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True Love update friday 13 December 2019 Glow TV

True Love update friday 13 December 2019 Glow TV, A lady says…yes indeed it is a quiet place…just like a crematory. Her hubby joins in now…I’ve heard that anyone who goes there never comes back.

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Meethi is shocked now. The lady continues that yes, plus the family which rules in that place is also very weird. People who stay there are actually opposite to what they appear to be.

Akash overhears their conversation and becomes worried.
The lady starts to reply…that family whose mataji….. When Akash intervenes & says…Meethi. Where were you….I was searching for you and you.

She tells him that these people have come from your village Aatishgarh. He greets them. She continues that they are telling that some family which rules the place is weird.He assures her that it might be the case. In every village, there are people like that….but what do we have to do. We have to just go to our home na. It’s time to leave now….lets go.

They both excuse themselves and leave for their car.

The lady exclaims….poor girl, she is newly married and has vermilion in her head…don’t know what will happen with her.

Meethi again asks him why they were saying like this for Aatishgarh.
Akash replies…they are villagers and not from city. They must be narrow minded. We will be reaching there soon and you can see for yourself.
Meethi though still doubtful…but agrees to go. They both leave for the palace.

Jogi requests Rathore to convince Mukta…tell her to come back home with us. Rathore gets up and replies….how I can convince her for something for which even I am not convinced. The question here is not about your love. The question is….of trust. The girl who can decide to marry a 60 years old….a cheap 60 years old….who can think of marrying him by hiding everything from me…how can she destroy someone’s life? She wanted to give back Iccha her happiness…then why would she want to ruin her daughter’s life? Tell me why?

Veer agrees to what he is saying….that Mukta wouldn’t think ill of anyone. But right now, Tappu needs her. You please talk to her.

Rathore sternly replies that these are only words that you are saying today. But that day, you were standing there…speechless….like everyone else. At least Tapasya showed her anger…she even slapped Mukku at times. But all of you kept quiet…and stood there with your heads bowed down…you neglected us. It felt like it was I, who has been slapped.

Why dint any of you stood by us then? Inspite of everything, you all neglected it. Its not possible now. Why….when I took Mukta with me & left from there…why dint anyone try to stop us. At that time, you all wanted Mukta to be quiet & leave from there so that the ceremony can happen. I am quoting you now…in life you make a relation but a mere second is more than enough to completely ruin that relation.

He apologises to Thakur Sahab that you are asking for something & I cant fulfil your wish. You are elder to me and just like my father, you understand relations much better than me but I don’t think that relations survive merely on love…they need trust and respect too. Jogi stands with his head bowed down…silent.
Rathore continues if he isn’t saying the right thing? and till the time I don’t see all 3 of those…love, trust and respect….in your eyes, I wont send my daughter back. And if anyone tries to harm my darling daughter, I wont tolerate it.

True Love update friday 13 December 2019 Glow TV

Jogi says…beta Raghuvendra, I know you are angry that we dint support you…or Mukta. But you dint try to understand why we dint do anything. We were there as guests beta…it was Meethi’s marriage…where you and Mukta were blaming Vishnu (aka Akash). You were trying to prove him wrong and when you were proves wrong, what we could do. You tell me if you were in my place then what would you have done?
Rathore replies….if I had been in your place and you at my place, then it would have been enough for me that it was you who was saying it. I wouldn’t have asked for any proof.

Veer gets up and asks Rathore to reconsider. They should take his leave now.
Rathore apologises that he doesn’t change his decisions. Whatever I decide for once, I stick to it. But I still hope that Meethi stays happy. He wishes him all the best.
Jogi & Veer resignedly leave from there.
(Applauds for Rathore)

Meethi is worried how long it will take to reach Aatishgarh. She hasn’t spoken with anyone at home since so long.
He replies…see in front of you, you will get all the answers to your questions.
Meethi looks in front and sees the board that says….Aatishgarh! (Even we were waiting for them to reach…finally…phew!)

Akash says that her husband welcomes her to their home.
She too says…finally! She looks around the place and notices that not even one human being can be seen…neither in the fields nor on the road. She shares the same with him.
Akash smirks and replies that he had told her that the people here are very straightforward…very quiet. You cant even hear their footsteps at times…everything happens very quietly there.

The 2nd massi spots the car from the terrace and informs Akash’s Maiyya the same….the daughter-in-law is here. She goes to tell everyone else while Maiyya stays back and sighs in relief.

In Bundela House, Meethi’s pic falls down due to the wind. Divya rushes to pick it up.
Nani comes there and seeing that she recalls the incident when Meethi’s bangles had broken while she was getting ready. She says…Ram Hi Rakhey, first bangles and now photo…it is a signal that maybe whatever Mukta was saying was in fact truth but who listens here.
Jogi comes and asks for the photo…he will get it changed.
Nani comments that the glass can be changed but what about bad destiny. Divya tries to stop her.
Nani says ok don’t believe me. But Mukta’s words are reverberating in my ears all the time. Our daughter has been right maybe but who believes. Rest…Ram hi Rakhey. She leaves from there.

Divya tells Jogi not to mind Mausiji’s words. Jogi replies whose words to give thought to. I was so waiting for this time…when all of us would stay together under one roof…Tappu, Mukku. But Mukku left. Divya tries to assure him that Mukta is after all with her father…he is an intelligent man. He will make her understand…and send her back to us.
Jogi says….no, he won’t. Once he has thought something, he will do that only. He thinks that we don’t trust Mukta enough.
Divya again tries to reassure him that when Mukta will see that Meethi and Vishnu are happy together…then she will come on her own. Plus, Meethi too will call by the evening to inform us that she has reached safely.
Jogi says….he wishes the same.

Akash’s mausi comes to her brother and announces the arrival of their daughter-in-law. He was making something (kundli stuff) and destroys it all. He says that she has come at the right time….right time indeed.

Pavitra asks the same. She confirms and asks Pavitra to go and get the aarti thaal ready. She goes inside to do the same. Her brother says…now our sister’s Iccha will get fulfilled…finally.

Maiyya goes from one edge of the terrace to the other to see the car. She watches them approaching…with a determined face and unflinching gaze. Different background music is playing now. The wind blows away her pallu and her cropped head is shown in full.

She goes to the parrot’s cage and announces that he is free now. She release him and says…you are free today because in this Aatishgarh’s palace, a new bird is coming…who will never ever get a chance to be free from our cage and fly away.

Meethi and Vishnu get down from the car.(Sapthaswaradha maroodam’.twam suryam pranamamyaham playing in the background) Vishnu’s mother opens the door. His mamaji and the women join her. They fake a smile at Meethi. Vishnu and Meethi take blessings from mamaji, Mayya. With a stern face she blesses her that god should give her all the happiness that a suhagan (married woman) deserves.

At Meethi’s home
Iccha and Damini waiting for Meethi’s call.
Tapasya trying to call Mukta but hesitates. Damini and Iccha encourage her to do but Tapasya doesn’t. Iccha says both mother and daughter are alike..stubborn. Tapasya with teary eyes says that’s the thing she is afraid of. She doesn’t want her daughter to be like her ! Iccha consoles her saying every one of them believe that Mukta did not want to ruin Meethi’s life and that she doesn’t have any feelings for Vishnu. Tapasya feels bad for having raised her hand on Mukta when she couldn’t show any love towards her all these years.

Tapasya and Damini together cheer up Iccha who is worried for Meethi.

Akash’s maasis complete the arti ritual. They make Meethi put her legs in the alta water with glass pieces. Meethi complains that something struck her in her feet. Vishnu’s Mama ji says ‘to take back a step is a bad omen at grihapravesh. He advocates that the ritual should be done without stepping back. Meethi volunteers to complete it inspite of the pain.(Horrible I say..)

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