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This is Love Update Tuesday 3rd December 2019 on Glow TV, Karan saying you are right, that nurse was Thia, it means someone sent fake Thia here to get uncle, I have sent cab details to manager, he will send us details.

<<This is Love update monday 2nd December 2019 on Glow TV

Ishita says he should send me address, so that we catch him. Yug says Mani and I will come along. Arijit pays money to the girl. He asks Bhuvan to get uncle on wheelchair. Karan says we got the details. Arijit gets Thia’s dad to her. Thia asks are you fine dad. She takes him inside and makes him rest. Mani, Raman, Karan, Yug and Ishita are on the way. Thia thanks Arijit. He says its fine, I will meet Neeti and come, if your dad comes in senses, he will ask about Neeti and I also live here. She says don’t worry, I will tell him that I m looking after Neeti, he is simple and helpful. He goes. Raman asks Karan to stop the car. Ishita says finally, that person will be caught, lets go inside. Arijit talks to Neeti.

He says its your mom’s birthday, remember how we used to hide her gifts and surprise her with cake, I got a good gift for your mom, what did you get for her. Thia looks on and smiles. She thinks he cares for Neeti, he is a good man, I misunderstood him. Raman says I will beat that man. Ishita says you won’t take law in your hands. Karan says we will call police, but we will beat him first. Mani says we can’t beat him, else he may make a story in front of the police, he is clever, we won’t do anything such. Arijit says I hope your mom likes my gift, she was so choosy, please say something. Thia says don’t worry Sir, she will listen to you and talk to you one day, you have to keep patience, thanks for bringing my dad home. He says no need to thank, you are taking care of my daughter well, I can do this, I have to leave now. He says there was a problem at hospital, he got hurt on his head, he starts shouted and said the nurse isn’t his daughter, he wasn’t coming home, so doctor gave him sedatives, he may do the same again. She says I will talk to doctor tomorrow, thanks. He leaves.

This is Love Update Tuesday 3rd December 2019 on Glow TV

Bhuvan comes and says Bhallas reached here. Arijit asks what, how can they come here, what shall we do now, do one thing, get gas chamber and faint them, go fast. Bhuvan spreads some smoke. Raman and everyone cough and faint down. Bhuvan calls Arijit and says they all fainted, we can leave now. Arijit asks Thia about Neeti and her bags. She asks what happened. He says just pack clothes first, Bhallas reached here, they got to know about us, I will explain later, my man stopped them, they are unconscious, take the files, put your photos, passport, documents, everything in bag. She asks him to see her dad’s state. He says trust me, nothing will happen to him, he will be safe, Bhallas will kill him, try to understand. He asks Bhuvan did the van with two beds come, none should know about it, come fast. Bhuvan says I will kill all of them.

Arijit says no, I don’t want them to die now, leave it, I will trouble them more, come with me. Thia says packing is done, where are we going. Arijit says you have to go out of Delhi, Bhuvan will be with you, trust me, I have managed everything. He takes Neeti to the van. He says don’t worry, I will be with you soon. Thia says don’t worry, I m with Neeti. Thia leaves. Ruhi says where are they, they should have come by now. Mrs. Bhalla worries. Aaliya says no one is answering the calls. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t feel right. Sudha says Karan isn’t answering, he asked manager to find some address. Ruhi says I don’t know, they didn’t reach home, we are worried for them. Sudha says we should go there to find them. Ruhi says fine. She says they are in trouble, Sudha was saying they would have gone to Thia’s house, Neeti’s nurse was also Thia.

Mrs. Bhalla asks them to do something. Sudha gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi says we are leaving. Sudha says fine. Natasha comes and says I have come to meet Shardul. Mrs. Bhalla says he is Raman, not Shardul, get out. Natasha asks what’s the problem, maybe I can help you. Ruhi asks them to go. She scolds Natasha and makes her out. Arijit asks Natasha did she find anything. Natasha says Mihika and Simmi were going somewhere. Arijit says it means they are going to that address, they won’t get anything here, don’t you dare cross your limits. Natasha says I m not your servant, I saved you today. He says they will be getting a shock there. Mr. Bhalla and others reach the place. They get some smell. They see Raman and everyone fallen unconscious. They rush and ask them to get up. Sudha calls for help. Simmi says I will not leave that man. Sudha says it won’t be good to get inside, we have to take them fast, we don’t know his plans. A cylinder leakage happens. They put Raman, Ishita, Karan, Yug and Mani in the cars. The cylinder blasts. They see the fire and get shocked.

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