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This is Love update Friday 29th November 2019 on Glow TV, Ishita misleading the goons and running out. Inspector calls Raman and says we have reached a dead end by tracking the van.

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Ishita walks on the road. She comes in front of a car. She asks the man to help her. He asks her to sit outside. Raman gets a call. The doctor says I think I know where is your wife. Ishita asks why are you taking me that way. Goon says you thought you will get saved easily. She asks them to leave her. Doctor says I have treated Ishita, I think the goons have kidnapped her, they didn’t let me talk to her, sorry I can’t help you, since they have blindfolded me, I can just say that the place was around highway. Raman calls inspector and says I have got a hint, I m sending you an address. Sudha argues with Simmi and others for making Rohan donate blood.

Bala says Rohan told us that he wants to donate blood, he has cleared all the tests. Sudha says I know your plans, you just want to hurt him. Sudha asks Rohan is he fine. Rohan says yes, I m fine, relax. Sudha thinks they got to know something about Ishita, that’s not good. Goons tie up Ishita again. The goon calls Parmeet and says Ishita was trying to run away. He tells everything. Parmeet asks what, you made a big mistake, why do I give you money, why did you get doctor there. Goon says no, I blindfolded him. Parmeet says Ishita is smart, she would have tried to message the doctor, vacate that place, don’t leave any clue. Raman and police get the doctor and try to reach the place. Inspector says we have to think like kidnappers then. Raman says you mean we have to blindfold the doctor.

Doctor agrees to help them. They blindfold the doctor and ask him to guide them to the place. They are on the way. Ishita gets conscious and tries to leave. She fights with goons. She asks them to let her go. They faint her by using chloroform. Doctor guides police. Goons see the police coming and rush to hide Ishita. Raman asks is there any light switch. They switch on lights. Doctor says yes, this is the place, I have seen this room, it was not like this, I m sure I have come here, I think someone has tried to burn the room. They leave. Inspector says maybe they knew that Ishita has given a message to doctor, its bad news.

This is Love update Friday 29th November 2019 on Glow TV

Raman gets her watch. He says she has struggled, it means she is fine, I know what to do now, follow me. Amma prays that everything goes on well. Doctor says operation was successful, but the next 24 hours are critical for Appa, pray for him. Sudha asks Rohan to come with her, its a good chance. Aaliya asks Amma to have food and take medicines. Rohan says I will just come. He consoles Amma. Sudha looks on. Simmi thinks Rohan has changed a lot, my Ananya’s heart is beating in him. Sudha asks Rohan what is he doing, just come. Rohan asks her to leave.

She says Karan was saying right, Rohan has gone mad. Amma says Vishwa will wake up and ask about Ishita first. They worry. Goons put Ishita at some place. Parmeet calls them and says make sure that nothing wrong happens this time, nothing should happen to that woman, I want her alive. He ends all and says Raman, you are going to get a big shock this time. Inspector asks do you really want to do this. Reporters greet Raman. Goons talk of tying up Ishita so that they get some peace.

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