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This is Love Update Friday 6th December 2019 on Glow TV, Mihir waiting for Ishita and Mihika’s call. Ruhi thinks to ask about money. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, I will talk to pandit. She asks Adi about Pihu. Adi says she is fine.

Aaliya asks where are Ishita and Mihika. Raman says I wanted to ask same. Mihika comes and says puja arrangements are done, Ishita had emergency in clinic, she said we should start puja. Romi asks how to do puja without Ishita. Pandit says puja happens in jodi. Raman asks Romi and Mihika to do puja. Mihika tells Mihir that something happened and she will tell him after puja. He signs her about money bag. She nods and goes. Ruhi looks on.

Romi and Mihika do the puja. Ruhi looks on. Ishita goes to Kunal’s office and asks lady. Lady says Sir has no appointment today, Sir can’t meet anyone. Ishita says I did not take appointment, I have imp work. Kunal comes and says Ishita ji you… She says I have urgent work. He says not today, its Diwali and… She insists and he asks her to come to cabin. She thanks him.

Mihir asks Mihika did Ishita go to meet Kunal. Mihika says don’t know, we have to meet Kunal. Mihir says I will go and meet him. He tells Raman that he has to meet friend and leaves. Ruhi looks on. Romi tells Mihika that I will come with you. Mihika says no, my friend is alone, I will meet her and come in some time, give prasad to everyone, I will come soon. She leaves. Ruhi gets thinking. Adi says I spoke to maid, Pihu is fine, Shagun did not come home from card party. Aaliya says Appa is not at home, we should go. Adi says we will finish puja at home and go. Raman hears them and says Pihu is alone on festive day. He asks Adi to take everyone home and goes.

This is Love Update Friday 6th December 2019 on Glow TV

Kunal asks Ishita to say. She says we did not celebrate well without out daughter, how will we get her if you can’t take case till few months. Peon gets some box. Kunal asks him to keep it there. Ishita records this in her phone. Kunal pays the peon and asks him to tell Sheetal to stay in office, business associates are coming for get together. Peon goes. Kunal says sorry, there is get together in office. Ishita asks him to do something, if Pihu can come home for atleast one day. He says its custody case, things can’t be done like that. The lady/Sheetal tells Kunal that pandit ji is waiting for puja. Kunal says I have to leave, wish your family from my side. Ishita says sure. She thinks something wrong is going on, Kunal is the blackmailer. She leaves.

Raman meets Pihu and says I came to wish you Diwali. Pihu asks maid to take Raman away. Raman asks her to listen. Pihu refuses. Maid asks Raman to leave, else Shagun will scold her. Raman asks her to cheer up Pihu, and give this to her. Maid takes the packet. Maid asks Pihu to come, they will burst crackers. Raman leaves.

Raman sees Pihu smiling and lighting crackers. Maid gets a call and goes. Raman stops Pihu from igniting crackers and scolds maid. He calls Shagun to scold her, but she does not answer. Raman says Pihu, these crackers are not safe, I will get other crackers. He asks maid to take care of Pihu well. Yeh hai mohabbatein…. plays……..

Mihir asks why don’t we meet Kunal directly, he is big lawyer, its shameful that he is blackmailing for money. Ishita says he will have excuse ready, I went to his office and saw something, I made a plan, Mihika is going to give money, Mihir will go Kunal’s office with someone. He asks with whom? Simmi comes and says with me. She tells Mihika that Ishita told me everything, Kunal is blackmailing you, I m with you, we will teach him a lesson. Ishita tells the plan.

Mihika says if Kunal reaches office then… Ishita says no, his focus will be on money, Simmi and Mihir be confident and act as per our plan, peon will be gone, secretary will be there. Mihika says fine, I will leave. Ishita asks her to use bluetooth and hide by hair, I will be close, just be confident. Mihir asks Ishita to be in touch. Ishita hopes this plan is successful. Raman calls her and asks about kid’s surgery. She says it will take 1-2 hours, I will come home before Laxmi pujan, where are you. He says I came somewhere for work, I will also reach home. He does not tell about Pihu. She feels bad to lie to her. Pihu’s teacher meets Raman. He asks about Pihu’s studies. She says its good you met here, I wanted to tell you, I m worried for her, she gets expensive gadgets, eats food in canteen, and carries heavy cash, her grades are going down, I asked Shagun to meet me, but she is busy and did not come. He worries and says I know where she is busy, I will do something of it, thanks. He says Shagun does not care for Pihu, once I talk to Kunal, I will get Pihu back.

Mihir and Simmi reach Kunal’s office. Mihir says I will not leave Kunal. Simmi calms him down. Mihir says be careful, this is out driving license, just flash it and hide. They get inside the office and tell Sheetal that its IT raid, they are from special cell, give files and computer hardware to us. Sheetal says its Diwali today. Simmi says we got tip against him, where is Kunal. Sheetal says I will call Sir. Mihir says its raid, show us computer hardware. Simmi takes her phone and says if you act smart, we will arrest you, show me the cabin. Sheetal takes her. Simmi asks where is locker room. Mihir says make her sit in jeep. Sheetal says no, locker room is there. Simmi and Mihir check the files and ask for locker keys. Sheetal shows the key. Simmi checks locker and gets a diary. Mihir asks Sheetal to let them do their work and sit outside. Sheetal goes. Simmi says I hope she calls Kunal before he meets Mihika. Ishita calls Simmi. Simmi says work done. Ishita says great, just leave from there. She calls Mihika and gives update. Mihika says he did not come till now, are you sure Kunal is blackmailer. Ishita says yes, he will come. Mihika sees Kunal and says he has come, he would be finding me. Ishita says don’t get sighted by him, click his pic. Mihika hides her face by menu and clicks his pic. Kunal gets Sheetal’s call and asks why are you crying. Mihika says he got a call and his expressions changed. Ishita says his secretary would have called him. Kunal says I m leaving. Mihika says he left. Ishita says you also leave and meet at Mihir’s house.

Simmi says I think Harsh came, he is computer expert and can crack password, but he should not know about our matter. She acts normal and asks Harsh to open her laptop, she forgot the password. Harsh says done, file opened. They all smile.

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