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In This is Love update monday 2nd December 2019 on Glow TV, Arijit getting angry. He waits for Bhuvan. Bhuvan gets snacks. Arijit throws it and scolds him. He says you didn’t tell me that Raman is arrested for the accident, if Thia comes here, Bhallas will know about me, I will be caught.

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He gets Thia’s call and says if I tell her that I didn’t meet her dad, she will come here, Ishita will recognize her, my game will be over. He calls Malhotra and says call for an emergency meeting, Raman has to be here. Malhotra says there has to be a valid reason, else I can’t call Raman, sorry. Arijit says he isn’t helping me, what to do. He calls Natasha and asks do you want Shardul. She asks what’s the matter. He tells his plan.

Ruhi says Dadu is waiting for us. Ishita asks them to go home, once the man’s relatives come, we will come. Sudha says yes, Yug, Karan and Mani are here, we should leave. Karan says yes, go home and take medicines. Sudha leaves. Ishita says its 4 hours now, his daughter didn’t come, doesn’t she care for her. Karan says inspector has informed her. Raman says maybe something happened, we will wait. Yug gets coffee for everyone. Raman says I don’t want it. Ishita asks why don’t you want. Yug says its okay. Ishita says Raman, I know you want coffee, why are you refusing. Raman takes the coffee cup and says thanks. Yug goes. Ishita asks what shall we do now, we will ask the man to give contact number.

They go to the man and meet him. They ask how is he. The man holds Raman’s hand and asks who helps in such times, you have risked my life, you did a lot for me. Raman says I will pay your hospital bills, don’t worry. The man says I will return your money soon. Raman says my dad and Appa are like you, they also live with esteem, you can return the money whenever you want, take care. Bhuvan says we have to do something soon. Arijit says I planned everything. A girl comes to him. He asks her to sit in the car. He says I told Natasha that I want a girl to go there as Thia. He asks the girl to remember, her name is Thia, get the patient to this address, Bhallas are there, they will offer lift, refuse to them, they will try to help you, tell them you can handle, don’t share details with anyone. She says fine.

He asks her to remove makeup, Thia is a simple nurse. She asks what if patient refuses to call me his daughter. He says tell them, he got old and forgets things, tell that he has Alzheimer. She asks for money. He says trust me, you will get money. Natasha says don’t worry, she will do the work, she needs money, when will you do my work. Arijit says trust me, I will bring Shardul to you. Raman asks where did children go. Mani says they were hungry, they went to canteen. They see the girl meeting the man and calling him dad. She cries for him. Nurse says he needs rest, don’t shout.

This is Love update monday 2nd December 2019 on Glow TV

The girl says call the doctor, I need to talk, who did this. Ishita says relax, uncle will be fine. The girl thinks my game will spoil if this old man wakes up. She asks can we go out and talk, else dad will get disturbed. Bhuvan asks why is she taking much time. Arijit says patience, it takes time. The girl says dad is forgetting things, I feel scared to leave him alone, I stay busy in work, who saved his life. Raman says I helped him. She thanks him. He says I just did my duty, I will pay the hospital bill. Doctor says your dad is fine now. The girl says thank God, I will take him home, I have to go for work, I can settle him. Doctor says I will check him once. The girl asks inspector to finish the formalities. Inspector asks her to sign on the statement.

Ishita says we will drop you. The girl says no, I will manage. She signs the papers. Ishita says let uncle rest for some time. The girl says no, he forgets things, its good he is sleeping. He asks nurse to help her take her dad to the cab. Ishita says she is strange. Raman says we will pay the bill. The girl gets the old man out. Arijit says my plan worked. The old man wakes up. Arijit says this old man got conscious. The old man asks where are you taking me. Nurse says your daughter came to take you. The old man says she isn’t my daughter. She says I m Thia, I couldn’t leave my patient and come, we shall go home, relax. He refuses. Arijit worries.

Arijit messages her. She asks nurse to sedate him. Nurse goes to get injection. Nurse injects him. The old man sleeps. Arijit gets relaxed. The girl takes him in the cab. Ishita clicks the cab number pic. Karan says that girl took uncle. She says I took pic of cab number, I feel that girl was someone else, not his daughter. Raman says don’t try to become Jagga jasoos. She says I m sure, she said she is nurse, why were her sandals like that, she was wearing high heels, nurses wear flats, they have much work, she said her dad has Alzheimer, how would he give her number. Raman says you are right. She says that nurse’s name was Thia, Neeti’s nurse is also Thia. Karan says yes.

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