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This is Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 on Glow TV, Pihu getting angry seeing Ishita. She says her best friend’s mum asked Pihu not to play with her kids, its all because of Ishita, everyone dislikes her.

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She says Ishita is no one to me. She asks Shagun to ask Ishita to leave. Shagun says calm down and hugs her. Raman and Ishita cry. Amma talks to some ladies. They ask her did she hear news. Amma says its wrong news. The lady asks what, that news came on tv.

Amma asks what news are you talking about. The lady tells about old couple’s divorce. Amma says oh this news, what happened. The lady says its affair thing in this age. Amma says how can this happen, they are good couple. The lady says such things happen, uncle gave divorce to wife, he remarks his dislike on wife, things end before wives know the matter. The ladies go. Amma says such things also happen….

Ishita cries outside Mani’s house and recalls Pihu’s words. Aaliya pacifies Ishita and says Pihu has seen news, I m sure things will get fine, Shagun will not tell truth to Pihu. Ishita says when will things get fine, Raman did not tell me, I was afraid and came here, Pihu is my daughter, I feel bad, how can I ignore all this, it hurts, when will she understand. Aaliya says its not like you are thinking, Pihu is kid, we will explain her everything.

Shagun comes and says no Aaliya, why don’t you get it Ishita, why are you torturing Pihu. I m her mum and have to take a stand, Ishita you can’t meet her, its because of you, Pihu tried to commit suicide. Ishita gets shocked and asks what. Shagun asks her to stay away. Raman comes. Ishita asks Raman did he know about Pihu committing suicide. He signs her to shut up and leaves. Shagun asks Ishita to be away from Pihu.

Ishita asks Mani about it. Mani says go home, don’t worry, I m with Pihu. He asks Aaliya to take Ishu home. Ishita cries. Aaliya asks her not to take tension, we are with you. Ishita leaves. Appa tells Amma that everything got clear about Kunal. Amma says Ishu is silent since she came. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine, what did you make in food, where is Vandu. She says Vandu took kids out, they wanted to go out. He says we would have gone with them and had food outside. She says you don’t like outside food, I made your fav food. He says we get bored having homemade food, outside food will be a change and excitement. She asks did you not like food made by me. He says no, I was just saying change is good. Amma recalls the lady’s words and thinks change in life, or life partner change. He asks her to have food. He eats food, and she sits worried.

This is Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 on Glow TV

Ishita talks to Mihir and says I was distracted, I will come office and talk. Raman comes. She says I want to talk to you. He says not interested. She stops him and asks why did you not tell me about Pihu’s suicide attempt. He asks what did you want to hear, that Pihu hated you, she did this because of you, I would have lost my daughter. She says she is my daughter too, I know you have more attachment, I want to hug her and love her, I also get hurt when she gets hurt, I know you love her a lot, she is my daughter too. He asks are you done and leaves. She cries and asks why does he make every problem his own and increase the pain alone. Dil kahin rukta nai…..plays…………. She sits crying. Raman goes out and sits crying.

Its morning, Pihu asks Shagun to hurry up, she will get late for school. Aaliya gets milk for her. She asks Pihu why did you take pills, its dangerous. Pihu says I did not take the pills, I don’t know how pills got under my cushion. Shagun comes and stops Pihu. She asks her to get ready, they will go school and then on shopping too. She sends Pihu to get water. She asks Aaliya how can she Pihu about pills directly, I know how to handle her, I m her mum. She takes Pihu to make her ready. Aaliya thinks to talk to Ishita.

Ishita cooks food. Neelu tells Mihika that Ishita is making parathas non stop. Raman comes. Ishita asks Neelu to give paratha to Raman. Raman shouts I don’t want. Neelu says Raman did not take even tiffin. Ishita goes to her room and cries. Mihika comes to her. She apologizes for all that happened because of Kunal. Ishita says no, reason is something else. Mihika asks what is it.

Aaliya comes to Bhalla house and asks Neelu for Ishita. Neelu says she is in room. Mihika cries and asks what, Pihu attempted suicide. Aaliya says I don’t think Pihu did this, its Shagun’s plan, she is upto something. She tells everything what Pihu replied her. Ishita gets shocked and says how can Shagun fall so low. Mihika says Shagun is clever, we have to deal with her smartly, she kept Pihu’s custody and brainwashed everyone, everyone feels she is good mum, I feel bad for Pihu, she trapped her. Aaliya says how can we prove that Pihu did not take pills. Mihika says there is one way, we should take Pihu to child counselor, they will make Pihu admit truth. Ishita likes idea. Aaliya says there is a problem. Mihika says I know, its tough as Shagun will know, but we don’t have to let Shagun know this and take Pihu.

Aaliya tells the idea, about client promoting the brand by fashion show, Shagun likes all this, if I tell her to take part along Appa, she will not say no, she will be busy and we can take Pihu to counselor easily. Mihika says be careful it does not look fake. Aaliya says Simmi and I are preparing, this will not look fake. Ishita says Shagun will not doubt. Aaliya says its public event, and will come in ads. Mihika says convince Shagun to participate. Aaliya asks her not to worry. She leaves. Ishita hopes this works out and feels relieved.

Amma tries call to Naina and tells Ishita that Naina is her best friend’s daughter, she has to wish Naina, as she is going to Austria. Ishita dials and gives phone to Amma. Amma talks to Naina’s mum and wishes Naina for her journey. Ishita talks to Naina. Naina says I m going to meet my fiance and end the distance. Ishita says distance increases love. Naina says I hope so. Ishita wishes Naina gets her love in her Pardes. She wishes happy journey to Naina. Naina thanks her.

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