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Top Boy Season 4 Episode 5: After an upsetting video circle via web-based entertainment, Dushane competitions to track down Sully. Jamie heads to Spain to facilitate an arrangement as Lauren looks for an exit plan.

Top Boy

Season Number: 4 (Netflix S02)

Episode Number: 5

Episode Title: 15 Points

Air Date: Mar 18, 2022

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

Source: Top.Boy.S04.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.Atmos.x264-TEPES


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“15 Points” centers essentially around three things: The abovementioned, Jamie’s undertakings in Morocco, and Lauryn’s endeavors to get away from Curtis. By its end, we start to perceive how these things are meeting up since there are not many subplots in Top Boy that don’t conclusively factor into the overall account, however it’s noteworthy the way in which the show can divide its concentration without forfeiting speed or cognizance.

In Morocco, for example, Jamie chooses to make a risky stride. He calls Dushane to let him know that the nark has been uncovered and the task’s finished, yet he’s going to Spain at any rate to talk with Juan straightforwardly. On the telephone to Dushane, he supports this by making sense of that in the event that they don’t cut Juan in, they’ll need to forfeit the one out of five shipments that he figures out how to catch by some coincidence. However, this is returning on the of a discussion he had with Khrito about how a top kid has to know when to take his action, so it’s undeniable he has another plan. But it’s as yet challenging to despise Jamie. Before he leaves Morocco, he gives that road kid his watch so he can purchase his direction to Spain to track down his sister.

Dushane is ready to offer Juan 15%, worst case scenario. Juan counters with 30%, which incorporates free development and his assurance. Jamie attempts to talk him down, yet he just gets similarly as 25% with a downpayment of £100,000. Since Juan is intentionally valuing Dushane out, Jamie rather proposes to him secretly that quite possibly he’d be keen on an immediate arrangement with Los Duques, who can clearly move much more item than the Moroccans. Since Juan would remain to help more, he appears to be excited about the thought. As anticipated, Jamie has taken his action.

Up in Liverpool, in the mean time, Vee takes Lauryn’s telephone away, and in the following a showdown, we see much more of Curtis’ clouded side and hear his odd legitimizations for his maltreatment (he proposes that she needn’t bother with a telephone since the 5G radiation could hurt their child). Without a telephone or some other choices, Lauryn finesses Curtis into taking her looking for maternity garments, then, at that point, into giving her a heap of cash, then, at that point, into allowing her to have some protection away from Vee, which she uses to escape through the store’s fire exit and leg it to a taxi. Without a moment to spare, she’s ready to get her direction to London, thanks basically partially to the brave endeavors of the cab driver, and by the episode’s end, she at last shows up at Jaq’s place.

It’s a despairing closure, truly, since when Dushane and the others assault the snare house, there’s a truckload of death. Both Cyprus and Khadeem are killed, similar to their hooligans in general, and Dushane can walk a severely injured Sully out while every other person burns the spot. Yet, “15 Points” is mindful so as to wait on the locations of the team, some of them harmed, scouring their nails perfect and consuming their garments, and in any case managing the repercussions of such a rough experience. What number of different shows think about the blood under one’s fingernails after a shootout?

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