True Love January Teasers 2020 Glow TV

Below are the True Love January Teasers 2020 Glow TV; 

Thursday 2 January 2019

Episode 1094

The real Vishnu comes to meet Mukta. What will Surbhi do about this?

Episode 1095

All the women of the house and some from the village come together to make spices and papads. Meethi’s finger gets cut while Vishnu’s mom is teaching her how to make the spices.

Friday 3 January 2019

Episode 1096

The Doctor calls Jogi Thakur and tells him about Tapasya’s deteriorating health. Will Tapasya face all odds and survive?

Episode 1097

A stranger approaches Meethi and tells her to run away from Atishgadh. Will she listen to him?

Monday 6 January 2019

Episode 1098

Veer and Ichcha go to the hospital to see Tapasya, where Ichcha finds out about Tapasya’s critical condition.

Episode 1099

The doctors tell Jogi that Tapasya needs a heart transplant.

Tuesday 7 January 2019

Episode 1100

Ichcha runs to save a child from getting run over by a truck. Will she make it in time?

Episode 1101

Ichcha and Tapasya both fight for their lives in ICU. Will they survive?

Wednesday 8 January 2019

Episode 1102

Dr. Murti and Rathore search for a heart for Tapasya. Will they be successful in finding one in time?

Episode 1103

As Tapasya’s new heart begins to beat, Ichcha takes her last breath.

Thursday 9 January 2019

Episode 1104

Meethi goes to the village phone booth to call Ichcha, Damini and Veer. Will she manage to finally speak to them?

Episode 1105

Damini finds Ichcha’s bangles when she goes to the morgue to pay her respects. How will she react?

Friday 10 January 2019

Episode 1106

Veer opens the cloth that is over the face of the body. How will everyone react?

Episode 1107

Jogi calls the travel agent to enquire about Meethi’s whereabouts. Will he finally realize that something is wrong?

Monday 13 January 2019

Episode 1108

The family mourn and grieve as they perform Ichcha’s last rites.

Episode 1109

Tapasyas operation is successful and she regains consciousness.

Tuesday 14 January 2019

Episode 1110

Rathore finds out that Meethi and Vishnu never went to Switzerland. Will he find Meethi?

Episode 1111

Damini tells the family that only after Meethi comes home, will Ichcha’s ashes be scattered.

Wednesday 15 January 2019

Episode 1112

Rathore informs Jogi that Meethi is missing.

Episode 1113

Meethi frees a woman from a locked room. Who is she?

Thursday 16 January 2019

Episode 1114

In the Atishgadh Mansion, everyone dances and celebrates Ichcha’s death.

Episode 1115

Rathore and Jogi go to the police station to file a missing person’s report.

Friday 17 January 2019

Episode 1116

Aghat Uncle tells his son Nirbhay to kill Meethi. Will Nirbhay go through with it?

Episode 1117

Rathore finds information regarding Meethi’s whereabouts.

Monday 20 January 2019

Episode 1118

Jogi goes to Jamunabad to search for Meethi. Will he find her?

Episode 1119

Dr. Murti helps Tapasya begin her recovery and makes her walk slowly.

Tuesday 21 January 2019

Episode 1120

Tapasya is adamant on going home from the hospital.

Episode 1121

Tapasya sees Ichcha’s photo and faints.

Wednesday 22 January 2019

Episode 1122

Damini tells Tapasya the truth about Ichcha. How will she react?

True Love January Teasers 2020 Glow TV

Episode 1123

Mom cuts her hand with a knife and forces Vishnu to kill Meethi. Will he listen to his mother this time?

Thursday 23 January 2019

Episode 1124

Jogi informs the family that have tried to find Meethi but to no avail. How will everyone react?

Episode 1125

Mukta takes care of Tapasya.

Friday 24 January 2019

Episode 1126

Vishnu takes Meethi through the forest. Will he kill her?

Episode 1127

Veer is angry and frustrated as the police do not seem to be doing anything to find Meethi.

Monday 27 January 2019

Episode 1128

Vishnu battles with his emotions and cannot seem to go through with killing Meethi.

Episode 1129

Tapasya sees Surbhi on the phone and questions her about her call. Will she find out Surbhi’s truth?

Tuesday 28 January 2019

Episode 1130

Meethi falls unconscious from sucking out the poison from Vishnu’s snake bite. Will Vishnu save her?

Episode 1131

Kajari finds Meethi’s address and phone number while cleaning up her room. Will she contact Meethi’s family?

Wednesday 29 January 2019

Episode 1132

The village doctor gives up hope on saving Meethi and leaves it in God’s hands. Will Meethi survive?

Episode 1133

Surbhi gets a threatening phone call from an unknown person. How will she react?

Thursday 30 January 2019

Episode 1134

The Doctor informs the police about Vishnu and Meethi. Will her family find her?

Episode 1135

Vishnu eagerly wants to tell Meethi the truth. Has he really fallen in love with Meethi?

Friday 31 January 2019

Episode 1136

The inspector gives Veer information on the location of Vishnu and Meethi.

Episode 113

Surbhi shocks everyone when she arrives, frightened, at Atishgadh Mansion. Has she been followed?

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