Param’s whereabouts and visits him. Will Simi have the option to spare Pihu from him?

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Scene 1549

Raman gets harmed as Param shoots him. Param traps Raman and Ishita inside the house. Then, Simi and Pihu fall inside a cavern as they attempt to escape from Param.

Scene 1550

Raman and Ishita effectively track Pihu and Simi and attempt to discover approaches to safeguard them. The Bhallas arrive at Pihu’s school and assemble some data. In the interim, Pihu blacks out inside the cavern because of suffocation.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Scene 1551

Ishita goes to a close by town to look for assistance however neglects to discover anybody. A lady shows up out of the blue and guarantees to get her assistance. Ishita comes back to Raman and attempts to get inside the cavern with his assistance. Will she succeed this time?

Scene 1552

Raman and Ishita enter the pit and salvage Pihu and Simi. Notwithstanding, they stall out as Param heaves gigantic rocks towards the pit. Will Raman and Ishita have the option to spare themselves?

Thursday 10 October 2019

Scene 1553

Raman and Ishita consider approaches to escape the cavern they are caught in. Param cheers as the relatives battle to spare them. The salvage group touches base at the spot while Ishita endeavors to restore an oblivious Raman.

Scene 1554

Param chooses to put a conclusion to Raman and Ishita’s life and attempts to murder them utilizing an explosive. Raman and Ishita fall oblivious as the explosive goes off. Will they endure the impact?

Friday 11 October 2019

Scene 1555

Alia races to the medical clinic in the wake of having a bad dream identified with Raman and Ishita. The specialist moves Raman and Ishita to the ICU as their condition turns basic. Will they have the option to recuperate?

Scene 1556

Ishita persuades an oblivious Raman to recoup quick. On discovering that the specialist is hesitant to go to Raman’s case because of his own commitment, she attempts to influence him to direct Raman’s medical procedure.

Monday 14 October 2019

Scene 1557

Ishita and the relatives are strained as the specialist works on an oblivious Raman. They go to God for Raman’s recuperation. Will Raman’s activity be effective?

Scene 1568

A Major Setback for Raman, Romi placates Simi when she reprimands herself for Raman’s predicament. Then, Ishita is crushed to discover that Raman probably won’t have the option to walk once more!

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Scene 1559

No Available Teaser

Scene 1560

Raman attempts to move on in spite of his physical inability. A few knaves act up with Ishita, Aliya and Ruhi when they take Raman to an advisor. Raman feels baffled over his failure to ensure them.

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Scene 1561

Ishita is stressed over Raman as the specialist cautions her about his emotional episodes. Raman’s subordinate gets found taking cash. Ishita is stunned as Raman disregards the occurrence.

Scene 1562

Raman battles to work autonomously, yet he disallows Ishita from helping him. Afterward, he sees a lampshade going to fall on little Aditya.

Thursday 17 October 2019

Scene 1563

Ishita plans a sentimental night out on the town with Raman to inspire his disposition. Be that as it may, things turn out badly.

Scene 1564

Ruhi and Ishita are glad to see a positive change in Raman’s conduct. Ishita and Raman become familiar with a stunning truth about the specialist who worked Raman.

Friday 18 October 2019

Scene 1565

Ishita and Raman stand up to Dr Rajat for slaughtering one of his patients. Dr Rajat demolishes all the proof and executes a criminal arrangement against Ishita.

Scene 1566

Ishita and Raman attempt to uncover Dr Rajat’s real nature when he refutes that Raman’s report is. Afterward, Raman feels vulnerable as a couple of men get out of hand with Ishita.

Monday 21 October 2019

Scene 1567

Raman and Ishita attempt to shield themselves from certain scoundrels. Afterward, they think of an arrangement against Rajat.

Scene 1568

Raman and Ishita send a legitimate notice to Rajat. Later,when they visit the medical clinic, they get caught.

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Scene 1569

Whenever Raman and Ishita meet Sudha, she demands them to pull back their argument against Rajat. She guarantees that she will convey equity to them. Is there a shrouded motivation behind this?

Scene 1570

Sudha is elated when Ishita consents to acknowledge her financial pay. In any case, will Raman consent to pull back his case?

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Scene 1571

Raman and Ishita attempt to demonstrate Rajat’s wrongdoings to the court with the assistance of the advisor and the different observer. Be that as it may, Sudha has an alternate arrangement.

Scene 1572

Raman and Ishita celebrate subsequent to winning the body of evidence against Dr Rajat. An upset Rajat returns home and makes an extraordinary stride!

Thursday 24 October 2019

Scene 1573

Ishita has an uncommon present for Raman. Afterward, she passes on her sympathies to Sudha who is resolved to demolish her and Raman.

Scene 1574

Sudha discolors Ruhi and Bhallas’ picture before the marriage specialist who is looking recommendations for Ruhi. Raman and Ishita counsel a physiotherapist.

Friday 25 October 2019

Scene 1575

Ishita spurs Raman to take up the physiotherapy sessions. Raman is upbeat as he can remain on his feet. Meanwile, Romi censures Aliya.

Scene 1576

Aliya expresses gratitude toward Rohan for helping her with the arrangement. Somewhere else, Sudha asks Romi to sell his organization offers to her.

Monday 28 October 2019

Scene 1577

Sudha feels disappointed to observe the solidarity in Raman’s family. Raman shocks everybody by preparing for office. He is approached to break an extreme arrangement.

Scene 1578

Rohan helps Ishita and Santosh, who are confronting an issue. Ishita prompts an anxious Ruhi about gathering a planned man of the hour.

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Scene 1579

Ruhi prepares to meet her life accomplice who visits her home. Ishita and Aliya are astonished to see Rohan as the planned man of the hour. Will Rohan and Ruhi consent to get hitched?

Scene 1580

Aliya reprimands Rohan when he reveals to her that he needs to wed her, realizing that she is a widow. Ruhi can’t deal with the dismissal.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Scene 1581

Aliya reprimands herself for every one of the errors and chooses to depict herself as a widow. Ruhi steps out of her room and does the unbelievable to Aliya.

Scene 1582

Ishita chooses to prevent Sudha from assuming control over Raman’s organization. Romi attempts to demand a partner from offering his offers to Sudha.

Thursday 31 October 2019

Scene 1583

Ishita asks Romi to vow all her gold to purchase the offers and spare the organization before it’s past the point of no return.

Scene 1584

Ishita deceives Raman about the adornments. In the interim, Sudha chooses to disclose to Raman that Ishita offered her gems to spare his organization.

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