True Love Tuesday 4th update February 2020 Glow TV


True Love Tuesday 4th update February 2020 Glow TV

True Love Tuesday 4th update February 2020; Kadambari enters Agarth’s room to get the medicines. She notices her family picture and tears roll down her cheek. She keeps the photo back and takes the medicine box.

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Agarth calls out to her from behind. What are you doing here? How dare you come in this room? What did you want to steal? The medicine box falls from her hand.
He asks her what you need it for. You get your medicines on time. She folds her hands scared seeking forgiveness. She bends down to pick the medicines when touches his feet too and takes blessings. Gomti notices her and wonders how come she is outside.
Kadambari begs him not to beat her. His secret is safe with her and she wont share it with anyone ever. I swear on you and my son. He warns her now you wont get any chance to do anything. I myself will keep an eye on your room. And if you even dare to speak to anyone about it then you wont be able to see the next day’s sunrise.

He takes her back to lock her. gomti hides and wonders what secret is he talking about which even she isn’t aware of.

Everyone is waiting outside the Thakur House with bated breath for Meethi to return. Divya tells Damini not to share anything with meethi right now as she might not be able to take it. Damini nods.
The car arrives. Meethi steps out of the car and everyone becomes emotional. Damini hugs her and both are tearful. Mukku hugs Rathore.
Divya asks Tappu about her health. She nods back in positive. Rathore tells her not to worry about her as she isn’t the one to give up. He goes to Jogi Thakur and tells him that he hasn’t told Meethi anything. Jogi nods back.

Damini asks Meethi how she is. Where were you? We tried to search you everywhere. Thanks God that you are back. You are back to your home. She cries. Next Kanha comes to hug her. He assures her nothing has happened. All will be well. Now there wont be any bad phase in your life. Your brother is here. He wipes her tears.
Divya hugs Meethi. Thakur comes to Meethi now. Where had you gone? Everyone was so worried about you. Are you alright? She nods blankly. She asks about Iccha. Everyone becomes quiet.
Meethi asks Damini where ma is. She must be inside. I should go and meet her. She starts walking towards the house. Everyone follows her with worried expressions.

True Love Tuesday 4th update February 2020 Glow TV

Nirbhay enters the haveli and calls out to Maiyya and Bau ji. They come and ask him what happened from the balcony. His men enter carrying Akash on the wooden bed (charpai in hindi). Maiyya is shocked to see him in such state.
Pavitra and Gomti come out wondering if Nirbhay has brought Meethi’s dead body. They go to check. Maiyya rushes downstairs bare foot to see his son. Nirbhay tries to wake him but in vain.
Maiyya watches from afar and asks him who did this. Nirbhay replies the very same Rathore who had come here. The banjara’s description too points out towards him. If Akash would not have been in this condition then I would have found them from the forest right then and killed them.
Maiyya asks if Meethi is still alive.

Rathore stands in front of Iccha’s photo. He says, I have fulfilled my promise to you. Your daughter is back to her own home now.
Meethi enters. She calls out for Iccha. She notices Rathore. Why did you call me here? Ma isn’t home. Tappu is tearful. Meethi realises ma must be at papa’s place. Please take me there. I want to talk to ma. Everyone is tensed. She holds Rathore’s hand for him to come but he doesn’t budge.
Meethi notices a garland behind him and shoves him aside. She gets the shock of her life. Om trayambhakam plays in the background as she looks at Icch’a photo.


Meethi walks up to the photo. She removes the garland and throws it on floor sending everyone in shock. She takes Iccha’s photo. Damini tells Meethi that her mother is no more. Meethi who was holding Iccha’s photo throws it on floor in disbelief. She cries out no. it cant be. I don’t believe it. It is a lie. Damini tries to console her but Meethi is inconsolable.
She cries out for her mother. Where is my mother? She must be at Bundela House. Let us go there. Anni says she has left all of us. Meethi is in disbelief. It cannot be possible. She cannot leave me. She will be back. Please go tell her her Meethi is back. Take me to my ma. Where is ma? She cries harder and hugs Anni saying she cannot go!

Nirbhay says by the time I reached there Akash was in such state. Agarth tells Pavitra to get turmeric paste for him. Gomti suggests taking him to hospital as the wounds are deep.
Ekadish declines. He is my blood, my son I, his mother is here. She will make him better again.

Meethi wants to know how this happened. Damini narrates everything to her (with flashbacks shown). Iccha had gone to pray for baby ji who was battling for life. We see flashback of Tej shooting Tappu; Tappu in hospital; Iccha going to temple to pray and then getting hit by the truck. She came back in a state where none of us were able to recognize her. Flashes of a wounded Iccha crossing Ammo and holding her hand is shown. Baby ji needed a heart. Iccha gave her her heart before leaving us. Another flashback is shown where Dr. Murthy tells everyone this lady (indicating at Iccha’s corpse) gave her consent before dying to give her heart to tapasya. Damini continues, we tried so hard to get in touch with you. But that fake Vishnu took you away from us. We were so waiting for you at the chautha (4th day after death) as well but. (Meethi cries). Your mother’s ashes are waiting for you. You have to immerse them.


Meethi rues she is so ill-fated. I couldn’t even see my ma for one last time. She cries. Because of that Vishnu I couldn’t see her for the last time.
Damini tells her we were so waiting for you on the chautha. We thought you might come. Meethi is sad. How could I come Anni? They dint even let me know. Not even once. They did it knowingly. Because of that Vishnu’s family I had to dance on that day. She has flashback of dancing on the occasion of maiyya’s enemy’s death. All cry.
Meethi is distraught. Why did they do it Anni? Which revenge they wanted to take from me? What did I do to hurt them? I couldn’t even see my ma for one last time. Why did they do it? She cries hard and hugs Damini. Episode ends on Meethi’s face.


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