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True Love update Monday 9 December 2019 Glow TV

In True Love update Monday 9 December 2019 Glow TV,  Meethi says Vishnu show the mark. Mukta again taunts he will show only if it will be there na.
Akash takes off his sherwani & yes, the mark IS there. Mukta & Rathore are too stunned to react while Meethi is proud & Surabhi..relieved.
Akash says…you were saying about this only, right?
Mai says….lo, you can see for yourself now. Do you have anything else to say now? While Akash says that this mark is there since he was born. Do you still have any doubt that I’m not Vishnu?
Mukta explains that its not possible. This mark isn’t true…its not possible. She tries to tell the same to Iccha & Rathore.
Meethi asks her to stop lying. But Mukta maintains her stand that she is saying the truth. Meethi doesn’t want to listen to anything else. Stop all this drama. You are lying again.
Mukta insists that she isn’t lying. Its not possible. The mark is a lie too. Iccha Ma, I believe myself. Its all a lie. He is lying. Rathore was dejected seeing Mukta in such a condition & was looking at the ground when Tappu comes on stage & slaps Mukta. Damini says Baby ji & holds Mukta. Rathore is angry beyond the limit & staring at Tappu.
Iccha is shocked & even Tej is sad to see this. Meethi & Mai are happy while Surabhi smiles evilly.
Tappu is crying bitterly & asks Mukta to stop all this. You wont utter another single word now. She begs her to stop it. Do you want us to feel more ashamed after all this? Rathore tries to interrupt but Tappu stops him & shakes her head. I am her mother. Today, no one will come in between a mother & a daughter.
Tej says, Dream girl leave all this game of truth & lie. You just come to me. I believe you.
Tappu again asks her what you got out of this. Why did you do it?
Mukta tries to reason….the same that you wanted to do for Iccha Ma’s sake. I just want to save meethi. Tappu now starts slapping her using both the hands & says, do you have any idea that whatever you have done…no one is happy because of that! All try to stop her. When I was asking you the other day, you dint share anything at all.
Rathore holds her hands now & says…are you done now? Is your duty over now? mukta cries bitterly & goes to hug him…papa!
Rathore comforts her….its ok darling. I am here princess. I’m here.
Mukta tells in between her tears that she isn’t lying papa. You know it papa, right?
Rathore assures her. I know darling…you are saying the truth. You are right. You tired your best. You came to help…you are right. Even if you are all alone, I know that you are right. Truth will always win. Whatever anyone says, I’m there for you. You don’t have to feel bad. Mukta asks her you trust me na papa? You trust me, right?
Rathore reassures her again. (Very moving…the way he says it, it was so touching). I will always trust you…always! Whether anyone believes you or not, I will. I know that you were kidnapped & no one gave a thought to it. (Tappu is crying sadly listening to this.) You came here to help your sister…but no one believed you. But don’t worry, I am proud of you. I always will be & will trust you always. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about them. Who are you crying for? Not even your Bade Papa believes you. Look at him. He is standing there quietly….with his head bowed down & he too thinks that you are guilty. He is ashamed of his granddaughter.
Don’t cry my dear. Look at your Badi Ma. Like always….she is standing there quietly. No one knows why she keeps quiet all the time, only God knows the reason. Don’t feel bad. I am here…you needn’t feel bad. Your mother is angry too (crying) that you are poisoning her relations. But its ok. Whats the need of anything. We don’t need anyone else…just you & me. Now your daughter will stay with us.
Tappu is stunned & shocked now.
Rathore continues…she will stay in my home…..with me….with all due respect & love that she deserves. No one will distrust her there. If you want to meet her…you are more than welcome….as many times as you want to, you can come.

True Love update Monday 9 December 2019 Glow TV

Then he says to everyone else. I am really really sorry everyone. We ruined your celebrations. But we are leaving now. You can continue with your celebrations once again. My princess & I have to go now. Come baby come.
Akash smiles wickedly. They are about to leave when Nani calls out to Mukta…Mukku! (sad music is playing in the background). Even Tej is upset to see all this. Rathore & Mukta turn back to look at Nani.
Rathore apologises to Meethi. Meethi darling, please forgive us…both of us. We dint intend to ruin your special day. I really really hope that whatever happened today, never ever comes out to be true in your real life. I will be more than happy about it. I really hope this marriage brings in all the happiness for you. BUT I know its not going to happen. God bless you.
He kisses Mukta’s forehead. Rathore alleges that today everyone in Bundela family & Thakur family has their head bowed down with pain, anger & tears in their eyes…that everyone is ashamed of what Mukta has done. (Surabhi smirks listening to his words). But being a Rathore, I predicate that whenever any of you will remember this day in future, every time there will be nothing but tears in your eyes. Then you will be ashamed of yourself…..and not Mukta. He asks Mukta to come with him. Mukta looks at everyone’s face once more.
Rathore says, one more thing. After today, if any of who you who is present here, try to harm my daughter in any way….even if for a second that thought comes to your mind; believe me I will become Yamraj for them even before that second ends. I promise. Mukta asks her to control himself. Rathore leaves warning everyone not to forget his words. Iccha tries to stop him but its too late…he has already left (so slow!).
Akash with his pained expressions says, forgive me Meethi but I don’t think we should take this relation forward. Even though I have been proved right, but questions are still there. (Surabhi is enjoying all this drama). Your & Mukta’s relation has been filled with bitterness now. I think we should leave it like this only.
He goes to undo the gathbandhan when Meethi stops him. No Vishnu, this marriage will happen. I have already given the vow to you for the 5th phera from the bottom of my heart. In the last 3 pheras, the bride leads the groom. Its my responsibility & I will fulfil my responsibility too. Iccha is happy. meethi says, this marriage will happen. Now I wont step back. I love you truly…undoubtedly. She asks pandit ji to continue with the ritual. Veer & Iccha hold each other happily. Akash wears his sherwani to get back to action.
Rathore & Mukta come out of the Bundela House with heavy steps.
Pandit ji asks the bride & groom to complete the rest of the pheras. They begin the pheras & damini is seen reassuring the Thakur family who join in again with a very heavy heart.
Akash signals Meethi to go ahead who complies & the pheras continue. (Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu is playing in the background). Everyone is back to showering flower petals on them…some happily & some with lost expressions.
Mukta looks back at the house with all the pain & tears in her eyes while Rathore opens the door of the car for her. Sensing her lost, he goes back to her & tells her never to look back in her life.
She cries bitterly in his arms. What has happened papa? Everything has been ruined….by me. You too had to listen to so many things. Its all because of me. And no one tried to stop me from leaving papa. No one is proud of me.
Rathore comforts her by saying…I have full faith on you. I will always believe you. Its ok. She is crying non-stop. Rathore asks her to come. Its time to leave. He makes her sit in the car & they leave.
Inside, the pheras continue. Divya checks with Tappu if she is ok….who nods back slightly. (sharanye triambhke gauri is playin in the background).
Meethi is leading Akash. He looks keenly at her & then we are getting into a bond which will last for ages. But in this birth, I assure you that you will get to see what hell is.
All are smiling except the Thakur family.
Pandit announces that the rituals are done with. All clap with happiness. Both sit down to complete the rest of the rituals. akash & Meethi exchange glances.

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