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This is Love update Monday 9 December 2019 on Glow TV starts as Romi finds Raman worried. Raman says sorry for what Ishita did with Mihika, she does not think the outcome of things.

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Romi says please stop it, whatever she did was to help Mihika. Raman asks did anything happen, Mihika got more defamed, I hope your and Mihika’s relation does not get a crack. Romi says we are fine, this is not happening for the first time, our relation got more strong, I m younger to you, I want to tell you, don’t you think you are being much strict towards Ishita, she did this for us, she always fell in problems because of us, try to understand her, think of her. I know you get angry soon, but its not her mistake, it won’t be good if you get away, Ishita does all this for all of us. Raman says thats the problem, Ishita and Shagun are so different, Shagun is selfish and Ishita always thinks and does for others, I told her she should not become jagat Mata always. He goes. Romi hopes Raman understands, they met after much difficulty.

Its morning, Raman gets angry. Ishita gets tea. He says i m leaving. She says I won’t let you go, you always get angry and ignore me, how can problem get solved, Kunal is bad, he has Mihika’s CD, else why would I keep things at stake. He says fine, we will go and talk to him, if we don’t get solution then.. She says you think I m having fun doing this. He asks her to change and come, he will wait. He sees Simmi at the door and goes. Ishita says double fight to fight with world and win husband’s trust.

Shagun thanks her friend for inviting her, and says after what Ishita did, I felt…. who would have seen on news channel, who can think Ishita can do this, I felt bad as my daughter is linked to them. Lady says I don;t think we should discuss this, I think Ishita can’t do this. Shagun says Pihu is traumatized seeing the news. Other lady says I would like to keep my children away from such things.

Mihir comes home and asks for Raman. Simmi says Raman and Ishita went to police station to confront Kunal. He asks what, Kunal is very clever, how is Mihika, is Romi with her, I hope he understands Mihika is not at fault. Simmi says Romi is positive and caring for Mihika, but Raman is angry. He gets a call and says I have imp meeting, keep me informed.

Kunal comes to police station and sees Raman and Ishita. He asks inspector why did you call me. Inspector says we spoke to Ishita, she said you were blackmailing Mihika, do you have her CD. Raman says Ishita never lies, Kunal will have CD. Kunal says I told you she is frustrated woman, she is making news as I did not take her case, did she get CD from my office. Inspector says fine, I got your phone records, you were also there when blackmailer called Mihika. Kunal says I went to meet big client. Ishita asks how will you explain blackmailing calls. Inspector says yes, we have it and shows records. Kunal says how is it possible, what day and time, I was with Ashok on this day. Ishita says I m sure you called Mihika. Kunal says why will I do this, she is my friend Romi’s wife, I helped her in resort, Ashok was with me and my phone was left there in resort, maybe he did all this, I m meeting him since some days regarding the case.

This is Love update Monday 9 December 2019 on Glow TV

Inspector asks for Ashok. Kunal says I did not know Ashok is doing this. Raman and Ishita get thinking. Lady asks Pihu to be away from her daughter, as Pihu is criminal’s daughter. Shagun smiles. Pihu goes to Shagun and says lets go home, I want to go home now. Shagun agrees.

Ashok tells inspector that yes, I did this. Kunal says you are respectable man and did this? Ashok says yes, even I have personal matters. Inspector asks why did he do this. Ashok says I did this to trouble Mihika, she is my ex wife, when Mihir got unwell, I was troubling her, I would have told her that there is no such CD, Ishita got after me, I made call from Kunal’s phone, I was going to tell everything, but Kunal got Ishita arrested. Raman gets angry. Inspector asks Ashok does he know this is criminal offence. Ashok says yes, my lawyer is ready with bail papers. Ishita thinks something is wrong, I can’t believe this.

Shagun makes Pihu have milk and sleep. She feels sorry to do this but she has to make sure that Raman does not make Pihu away, as she loves Pihu. She checks a medicine bottle and thinks Mani and Aaliya are at home, perfect…. She calls out Pihu and sees she is sound asleep. She opens the door and starts shouting. She keeps bottle under Pihu’s pillow and Pihu wakes up. Shagun asks her to say what is this bottle. Mani and Aaliya come. Shagun says I take sleeping pills sometimes, why did Pihu take this. Pihu says I was upset as my friends were not playing with me because of Ishita, I don’t know about the pills. Shagun asks why are you lying, are you fine, shall I call doctor. She hugs Pihu and cries. Mani and Aaliya worry.

Ishita says there is something wrong Raman, I m sure Kunal is involved. Raman says stop it, you know Ashok uses people, how did you doubt Kunal. He stops Kunal and apologizes. Kunal says I have to go, I m disturbed. Raman says you know what we are going through, you can get my daughter back, this is a misunderstanding. Kunal says my work depends on my image, media spoiled my name, Sorry I can never help you. He leaves.

Ishita says we will get better lawyer, Kunal is not a good man, he is blackmailer, how to explain you, we got such details about him, he is total fraud, please Raman, stop running after this man. Raman asks are you judge, Kunal is lawyer and has to fight any case, I don’t care he is good or bad, I was sure he could get Pihu back, but your nature is to spoil things, I will lose Pihu forever because of you. He gets a call and gets shocked…..

Raman goes to meet Pihu and calls her out. Pihu comes. He cries and hugs her. He says I was too scared. Shagun, Mani and Aaliya look on. Pihu says I m fine. Mani says Pihu, your Papa loves you, don’t make him away, please. Raman hugs her. He asks her did anyone tell you something, does anyone do this? Pihu sees Ishita. Ishita looks on shocked. Shagun thinks now it will be fun.

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