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This is Love update Sunday 8th December 2019 on Glow TV, Ishita and Mihika meeting Kunal in the cafe.

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Ishita asks why did you call us here instead lonely place. He says it will look like client meeting here. She calls him clever. He says you are no less. She asks for CD, only then he will get his things back. Inspector comes and asks Ishita to stop blackmailing Kunal, I arrest you both for this crime. Ishita and Mihika get shocked. Kunal smiles.

Ishita says you are mistaken, Kunal was blackmailing us. Kunal asks inspector to see, they have stolen my files and laptop, they will say I called them to blackmail. Ishita says Kunal is big fraud, believe me. Inspector says stop it, I heard everything, its bad you do all this. Kunal says I m busy man and told her that I will help her later, she has done fake IT raid and stolen the things. Inspector asks Ishita did she do this. She says yes, it had a reason, he is lying, we did not blackmail him for any case, we wanted a CD back from him. Inspector asks which CD, what is in it. She sees everyone around and says Kunal knew we can’t tell about CD, so he called us here, very intelligent. He asks her not to make a call. She asks how can you stop me. He says you have to come to police station with us. Kunal smiles. Police takes Ishita and Mihika.

Shagun looks on and informs Ashok that they left, did you inform media, make sure they reach police station on time, perfect, thanks. She ends call and says Raman can’t snatch Pihu from me, Ishita will help me in this. Mihir worries as Ishita does not answer and thinks to go coffee shop. Raman comes and asks him to manage meetings. He says I want to meet Kunal once, I don’t want work till 3 days. Mihir asks why Kunal.

Raman says Kunal will fight Pihu’s custody case for me I can get Pihu, he won such cases before, you manage everything. Raman goes. Mihir thinks shall I tell Kunal’s truth to Raman, I think I should wait, we will catch Kunal red handed, then I will get peace.

Media questions Ishita for blackmailing lawyer, despite being a doctor, why did she get after Kunal, what is in that CD, answer us. Ishita says Mihika come, you guys move away. Kunal looks on and calls Ashok. He says you played such a masterstroke, great.

Adi holds Aaliya’s hand. She says leave my hand, we are in office, check this file. He refuses and says I just have to see you, I got mad. She sees Raman coming and says your Papa…. He says don’t lie, Papa had meeting and went out. Raman sees them and says yes, I was going for imp meeting, and thought to brief you, do work if you are free, Adi you have to manage meeting, Mihir will be with you, Romi went to factory, learn to be independent, learn work, come to my cabin and get briefing. Raman goes. Aaliya laughs. Adi asks her to stop laughing and work.

This is Love update Sunday 8th December 2019 on Glow TV

Mihika apologizes to Ishita and says this blame got on you because of you, I should have told Romi about this. Ishita says no, I m thinking how to handle this matter. Ishita is called by inspector. Kunal smiles. Ishita tells everything to inspector and tells CD truth. Inspector says so this is the matter, I understand, but this fake It raid….. I know your family well, I know the reason, but such a big risk, you went against Kunal, he has big contacts, you should have told us. She says I tried to contact Abhishek, he went Bhopal, we could not tell Raman and Romi about this. He asks did you get that CD. She says no. He says this matter will get complicated.

Ashok and Shagun smile seeing the news of Ishita and Mihika’s arrest. Shagun asks where is that Cd, was it not in Kunal’s office. Ashok shows CD and says I had this with me, I knew Ishita will do this. She smiles. Raman asks Mihir to be with Adi and Aaliya, and manage everything. Office staff lady asks Raman to see news fast. Raman, Mihir, Adi and Aaliya get shocked seeing Ishita’s arrest news, and blame of Ishita blackmailing Kunal. Mihir says no, this can’t happen.

Simmi asks Amma to calm down. Amma says no, Ishita can’t do this, I will talk to Ishita and find out. Simmi says I will come along, don’t worry. Amma says they are lying, come, we will go and see Ishu. Raman comes to police station and sees Kunal. Kunal says so you also came here to talk about Pihu’s case. Shagun sees Pihu and acts to show care. She says I was worried that you saw news channel. Pihu asks what news. Shagun says nothing, forget it. Pihu says tell me, what is it.

Shagun says Ishita, forget it. Pihu says I have to see news and checks news on tv. Shagun smiles and says sorry Pihu. She thinks Pihu will hate Raman and not wish to go back, even Kunal will not fight the case. Raman says my wife will not do this. Kunal says your wife is blackmailing me, I m shocked too, I will not take the case and not let anyone take this case, its good Pihu is with other woman, your wife is disgusting. He leaves. Raman gets angry.

Ishita comes home with Raman. Ruhi hugs her and says I was so afraid. Ishita says Mihika and I are fine, relax. Romi looks at Mihika. Ishita asks Mihika to tell everything. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk in morning, go and sleep. Raman says Ishita, we need to talk.

Romi looks at Mihika. She cries and says Romi. He says enough, I don’t want to listen anything. He holds her and says I love you a lot, I trust you completely. He hugs her. She apologizes. He calms her down and says I trust you, no need to give me any explanation, Ishita would have taken this step thinking something, forget this. She says I have to tell you everything. He says no need. She says no please, let me say. He says okay, sit, tell me.

She tells him everything what happened in resort and then Kunal blackmailing her, Ishita coming to helo and getting arrested. Romi asks what, fake raid and this plan was so good, I wish I was with you to help. She says sorry, I will never hide anything next time. He says yes, next time I won’t get convinced so soon. He hugs her.

Raman asks Ishita did I die, you could have involved me, I would have helped, you knew Kunal is imp to get Pihu back. She says trust me, it was about Mihika’s dignity, you would have taken rash step. He says what shall I think, did you save her respect, you got trapped, Mihika’s old case also came in news, you go to help others and trouble me, you can’t see that we get Pihu easily, why did you do this, why am I talking to you. He leaves. She cries.

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