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In This is Love Update Thursday 5th December 2019 on Glow TV, Mihir asking what is that man’s motives. Mihika gets Kunal’s call again. Kunal asks is she with her lover.

Mihir takes phone and scolds him for troubling a married woman. He asks him straight what does he want. Kunal says 50 lakhs. Mihir agrees and asks when and where. Kunal says I will tell you and ends call. Mihir says why shall we give him money. Mihika says we don’t have option, he has our pics. Ishita says if we agree now, we can get time.

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Mihika asks how to arrange such a big amount. Mihir says i will arrange it, you don’t worry about it. Mihika says all banks will be closed on Diwali holiday. Mihir says don’t worry, I will arrange it, you both go home. Mihika says I m so sorry, I did not know this would happen. Ishita says don’t blame yourself, sorry to say, but we have to do shopping as we told Simmi.

Shagun is leaving for card party with her friends and asks Pihu to light crackers. Pihu says there is no one at home, what shall I do, Dadi says kids should not light crackers alone. Shagun says I m sure you will enjoy by bursting crackers. Pihu asks shall I come along. Shagun says you will get bored there, get ready and send me pics. She goes. Pihu gets sad.

Mihir talks to the banker and says I want to break my FD and want money today, talk to manager and call me back. He thinks how to arrange money and what to tell Mihika. He answers Mihika’s call. He says I spoke to my personal banker, bank timings is problem, don’t take tension. Ishita gets Raman’s call and says yes, we are going home. Mihir asks Mihika to be cool and calm, and assures to arrange money. He thinks to do something to arrange money.

Shravan asks Ananya not to light crackers, she is not a kid. Simmi says Ananya is kid and wants to enjoy, you have to be with him and take care. He says fine, but I want badam halwa and kachori made by you. Simmi says fine, I will make it. They leave. Mihika and Ishita come home. Simmi says Raman and Romi were waiting, we have to leave for office puja. Ishita says yes, we went for getting snacks, sweets and gifts. Raman asks where are gifts. Ishita says it will be delivered. Raman asks them to get ready fast.

This is Love Update Thursday 5th December 2019 on Glow TV

Ishita gets ready. She finds Raman upset and asks what happened. He asks don’t you know what happened, you don’t have time for husband. He gifts her. She says its special. She sees jewelry box and says again jewelry, last time it was that gaudy necklace. He asks her to open and see. She sees a gift voucher worth 1.5 lakhs. He says I know you won’t like my loud choice, go and buy anything. She asks what will come in so less money. He asks how to impress you, I should hit box on your head. She says what is this, 1.5 lakhs, no one can price tag your love. He says keep saying. She smiles and says your love is valuable. He says happy Diwali and hugs her.

Romi makes Mihika wear mangalsutra and says I went to jewelry store with Raman and saw this mangalsutra, I felt just you should wear it. She thinks she should get free of the blackmailer soon. He asks did you not like it. She says its beautiful and hugs him. He asks her to get ready fast, they have to go office for puja. She says Ishita and I have to go temple first, you and Raman go, we will come there. He says fine, don’t be late. He goes. She says I should inform Ishita, blackmailer can call anytime.

Pihu sits sad. Adi and Ruhi meet her. Adi says you like to burst crackers right, we will have sweets. Ruhi shows the pretty dresses. Pihu smiles. Adi takes Pihu. Aaliya comes. Ruhi wishes her happy Diwali and hugs. She gets Romi’s call and says Aaliya, I need to leave in decorating office. Aaliya says we will come along. Ruhi says I don’t think it will be good idea, see Pihu is enjoying with Adi, you all carry on, Romi and I will manage. She leaves.

Mihir asks the man about puja arrangements, Raman is coming office, keep accounts file in puja area. Mihir sees the cash in locker. The man asks him to check file. Mihir sends him. He thinks all banks are close, I will return money when my FD breaks tomorrow, I have to take this office money, I did not steal money in my life and today I m taking it from office, I m not doing wrong, its for family, I will keep money back, I have no option now. Ruhi comes and greets staff happy Diwali. She asks for Mihir and goes to meet. She sees Mihir putting money in the bag and goes.

Ishita waits for Mihika and says Mihir would come with money anytime. Mihika comes and says so sorry, lets go. Ishita says we have to give money to blackmailer, why don’t you answer calls always. Mihika says I don’t do this always. Ishita says you did not answer me on engagement day. Mihika says I answered your call. Ishita says I called you 20 times, my phone switched with Kunal’s. She recalls calling Mihika by Kunal’s phone.

Ishita and Mihika go to meet Kunal. Lady says Sir is in meeting. Ishita says I don’t care. They go to meet Kunal in his cabin. Lady says I tried to stop them. Kunal sends the men out. He asks how can you enter my office like this. Ishita asks will you give appointment to get money, Mr. Blackmailer, we know its you. He gets shocked and asks what nonsense. Ishita confronts him and says I called Mihika from your number and its blackmailer’s number. He asks how can she blame him. She asks him to get his phone checked. He gives his phone. Mihika checks and says this number is different. Kunal asks are you done, and takes phone back. He asks them to get out of his office, else he will do police complain against them. Ishita’s imagination ends.

Mihika asks Ishita why are you taking Kunal’s name. Ishita says your blackmailer is Kunal. Mihika asks what are you saying. Ishita tells her everything. Mihika says he told me and Mihir that he is helping us, he is blackmailing us, I will talk to him. Ishita says he is clever, we have to make intelligent plan, did he call again. She says no, he did not call. Ishita says call him and say, we are arranging money and we need some time. Mihika talks to blackmailer and takes some time for paying money, as they have to arrange big amount. Mihika says he called us to coffee shop. Ishita asks her to go, and I m going to meet someone, tell Raman about emergency at clinic, I have a plan, I know what to do.

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