Top Boy Season 4 Episode 8: Jaq organizes a gathering with Curtis. The police hit a knock in their examination. Jamie’s reliability is scrutinized. Dushane has a shift in perspective.

Top Boy

Season Number: 4 (Netflix S02)

Episode Number: 8

Episode Title: Prove Yourself

Air Date: Mar 18, 2022

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

Source: Top.Boy.S04.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.Atmos.x264-TEPES


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One of those issues is Ruben, who you’ll review chose to nark in the past episode. Normally, Dushane and Sully plan to have him killed in jail by a lifer on his wing. Jamie additionally shows up in the bistro to report what Kit said, needing to demonstrate he’s dependable in the result of this undeniable treachery. Typically, Dushane trains him to kill Kit – and on the off chance that he doesn’t, Dushane will kill him (or, almost certain, get Sully to get it done). Knowing what we are familiar Jamie, it’s actually nothing unexpected that he tells Kit straight away and lets him know the two of them need to escape London ASAP.

Jamie unveils this to Aaron and Stef at their father’s grave on his birthday, which isn’t the absolute perfect time. Neither of the siblings is having it; neither needs any part in his issues. Jamie’s contention has generally been that the way in which he gives is likewise similarly prone to jeopardize his family all things considered to safeguard them, and here we see the outcomes of that.

Family is clearly essential to Curtis, as well, not set in stone to get Lauryn back. Jaq assembles him to orchestrate a conference, asserting she’ll trade Lauryn for the taken medications and cash, however it’s clearly a set-up, so Curtis concocts another arrangement – he will grab Jaq and trade her for Lauryn. The hang tight for all of this is anguishing, with Jaq out in the open, and every other person in vehicles close by. However, the scene takes a turn when Lauryn herself calls Curtis. She warns him that he’s being set up, and lets him know she needs to return home. She’ll just meet him, however, assuming he comes alone, and given Curtis is so reluctant to engage the possibility that Lauryn doesn’t really cherish him, he succumbs to this undeniable trick. He goes to meet Lauryn, alone, and whenever she gets the open door she wounds him to no end. Lauryn has been just a burden all through Top Boy, however she sells the damnation of out her pain in this scene. When Dushane and Sully show up to tidy up the wreck, it’s nearly as a very remarkable alleviation for the crowd all things considered for her.

Vee and Speaks leave London, eventually. In the wake of calling Curtis’ telephone, they’re told by Sully that they have two choices – they can either remain and be killed, or they can leave. Regardless, Curtis will not be going with them. It’s an easy decision, truly.

In somewhat of an irregular deviation that is somewhat excessively imagined for this show’s typical principles, Tia observes a firearm in a jungle gym that she and Stef attempt to offer to a few neighborhood hooligans, who get a piece lairy during the deal. Stef threatens to use the firearm on them and escapes, so they give pursue, and Stef is compelled to call Jamie for help. Obviously, Jamie shows up at the last possible second, and for once Stef is delighted to see him. Helped to remember the amount he really focuses on his siblings, Jamie understands – inside, however it’s made clear by what comes straightaway – that he can’t put them through the pressure of hanging out in Wales while London’s most famous crooks chase them down. Thus, he kills Kit, as Dushane told him to.

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