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In This is Love Update wednesday 4th December 2019 on Glow TV, everyone getting shocked by seeing the house on fire. They all rush. They come home. Mrs. Bhalla says thank Lord you all came home safely.

Karan says mom asked inspector to do enquiry. Natasha gets Arijit’s call. She says I won’t talk to him, he won’t do our work and just gives orders. Simmi says we got saved today, I was going inside the house and Sudha stopped me. Sudha says I understood something is wrong, Ishita didn’t you see who had fainted you. Ishita says no, he was wearing a mask, he got saved.

Sudha asks did he intend to kill you all. Raman says no, he could have killed us, he did the blast to erase the evidence. Sunil gets a message. He says Arijit is saying we have to be alert, police can investigate. Natasha asks why. He says if police knows our connection with Arijit, we will be ruined. She asks him to pack bags.

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Raman says who is this man, what does he want. Ruhi says Natasha had come again, she came to check here, like someone sent her to spy on us. Raman gets angry. He goes to Natasha and shouts. Raman and everyone get in and ask why are you troubling us, who is with you. Natasha says just leave, else I will call the police. Sunil says get out of here. Raman checks the house. Natasha says there is no one, get out. Inspector comes and says you have to come with us. Natash asks what did I do, who called you. Raman says I did, me and my family have a threat from you. She asks what proof do you have. Sunil says you can’t arrest Natasha. Inspector shows the arrest warrant. Raman says I have proof against you and your brother. Sunil asks what did I do. Raman shows the video of Sunil stabbing Dr. Mishra. Everyone gets shocked.

Yug says it means you killed the doctor before I reached there. Natasha slaps Sunil. She says you killed that doctor. Sunil says this video is fake, trust me, they want to frame me. Inspector says our technician confirmed that the video isn’t fake, building watchman gave statement against you. Sunil says its a lie. Inspector says you will be given a chance to prove your innocence. Natasha says I did a mistake to call you here, I didn’t know this, police arrested me and you didn’t do anything. She asks inspector to take him away. Sunil scolds her. He says I did this for you, doctor knew you are faking illness, you threatened the doctor to hide reports, I went there as he was going to expose you, I went to get file, I was just scaring him, he refused to give file, I didn’t intend to kill him, he got killed my mistake.

This is Love Update wednesday 4th December 2019 on Glow TV

Arijit asks Bhuvan did you all reach well. Bhuvan says yes, is everything fine there. Arijit says yes, its sorted, I blasted Thia’s house. Bhuvan asks what. Arijit says Thia and her dad shouldn’t know this, they will be worried, if they know, I will say about cylinder blast. Bhuvan says you are amazing, what about Natasha and Sunil, she is oversmart. Arijit says don’t worry, I have dealt with her. Bhuvan asks what did you do. Arijit says we had Sunil’s video, I had sent it to Raman, I destroyed the sim card, Raman can’t reach me, he will reach Sunil, Natasha is oversmart, she will not help Sunil, they will have a fight. He laughs. He says they will become enemies. Bhuvan asks what if they tell about you, Sunil has your and Neeti’s pics, if that pics reach Bhallas. Arijit says listen to me first, I have handled that also.

Natasha says I didn’t ask Sunil to do anything such. Yug says we know you have no psychiatric problem, we were going to expose your truth, Karan got some work and I had to go to doctor to get proof that day, Mansi misunderstood me and wanted revenge, Ishita got hurt by the bullet, anything would have happened to her, Karan felt I killed the doctor, Mansi is in mental asylum because of you. He asks inspector to punish them. Sunil says I did this for Natasha’s sake, this was her game plan. He scolds her. She angrily tries to attack him. Raman says arrest them inspector. Natasha and Sunil get arrested.

Ishita asks why didn’t Natasha want to kidnap her husband. Sunil says Natasha has stolen diamonds from the company where she worked, she is a thief. Natasha asks her to shut up. Sunil says Raman isn’t Shardul, Natasha came for him to kidnap him, the locker which has diamonds, its passcode is Shardul’s face, Natasha came here for diamonds. Natasha says he is trying to frame me, I didn’t steal any diamonds, is it so easy, I just came here for Shardul, I love him. Raman shows something to Ishita. Ishita asks Natasha to stop it now and say the truth. She says Raman’s DNA test happened, its proved that he is Raman, the doctor is back from Vipassana, he is ready to give statement, it will be proved that this is my husband Raman, not Shardul.

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